Monday, November 28, 2011

Site and Social Adjustments

We’ve made some changes. We’re still getting a little used to things, but in the end, it should be alright. The current blog layout isn’t permanent, mind you, and I’m still making adjustments here and there, so if you guys have any suggestions or comments, feel free to voice them below! Now, time to address a few things~

Sidebar Links

I will be adding more links in the sidebar directory as time goes on, but I need to make custom bars for some of them. I fully intend to re-link zaku6’s site, as well as WOMI’s and other various RKS artists, but it’s very clear that they need specialized “not-safe-for-work” buttons. With that, if there are any site recommendations you have, feel free to let me know. Also, I took away the counter, because we really didn’t need that.

Social Network Updates

I’m pleased to announce that I took all of 20 seconds to make social networking accounts for the blog! That way, you don’t have to deal with a bunch of non-RKS drivel in following my main accounts (assuming you’re just there for the RKS stuff). That said, in addition to our Facebook group, you can now find us on Twitter and Google+, where we’ll be posting all of our major updates and some other random things. It’ll be great! In addition, the G+ page seems to be a pretty nice place for discussion amongst team members for things like the fandub and translation updates, so there’s that! I like it.

Site WritersRKS Famicom

This is probably a mistake, but whatever. I want more activity here, so I’m thinking of doing a weekly art update. RKS art is still being made, so I figure this would be a good place to show it off. With that, I need a writer who I can specifically dedicate to that. I mean, pictures like the one on the right are pretty cool and deserve to be shown off. (Click it for the artist’s Pixiv.) I haven’t heard from Viper in a while, and there is one other person that comes to mind, so if anyone’s interested, post below, as per usual.

That’s pretty much it. I hope you like the new changes, and hopefully there will be many more that you’ll like in the future!


  1. As in my previous post, I do like the upcoming changes to this blog. And I should note that (aside from linking to Grolla's Dungeon, my fan-forum) you should, as stated, put up someway making it easier to distinguish the 18+ sites from the others, and a page telling the user if they want to continue.

    As for the art showcase, I seem capable of handling that stuff well with honesty and passion, since I don't just look to the Japanese to draw all the absolutely near-perfect RKS stuff, like Viper probably would. Here's some proof.

  2. Viper probably would.

    You couldn't resist, could you.

  3. @Letty: I appologize for the my abscence/lack of activity in Schwer and Schwer Alike. Lately, my brother's college studies and Battlefield 3 (and I'm not the one who's playing it, wished I was kidding) has been keeping me away from the only PC that I ever have access to in my household. Not only that, but things in real life has been getting tight since my family has been trying to look for a new house to move in. So far my family has been rejected from one house that left us going through house searching again...

    @Justin: Trying to pick a fight you can't possibly win?

  4. This in all honesty is Justin. Just going as an anon since I'm away from the house.

    @Viper "Trying to pick a fight you can't possibly win?"

    *instant ignore*

  5. Hi, nice changes made to the blog, Letty !

    It would be hard for me to check out for RKS art for the moment, since I'm quite busy right now... :/

    It'll be easier in 2012 ;)
    If RKSF could be released this year, it'd be great too.

  6. Justin. Viper. Both of you behave.

    Justin, you're an adult. Start acting like one. Viper, don't feed the fire. Represent this site and this community.

    This is about updates to the site, not about some petty war between artists/gamers/whatever.

  7. Can anyone tell me how to get this game? Looks like a hacked version of RKS or the whole thing might be fake.

  8. Marisa in RKS is a sprite and scenario edit. There's a full "game" on Nico that someone did with special dialogue and everything. I put Marisa in the game in a video on KreuzChannel, but it's nothing really special.

  9. @Letty: Is it possible to change the hyperlink color? The color for links almost blends in with the background.

  10. Hey Letty ca, u put the link to the nicovideo website? I want to check it out

  11. @Lee

    Even if it was possible, I doubt it. Nico Nico Video doesn't have just RKS-content. It's basically a Japanese Youtube where you cannot view anything unless you are a member.