Friday, December 25, 2020

Closing Out a Looooong Year...

"I'd like to get off now.  Please!
Hi, everyone.  It's been a long time -- much, much longer than I'd anticipated when last we spoke.

The year 2020 has been -- let's not mince words -- a raging dumpster fire for every sensible human being on the planet.  I hope you all are hanging in there as best you can despite everything the world is throwing at you.

I'd like to think that the hell I endured in the previous two years (more on that in my next post) left me better-prepared to deal with the disastrous fallout of two self-obsessed presidents and their vain attempts to hide their own incompetence.  Though I've never lived in China or the United States, many of my friends do.  I can only offer my sympathies for those caught completely off-guard by the CoViD-19 pandemic -- and offer my sincerest gratitude to those who saw it coming and did their best to control the damage despite their warnings falling on deaf ears.

That said, I wish you all Happy Holidays and hope you all pull through stronger and wiser than before.  I've heard that those who have endured true pain understand the real value of kindness.  I'd like to think that this hellish experience will make the majority of us come out better people in the end -- kinder, more thoughtful, and far more sympathetic.  That may be naive thinking, but I'd rather hope for better days than let despair consume me any longer.

I look forward to catching up with you all very soon.


  1. Happy Holidays!
    I hope the next years get better for you and for everyone. Good Luck, man

  2. For whatever its worth from an internet stranger, I still had a spare thought wondering about the person behind schwer and schwer alike. Maybe you are surviving and thriving, have moved on from here and will never see this. I wish you well, so long and thanks for all the english.