Friday, April 20, 2012

Rockman Ciel, Hisaoman, and More!

Ciel's looking pretty good! Thanks to SaSA reader Axl007, Rockman Ciel caught my attention, and I must say I’m impressed but by no means surprised. Ciel was pretty great, after all, and making an entire project around her seems like something that needed to happen. Rockman Ciel seems to be an entire multimedia project that includes a Zero-based fan game in progress, a full art series on pixiv, a Web Radio series, and even a project concept art book with full character backgrounds and scenario history. It seems like a pretty ambitious and crazy project, and I hope to see it come to fruition. My hope is that it doesn’t suffer the same fact as Rockmen R, which swiftly received the C&D hammer from Capcom and is no longer available. We’ll see how that goes.

You may remember Hisaoman, the (arguably tasteless) Katawa Shoujo fan game with a Rockman touch. It turns out that this game was supposed to be released shortly after the release of the game early this year, though the forum thread stated “around this November (2011)”. There hasn’t been a lot of news concerning development, and it almost seems like the project may be on the backburner, as his latest post on Newgrounds seems to be more concerned with Ragnarok sprite animation. However, KS hasn’t been completely forgotten, as he released Katawa Shoujo: Symphony of the Feminists back in February, which features a Rockman-sprite Miki. The game itself is really silly and pretty fun, though the SotN PSX-inspired dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. Well, if anything comes up with this project, we’ll definitely mention it here. This is really turning into a Mega Man fan game blog, isn’t it?

I’ve been looking to change up the site layout a little bit by adding links to the sidebar and implementing pages, most notably with information about obtaining and working with Rosenkreuzstilette. Currently, I’ve added links to the Rockman-inspired various fan projects, as well as related blogs, including the re-addition of zaku6’s. I imagine I’ll be able to clean this up a lot by adding an overall “Link” page. I really want to revamp the sitenav and get everything as neat as possible. In addition, I will need some help from some of SaSA’s readers concerning my "RKSclopedia” project. I plan on moving the wiki entirely away from Wikia and setting it up on Google Sites, which looks a lot neater and will give us a lot more control to prevent future problems and speculations when Freudenstachel comes out. We’ll have a basic gathering of all character and scenario information for the site, and compiling and editing will be done as a group over Google Docs. Once that’s all said and done, we’ll get the ball rolling. The RKS Wikia isn’t going anywhere, obviously, and will undoubtedly be updated as the series goes on. That’s fine. I just want to have the most accurate and well-maintained wiki possible based here on SaSA. I figure that’s reasonable enough. I’ll try and get that WOMI interview done soon, when my friend who can help me with the translation stuff isn’t busy.

If you would like to help with this project, please inquire in the comments or e-mail us directly at grollschwert[at]gmail[dot]com. Let’s continue to improve Schwer and Schwer Alike as the best RKS resource on the net!


  1. where can i download rks + english? i cany find it!! and i need it!! XC

    1. You can purchase the game by using the buttons on the right! ;3