Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Web Trial Soon?

Freu Test

Hooray for new content! According to WOMI’s latest devblog update, a new web trial is currently going through testing. No one’s quite sure when we’ll be seeing a release, because it appears that he finds a new bug every time he tests it. (The while loop he posted is pretty funny.) Whatever the case, it’s something to be excited about, and we get a “new” Freudia picture to go with it! SaSA will keep you posted on this release, and we’ll be sure to give it a full review when it’s released.


  1. Yes, a new demo's finally coming out after so long! I just hope I get access to the PC when it gets released (I'm actually using my Wii Internet browser here). Let's see if WOMI can do the job that Isemiya left off.

  2. Let me jet honestly say, I'm glad WOMI decided to make another web trial so we can see a bit more of the final game. Although I'd like to point out, that pic of Freu is not exactly "new", it's from the "Tie" screen that appears when you take too long to "kill" Zorne.

    Look dude, even if I think you're one of the biggest jerks I've ever met, let me tell you this. Christmas is coming up; why don't you ask someone you love for a brand new computer? Not only will it hopefully turn your personality around, but you finally might have more time to lurk around dA and call every piece of art that doesn't meet your harsh standards "gay", like mine.

  3. Christmas may be a time of giving, but asking someone to buy you a brand new computer is a bit much. A used computer, that's more reasonable.

  4. @Anon

    Well, anything so Viper doesn't need to use his brother's. He can always format the data and fill it with everything he needs incase there's crap already on it, and bingo.

  5. Grolla's stage music is highly unnerving.

  6. Sichte's pattern is awesome!

    I swear to God that she actually FAKES.

    Oh, she also tries to crush you with giant blocks from nowhere.

  7. OK, so I just downloaded version 0.06a, and I just happened to notice that when you use the RKS Decoder to extract from RKSF's .dat files now that the game itself is version 0.06a, it only manages to produce empty folders. What's up with that?

  8. Just to let you know, Justin, my opinion of you has absolutely nothing to do with me not having the privilege of owning a PC of my own like everyone else, nor getting one will change that.

  9. @Viper

    I know that comment that I made on your birthday and your hatred for my art style and characters tore our friendship apart, but this is me actually trying to be nice.

  10. What's the difference between RKSF web体験版ver.0.06a and RKSF web体験版ver.0.06a(ミラー)?

  11. The first link is the 0.06a demo hosted on the [erka:es] website. The second is a mirror of said demo on Womi's personal homepage, "mof-mof". Incidentally, 「ミラー」 is "mirror" spelled in katakana.

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  13. Since no one has commented on it, Eifer in the prologue stage has a whole new attack pattern and can actually put up a fight.

    Zorne is more or less the same barring her kick creating an explosion at low health and a new very special attack.

    Stage wise everything seems a bit easier, most notably the vanish block section in Zorne's stage.

  14. I like the new boss patterns. More reliance on reflexes, in particularly grolla`s fight. Boy i am having fun fighting her and the new boss theme rocks!!

  15. Latest [erka:es] update.
    I didn't finish reading it, but they are saying that the next patch trial (0.07a) will be out when the "confirmation of the correction" take. No doubt its gonna be this month. Hope I'm right, though.

    When I was playing the latest trial, I started with Sichte. I was surprised by her new strategies, especially when she stopped time then dropped sort of a giant block when time went back to normal, too bad its easy to dodge it. Grolla is amazing as usual. The first half of her life started jumping to where Freudia was standing, then pulled an impact with her Grollschwert, but its easy to dodge and I still don't know if its an instant kill since I was never hit by it. Her desprate mode was quite hard because of her AOE slashes. And Zorne? She is still easy and I beat her with one try, but I have to admit, I was amazed by her new strategies.

  16. I waited to complete the demo before posting...

    Stages are weaker than the very first RKSF demo, but it's good to play it back with less punishing stages at first. New Grolla's theme is slightly disappointing but not as bad as I feared after reading the comments !

    Boss fights are really awesome. New IA and patterns made it epic battles ! I love the tag team move from Zorne, and Grolla's fight realy involves reflexes and timing now.
    Her Grollschwert "mk3" is HUGE @_@ !! I have no other words for this ! Way to go, Gro' !

