Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A New Year, A New Start

Happy New Year, everyone!

As some of you have already guessed, 2019 has been an incredibly eventful year in my neck of the woods.  I've been dealing with the aftermath of many personal and professional issues that have popped up since 2018 (and a few spilling over from 2017).  Some of these issues have thankfully been resolved, while others are still being worked out.  It's a long story -- one better suited to a bad soap opera than an indie game's localization blog.

Frankly, it's a long line of dominoes that, for a while, made me despise thinking about anything related to RKS (hence the year of silence).

There's a lot to say that I'd like to go over with you in due time.  Given some of the reactions I received the last time I publicly opened up about my problems, I'm not particularly looking forward to giving shitposters ammunition to use against me or my team.  So, please be patient with me as I try and figure out what to share and when.

That said, I wish everyone belated Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year on behalf of Darkside Translations and Schwer and Schwer Alike.  There's a lot to look forward to, and a lot to look back on, in the coming year.

Until next time!


  1. Welcome to Year 2020

  2. Yo, do you know someone called ''greatnorthern''? Apparently he had uploaded the whole Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel's OST, claiming he tracked every bgm from the composer's websites.

    His entries are down now... Do you happen to know this guy or something?

    1. Sorry, didn't know it was you... My mistake. Hopefully someone out there has saved AM3, Silver Chaos and Unlimited Hellest's tracks...

    2. Bah, I accidentally deleted my original reply. Is Blogspot's "Preview" button broken?

      No, I don't know a "greatnorthern". I always go by either TDOMMX or my real name, and Mint goes by either TrickMasterMint, MintManiaIIDX, Letty Whiterock, or his real name.

      I wish I'd come across the blog you linked to sooner. AM3, Silver Chaos, and Unlimited Hellest were the only artists whose tracks I wasn't able to secure for the original RKS's soundtrack. That list of lost artists/tracks only grew with RKSF...

    3. Yeah, it's a nightmare trying to secure RKSF's soundtrack... Btw, you might want to check this out:

      The composer behind RKSF's Iris Stage 1 theme has lost the original .mp3 file they composed (you may have noticed the version from their website is NOT the one used in-game). They had it in an old broken computer apparently, and is looking for someone who still has the .mp3 file of that theme.

      Do you happen to have downloaded that .mp3 file, btw? If so, could you upload it somewhere? I used to had it, but I lost my RKSF ost collection after cleaning my pc.

    4. Oh, btw, happy new year! :)
      (I can't seem to be able to edit my responses for some reason).

  3. I have a question about the evangelion theme english vers you had on youtube, who sung it?

    1. That would be Geeky McGeekstein of Geeky Fandubs. Studio Khara has been lashing out at its fans lately, issuing copyright strikes and takedown notices left and right. My YouTube channel has been decimated: *all* of my public videos have been either deleted or blocked by Studio Khara & King Records. Geeky's "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" was removed as well, as was Amanda Lee's rendition of "Beautiful World" (her arrangement of "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" is safe because the instrumentation was done from scratch).

      Lucky for you, the Internet Archive has you covered. They backed up the original video I featured at Otakuthon 2011, which I later uploaded to YouTube: