Saturday, December 3, 2011

RKS Tank Glitch

Don’t know how I missed this one! Two years ago, YouTube user Deatrathias discovered a glitch involving pick-up items and energy tanks. It seems that if you access the sub-menu while collecting a health/weapon energy pick-up item, the game registers item usage within the sub-menu, which results in the use of an energy tank. If you don’t have one, then the game gives you negative energy tanks. I was unable to recreate this glitch in RKS version 1.06a and the RKSF web trial, which leads me to believe that the bug was fixed by disabling menu access (or perhaps controls entirely) upon item pick-up. Still, I thought this was an interesting little thing. Perhaps there are still a few other distinct bugs in the game?


  1. For some reason the title text for this article made me think that you could find and battle a hidden tank in RKS like the Guts Tank from MM2. Ah well. Maybe Freudenstachel will have one.

  2. Which version of the original RKS the glitch was discovered.

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  4. Oh hey

    Didn't expect to see that one appear here.

    The idea is that going to the menu at the right time makes you automatically use a tank, even il you don't have one.
    It requires a really perfect timing. It's not easy to do

    The glitch appear in the latest version of RKS and RKSF trial. Well I don't remember if there was a new version in these last two years.