    Sichte was my favourite of them all: good faints, Dio wanabee while replacing the steamroller with a rock (I'd just have to say I wouldn't even know what steamroller means in english, without Jojo's !)...
    Tokiwo tomareee !

    For Eifer I'd just have to say my bro' died against her, while I destroyed her... Pwned ! >_<

    Bref je me suis bien amusée.

  17. I take it back.
    Zorne was mid-difficult and mid-easy, but she is still the easiest among the three boss, yet she didn't show me all her strategies, that is her tag with Trau.
    It looked like a red Klageharnisch throwing red bombs. I wonder what strategy they'll use when Zorne is going to help when I'm fighting Trau.

  18. Trauare's tag team attack really surprised me, and Grolla's badass rating was just kicked up 10 notches.

    "This is so cool. This is so G*ddamn cool."

  19. I'm going to assume that the new version of the trial was released, and Trauare's now agmonst the "trial bosses".

    Sometimes I ever regret ever becoming a fan of Egoraptor's work, knowing that he is one as well.

  20. Justin, that was uncalled for.

    I don't care what happened between you and Viper in the past. Publicly announcing that you regret becoming a fan of something just because you don't get along with another fan of that work is a grievous sign of disrespect to that work's creator(s).

    You're both RKS fans. You're both Egoraptors fans. Big deal. There's nothing to regret. Your comment just shows how much of a chip you have on your shoulder - you're raring to start a fight at the drop of a hat. If that's the attitude you're going to have, take it outside. This kind of petty behavior is immature, unbecoming, and unwelcome here.

    Shape up or ship out. This is your only warning.

    Killing_Doll, si quelqu'uns ont l'envie de profiter des resources de Traductions Darkside dans l'intérêt de créer «Les stylets de la croix rose», ils ont seulement à me demander. Je ne parle pas le français si couramment que je peux le faire moi-même, mais j'aimerais faire tout mon possible pour leurs aider s'ils le veulent...

  21. @TDOMMX I can tell I said something wrong, but Viper shows no sings of letting off this grudge either. Re-watching on deviantART? No check. Admitting my "franchise's" cancelation? Don't recall. Finding my jokes funny? No check. Respect for any of my art (or for the matter, anything RKS-related drawn by a non-Japanese person)? Not since last year. World record set? Check. "Idol" on Rockman PM? Perhaps if he's already nailed probably several hundred posts, in my opinion. Member of this very blog and not being kicked off for inappropriate acts? Check

    I will admit that most of the resasons why I'm not letting off this easily is because he's not passionate about letting off this either, even if I say "Hey, get a computer", but more of less, it's because I'm just jealous of everything he's accomplished that I either never did or have done, but then someone has taken the rights away. More reasons arise when I'm constantly bragging about how RKS lacks originality when it comes to anything but the characters, and has ear-bleeding unfitting music.

    I have you know that fan-media exists for a reason; to show love to, not bash, the original works. This is why I always liked drawing "sexypics" of the RKS girls, until Viper confounded then to ear-burning just because the anatomy was imperfect. I could simply go on all day

    Okay? I was just stating my personal experience. What do you want me to do now? :X

  22. Maybe if Viper never flat-out attacked me following June 2009, I may have shown more respect for all these feats he's accomplished since then. Just saying.

    I just wanted to point out I've been watching Egoraptor's works ever since late '07, and the other night I put on some of his Awesome spoofs while me and my cousin were playing Xbox. I don't hate Egoraptor and everything he does, it just creates a paradox for me and me only when Viper comes into the picture.

  23. Trial 0.07a is released.
    No new trial bosses and no obvious changes.

  24. Would it be possible for us to actually discuss the demo and not spend all this time yelling back and forth? I mean really guys this is the first real news we've had in months and you're all acting like children.

  25. ^ +1 for that comment.
    They argue in every post. *sigh*
    Don't worry, they have their own world. Luckily though, they're not trolls.

  26. Maybe I'm just imagining it, but the game seems to run a little faster now. I think WOMI did a bit of code optimization for Version 0.07a. Also, it seems Freudenstachel behaves a bit differently when you're out of ammo - you can still rapid-fire if you hammer the Shot button.

    ...Come to think of it, am I the only one that noticed that the Title and Replay screens now read "Rosenkreuzstilette Fraudenstachel"? "The sting of a woman"; hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, huh...

  27. I can't see where ver. 0.07a is. Please give me the link.

    Is there an announcement on when the full game is coming out? Will it be during the Summer Comiket?

  28. I still think that Justin should make an hour and a half long RKS sprite based animation.

    Just saying.

  29. TDOMMX, thanks for the offer ;)
    I don't know other French players besides me and my family thought.

    I don't use other RKS-related websites than SaSa or Grolla's dungeon, my brother uses Hongfire sometimes but I don't remember him mentionning a French fanbase...

    I'm not an english master myself but good enough to read and talk, if you want some help for a future french translation I'd be glad to help thought ! ;)
    Pour traduire le titre j'utiliserais plutôt "les poignards de la rose-croix", petite subtilité de langage ce n'est pas toujours simple d'écrire français ^_^

    Back to the game, didn't see major changes with the 0.07a ? Just code improvement and bug fixes ?...

  30. Nako, with all due respect, it doesn't seem as though you spent a lot of time trying to find it. Seeing as it's on the front page of [erka:es]'s website, it's pretty hard to miss. At the risk of me coming across as a complete douche:

    1) Click the [erka:es] button on Schwer and Schwer Alike.

    2) Click the Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel Web体験版(ver.0.07a)公開 link on the front page.

    3) Click on either of the demo links on the Download page.

    4) ???

    5) Profit.

    Killing_Doll, sorry, but I can't approve of translations that aren't derived directly from a work's original language. This is how a certain Sith Lord's "NNNOOOOOO!!!" became the infamous "DO NOT WANT!!!".

    I'm not so fluent in French that I could do the script justice on my own (despite having the language drilled into me since I was five and acing «Français, langue maternelle» courses in high school - I don't practice my French for political reasons, mostly...). Even so, I have no problem understanding what's being said. J'ai seulement la misère à formuler mes phrases.

    As I recall, DoujinSuki, a French doujin fansite, was pretty psyched when Mint first announced his getting permission from [erka:es] to translate the game. Terminus Traduction might be interested as well, though I'm not sure if they actively translate anymore.

    I can agree with using «rose-croix» instead of «croix rose» (the latter could be misinterpreted as "pink cross"), but I don't agree with «poignards» over «stylets». «Poignard» means "dagger", a weapon, whereas a «stylet» is "stiletto", a tool. And, yes, the Magi that work for the Empire are definitely tools. I see where you're coming from, though; remember that you're speaking to the one who preferred "blades" over "stilettos" specifically because of unwanted connotations. And, to get the obvious pun out of the way, "lames" sounds pretty lame, if you ask me; ça m'entraîne à laiser couler des larmes...

  31. I don't like the way it's been sped up in ver.0.07. Everything is happening too fast.
    Do you recommend playing it with v-sync on or off?

  32. TDOMMX> I agree with you when you say a translation has to be from the original text. Things happen, my Japanese isn't this great (know a bit from my bro but unlike him I didn't learn it at school !).

    For your other point: stylet isn't really used nowadays in French, except for the touch-screen "pens" for satnav or NDS...
    A meaningfull traduction from the German title wouldn't be "stylet"-something in my opinion since nobody would understand this ! Hence your point for unwanted connotation. Thought your point of the tool meaning is true !

    For "lame" (= blade) this is quite fun actually, this is a cool word for me but for a foreigner, he may think of the english meaning above all, "cheap" or "shameful" and stuff like these.
    This shows how perception is different from a country to another, you are totally right about not translating from english version when I see this kind of misconception.

    I'm considered not bad at english in my country, but maybe here natives see my text as lame ^_^' !

    For now I suck at 007a, my reflexes are not good enough after a long time not playing T_T

  33. In the next trial,
    it should be better to keep either Grolla or Sichte.
    Trau, Sichte, and Luste would be a good selection, but I think Liebea, Grolla, and Luste would be better because Liebea was in a trial before, and Eislanze was previously obtainable from Grolla but now its obtainable from Luste, both their reason is, I'm concerned about the release of the game and I don't wan't it to leak so much.

