Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fanart Showcase- An Introduction

Hello everyone. Here's a new segment on Schwer and Schwer Alike that I'd like to present: The weekly fanart showcase.

Basically put, this will be a series dedicated to showing the best of what the fans of Rosenkreuzstilette around the globe have to offer, running once every Sunday. And thanks to Freudenstachel, the rate of fanart production encountered a slight acceleration, mostly with art depicting Freudia and Pamela, however, so I can still have fresh content for the next entry, I will only do a few at a time.

Let us begin with this adorable animated pixel art from aliceandsven, depicting Schwer-Muta with Zeppy on top. A very lively piece of work; as the animation of Schwer's eyes blinking is very fluid and well-detailed, and the colors selected are very valid.

Anyone that has stuck with the series for quite some time knows shizuku, one of the winners of the character-designing contest held long ago, with her creation Strudel. Starting in April, she's been on a roll, drawing just about the entirety the female cast another time to join all her other art of the RKS, but her stuff from post-RKSF's release shows multiple drawings of the Dark Magi (her Pamela art pictured above), her Eifer and Refrakita Twins art being dead giveaways to spoilers found later on in Freudenstachel. shizuku's art style continues to be heartwarming; one of which she executes flawlessly. If you want to see the others, here is a direct link to her Rosenkreuzstilette-related content.

What follows is solo art of Lebiea from "Cl Kobo", that in itself is very well-done, with the detail and charm coming through the use of shading and highlighting, which I feel reflects Liebea's overall innocence. Simple but effective.

And that's it for today. I'll be back with the second run next Sunday.


  1. The pixiv images are coming up as 403 forbidden.

  2. My apologies, I'll see if I can get them fixed later today.

    1. They're working fine for me. Unless you've fixed them already.