Sunday, December 16, 2012

Revenge of the Fanart

Episode three. You know the deal here.

Very adorable Freu art from Potemayo, even if it may not be the most accurate representation of her.

I'm positive that anyone whom has searched up Rosenkreuzstilette has seen something from Glacs.fz at least once. Here's his recent Pamela Arwig art, with some (albeit minor) touchups to her original design. Good one as always~

And after that, comes probobly the first art in the showcase to just have some fun. Freudia and Spiritia playing with Pocky sticks. The way Spiritia's tie and hairband are colored blue reminds me of the way blog follower ShivaDF re-designed her several years ago. Somehow this art, especially Tia's confused expression makes me chuckle.

That is all.


  1. Don't mean to go off-topic there, but a new topic was put on the [erka:es] journal today, and at one of the parts of the topic, WOMI says he's planning on making an added edition of RKSF, which he says could be after next year.

  2. More News in Rockman Ciel Website... :)