  34. Killing_Doll: Remember that archaic language is useful for dating your work. Nobody uses "feste" anymore in modern Germany, yet it's a very appropriate term in RKS: "Luftfeste Sleipnir" is an old-fashioned way of saying "Sleipnir, the Flying Fortress". Our German translators suggested changing "Luftfeste" to "Luftfestung" to modernize the term and make it more accessible, but, since they noted that the original was an outdated way of saying the same thing, I decided to leave it as-is.

    I could use the exact same logic to defend the use of "stylet"; it's precisely because it's an outdated word that makes it a more appropriate choice than the alternative. "Bollocks", "humbug", and "bullshit" are used to express the same thing in English, but they are only suitable for works taking place in their respective eras. Remember to keep the work's setting in mind when translating. Carpe Fulgur (the company that published Recettear and wanted to buy the RKS translation from us) illustrates their mastery of this idea in their FAQ.

    Interestingly, one of my high school classmates tried to change one of the words he didn't understand in a story I wrote back in high school. The word in question was "cape", referring to cliffside hill surrounded by water (not a superhero's cloak) - he insisted that I meant "cave" and kept "correcting" the word on his own.

    Anon 2: No offense, but you're trying to break the space-time continuum there. Why would a tool developed for a specific game work on a different game released two years later? WOMI revamped the game engine, simple as that. The fact that you can use the decoder on early demos just shows that he hadn't yet implemented his changes when they were released.

    Anon 9: Since the problem is your system's running too fast, you should definitely turn on V-Synch. The feature is designed to force a program to wait before updating the display so that the redraw speed matches the refresh rate of your monitor (usually, the redraw speed is higher). In other words, V-Synch will cap your framerate at 60 FPS on a 60 Hertz display. I can't guarantee that turning it on will fix everything, but it should be a step in the right direction.

  35. New [erka:es] update.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    I think they're saying that the full version will be coming at the end of the year. So maybe around the last 3 days of 2011? The Winter Comiket I mean. Since its going to be in Dec. 29, 30, and 31.

  36. Anonymous, if what u said is true, hopefully the game will come out end of this year. Those who played the trial, have u noticed every time Freudia died, she always say her best friend, Spiritia's name

  37. "Gomennasai, Tia." In Japanese.
    It means "I'm sorry, Tia."

  38. Why do I suddenly feel that the game won't come out again?
    Or is this just an exaggeration from years of waiting?

  39. I can't say either way at the moment. As we've already seen, the game is very far along in development. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination for it to be released in a month or two. On the other hand, I haven't heard a word about [erka:es]'s attending Comic Market this winter. It's not outside the realm of possibility for the game to make its debut as a digital download before getting a physical release (personally, I'd much rather an official disc to go alongside these babies than a download version).

    Whatever the case, I'm waiting for Freudenstachel before placing my next order with PaletWeb (for Ougon Musoukyoku, Ougon Musoukyoku Cross, Little Busters, and Planetarian, in case you're wondering); it'd be a shame if they're sold out by the time the wait is over...

  40. @TDO: Visual novels and...? Um, not sure what the other games are. But that's a rather nice collection of doujins you got there.

    For me, ziltch in my doujin collection... unless you count Trouble Witches NEO! despite it's terrible localization on XBLA.

    Though I plan on getting Rockin' Android's SUGURI Pefect Edition (SUGURI, Acceleration of SUGURI, Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition, and their OSTs) for Christmas. I know of a guy on a forum and he's willing to sell off the original Japanese versions of Chantelise ~A Tale of Two Sisters~ (though I want to get the English version on Steam too to support Carpe Fulgar), Trouble Witches Episode 1 ~Daughters of Amalgam~ (before my ears bleed from the god-awful dubs, localization, and cookie-cutter presentation, ugh!), and Crescent Pale Mist, all of which are in their original packaging for around $20~30 a piece.

  41. @TDOMMX:

    (Ignoring Viper as per usual)

    Two things about the one pic of all the doujins:

    1. Hmm, How many girls could be in this one pic? XD

    2. I can't believe you actually have several R-18 games. Now if only those got turned into unoriginal Mega-Man knockoffs with no imagination and originally put in other than characters and storyline.

    Once again, I'm entitled to my opinions.

  42. @Viper
    Strategy RPGs, traditional RPGs, fighting games, visual novels, and a single adult anime DVD (can you guess which is which?). The majority of these aren't doujin titles, mind you; aside from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Melty Blood / Melty Blood Re-ACT, Big Bang Beat, and Rosenkreuzstilette, all of the titles shown are commercial releases. If you hadn't noticed, the filename says "part1.jpg"; the right half of the photo is here. Note that these photos are nearly a year old and don't include a sizeable chunk of what I own. The English physical pressings of both Suguri - Perfect Edition and Gundemonium Collection are also part of my collection (^_^). You'll see them in the next batch of photos, whenever I decide to take 'em...

    1) Quantity doesn't matter; it's all about quality. To be fair, I got some of these titles as free gifts, so what I own doesn't fully reflect my tastes.

    If you meant that as a jab (and your comment could very well be read that way, if you hadn't noticed), you might be interested in knowing that one of the girls in my life constantly refers to me as "my hot Scandinavian vampire".

    2) Several? Of the 31 titles in this one photo, only 8 aren't R-18. And there's nothing wrong with that. I love a touching story that makes me think; the vast majority of the titles I own fit that description. Some of them have received awards for great writing, many of them have received televised adaptations and even feature films, and a few could rightly be called the Citizen Kanes of the medium. How's that for a medium that so many would rather write off as "anime porn games"?

    My favorite R-18 work will always be a healthy intimate relationship, romantic sex scenes and all. Anyone can try and brand them "porn" all they want; that doesn't make it true (see Fox News and Mass Effect, or even the first Terminator movie - or did anyone forget that we see how John Connor was conceived?).

    ...Y'know, that final zing against RKS was decidedly unnecessary. I won't waste my energy typing a rebuttal to the sheer arrogance of that statement.

    Opinions are protected speech. Your brand of insults are not. You have insulted Viper before, and you have just insulted [erka:es] yet again. Try and convince us all you want, but you are not a fan of RKS. No fan demeans the creators of a work the way you have. If you're going to keep putting down their work like this, you will receive the exact same treatment you received at Rockman Perfect Memories, and you'll deserve it.

    One last thing: if you say you're ignoring someone, you aren't ignoring them. Ignoring means not acknowledging them at all. I've warned you about acting petty on this blog. Just keep it up and see how many friends you have left.

  43. @TDO: THANK YOU! Finally, someone gets it when it comes to Justin and RKS.

    @Justin: If you want to insult a doujin game, save them for Tenshou Tenshi VALFOCE (a cut-and-paste and cheaply made Virtual-ON: Operation Moongate clone with mecha-musumes for the some you that don't know this game) or Melon Squash!, not Rosenkreuzstilette.

  44. @TDOMMX & ViperAcidZX

    First off, let me just say with a capital K:

    Knock it off you two!

    Alright? Listen. I have three rants already written up on my personal blog. Don't make me write up a fourth rant just because you two can't handle not bashing a fan. Fans can come in different levels, shapes, and sizes. And let me ask this. I know how the Doujin world works. Most of the titles that get published are 18+ material. I was not intending on saying "durrhurr RKS is unoriginal and I like to mock it's creators." I was just saying "Hmm, I wonder how those 18+ titles would work if they were skimmed into regular platformers."

    Plus, once again, that was my opinion. Do you even see WOMI trying to be original (Viper: It's a fucking tribute!) Okok It's intended to praise the original Mega Man series, but the way it's trying to isn't working in my eyes. Megamari had original weapons, boss attack patterns, and the ability to swap mid-level between two different characters. RKS has not one but two separate figures of Rush, a carbon-copy of Eddie, Air-Man knockoffs, weapons that perform exactly like ones from Mega Man, and "stolen" images. I'm allowed to voice my opinions however I please; it's called constructive, not destructive, constructive criticism. Yes the way I'm doing it can be considered sort of rude, but let me take it in this method. I don't like what Nintendo did with Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS by putting in the crappiest roster of both tracks and characters yet. But does that mean I'm not a fan of the Mario Kart games? Absolutely not. I still like the older ones, namely Mario Kart 64, only if you were to look past the rubber-band and cheap AI. RKS, while I don't really enjoy the first game unless I add custom BGM and sound effects (how sad), I still respect it's storyline, characters, and art design. Just because I don't like certain aspects of the series (or as Ravy Comics puts it: 11/10 on the fan meter) does not mean I should not, under any circumstances, be left out of the fandom. Alright? I cancelled Super Justin just to make you guys who can't get crap past the radar understand I'm not a true force of evil more or so than Iris. I just want to see it go in a different direction that it's taking thus far.

    And TDOMMX, if I must really prove to you, let me announce that in the future, I want to develop a Rosenkreuzstilette fangame showing exactly what the series should've tried from the beginning (Viper: Duh you're going to make it cutsey with all bright colors) no, no, no child-age crap. This will be a dark story with a serious athomosphere with all new powers and enemies, only making exquisite modifications to the parts inspired by a source. It will be a Metroidvania-styled game, but still play similar (though not exact) to the Mega Man games.

    Viper, this is why I constantly asked you to talk and interview me via XBLA, so we can try to get this grudge that you've held onto for the worst reasons done with.


    If you happen to be reading this, just to prevent future conflicts against one of my longtime enemies (plus someone that's phasing into one), lock posting in this particular post, turn comment moderation back on, and boot Viper from the writer's team. (really who says something like "that" and gets away with it?) Therefore me, Viper, and TDOMMX can keep our fussing in private and not have to take the topic on hand into the trash. We don't need another hypocrite commenting on this blog. If you like, go and write another of your big gigantic rants targeted at not just me (plus Viper), but the whole fanbase as well, taking my three rants on my blog and both of TheRedYoshi's rants on dA into massive considerations.

    TDOMMX, Good Day, and Viper, nothing else.

  45. You're all adorable. By all means, continue to fight and make us all look like fools. ^_^

  46. Yea, I will fight, for everlasting piece. >:[

  47. And by everlasting piece, I mean for everyone, not just me.

  48. Everlasting piece of what?

  49. New [erka:es] blog update with two new screenshots, one of Eifer and Schirach talking with one another and another of Freu in Sichte's stage.

  50. I believe I can explain the screens:

    The first one is possibly a beta cutscene (as it lacks mugshots), and the second was fan-made probably to show off a glitch where Freudia can slide in mid-air.

  51. Seriously, Justin, that one and a half hour long RKS sprite based animation, get to it.

  52. Oh wait, I just read through your rant. A RKS fan game? I guess that can substitute the hour and half long RKS sprite based animation.

  53. @Hugh Man

    Well trust me, You'll get the best of both worlds. =P

    But onto other things.

    I decided to check out this site that was mentioned on the dev's blog, ( It has an RKS section ( with a few screens of the trial that surprised me.

    *The third screenshot is of Zorne's stage, with Freudia using the Strudel Jet over a disappearing/reappearing block puzzle segment. The "Jet" is not a Rush sculpture of him in jet form, but rather just an ice platform that Freudia rides on.

    The fifth however, striked me hard. It's the fierce boss fight with Zorne, with (get ready for this) Trauare. I couldn't tell what Trauare's role in this pic was, but I'm guessing she's controlled by the player; her main weapon being the Leviathan (duh) which now fires out blue Grollschwert shots. The weapon meter is still the same purple hue as it was before.

    So is Trauare the one to get the "bonus game treatment" this time around?

    The sixth screen is the new "CLEAR TIME" message with Freudia in the same chibi form from the Zorne "Draw" screen, but she's amused rather than upset, smiling, and without the sweatdrop.

    Just also wanted to point out, the "new" pic of Chibi Freudia used is actually a tad bit different than the original. Both Freudia's ponytail, sweatdrop, and the hair speck sticking out are swapped, and the face is drawn differently.

    Happy holidays to everyone otherwise.

  54. Justin did you even play the demo? Zorne summons Trauare as part of an attack.

    Only reason Freduia isn't in that shot is she probably just got hit and is flashing. The fact that whoever is being controlled is using the weapon Freudia gets from Grolla would lend itself to that.

  55. Merry Christmas for you all ;)

    As for Traure, we mentioned her on the first posts of this subject :)

  56. @Anon:

    I wish to just wait and play the full game when it's out. Though this makes me question: What if you defeat Trauare in her own stage before challenging Zorne? Is she not present, or would she attack differently?

    I know it's not answerable at this time, but I just felt like asking that.


    Merry christmas to you too. ;)

  57. Merry Christmas, everyone.

    Since nobody's actually come out and said it, I should point out that Strudel's Jet is modeled after a charged Shotgun Ice from the original Megaman X (because everything's better with penguins).

    I have to commend Justin's attitude regarding Freudenstachel: when you maintain a media blackout on a given title, you don't set any expectations for the end product. When the game finally does come out, it's a lot easier to be impressed. I did the same for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and my experience with each game was all the better for it.

    As for the Zorne + Trauare teamup attack: Justin, just wait until you see it in action. Let's just say that Liebea isn't the only one who can control the climate and leave it at that for now.

  58. I doubt that [erka:es] won't be coming on the next comiket. But I'm also not sure yet since we haven't got any news from them if they're coming or not.

    And if they won't come, we're gonna wait another GOOD, I mean REALLY GOOD, rather, VERY VERY VERY GOOD 8 months for the next comiket. Or better, another 12 months. No, 2 years, or maybe forever. I thank life for toying the time. ^^

  59. I'm done with my exaggeration. :D

    They will come. I'm sure they will. And after all, we waited 4 years for this crap, so they should release it won't make us wait us another century. (maybe I'm still exaggerating)

  60. I'm sure they will come.

  61. You can play Rokko Chan while you wait. It only has one genderswapped character and it's 8-bit style Megaman, but it's still fun.

  62. FTW..! Tomorrow is the Winter Comiket and still no news if they will go or not..!
    I'm sorry but I think they won't come.

  63. And no, it's December 28 here in our country. Your argument is invalid.

  64. But according to the time on my phone - if it isn't wrong with times - it's already Thursday, December 29th, 2011 at 5:20 AM in Japan. I'm guessing peole are heading over to Comiket with Hong Meiling on the wheel.

    And yes, my Christmas wish came true as now I'm a proud owner SUGURI - Perfect Edition in physical form! ^_^

  65. @Viper
    "And yes, my Christmas wish came true as now I'm a proud owner SUGURI - Perfect Edition in physical form! ^_^"

    I don't want to feel like an idiot for asking, but how did you obtain such an item?

  66. @Justin De Lucia
    "Plus, once again, that was my opinion. Do you even see WOMI trying to be original...I want to develop a Rosenkreuzstilette fangame showing exactly what the series should've tried from the beginning no, no, no child-age crap. This will be a dark story with a serious atmosphere with all new powers and enemies, only making exquisite modifications to the parts inspired by a source. It will be a Metroidvania-styled game"

    So you want to call someone unoriginal, then go right around and say you could do better with a possibly even less original idea? I'm curious with what logic you used to come to this conclusion.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. @Justin:
    ... And now you want MY help?!

    At risk of sounding like a douche and for even talking to you for all the crap you're giving me when I try to help you out (I can assume you give advice as poorly as you take it), here's how to get a physical copy of SUGURI - Perfect Edition.

    1. Go to the SUGURI - Perfect Edition page at Rockin' Android's website here.

    2. Click where it says "Buy Now" under Buy CD-Rom (the disc is actually DVD).

    3. Place your order via PayPal (which is how they handle their transaction for physical copies of their localized games). SUGURI - Perfect Edition goes normally for $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

    4. ???

    5. Profit.

    If paying through PayPal doesn't work for you (or should they run out of print for DVD copies of their games), buying the digital versions of the SUGURI, Acceleration of SUGURI and X-Edition expansion pack individually via GamersGate or Direct2Drive is still an option (though I doubt the OSTs for the games will be included and buying both games and expansion pack may cost you more).

  69. The new year is upon us, and nothing new from WOMI; so I'm guessing like what Mint said on Facebook, that either he didn't attend Comiket, or went without renting out a booth for himself; just to browse and see friends. Neither the [erka:es] nor WOMI's personal blog were updated during the days Comiket was held.

    ...And that's it. :|
    Happy new year ladies and gents. May all your resolutions come true, and let's hope that total apocalypse is not upon us.

  70. New update!

    WOMI's updated his blog with a new screenie of a new prologue stage title. Apparently he's been making new stage titles for RKSF.

  71. WOMI making an apropiate german subtitle? Who would have thought!