Friday, May 22, 2009

Constructing the RKS Wiki

Schwer readers, I need help making the RKS wiki, as I have no idea what I'm doing and accidentally broke the damn thing trying to edit a page. I will provide the necessary information to fill into the various pages (main article, character pages, etc) if someone can just set it up for me. Please and thank you, and if you want to fill in some information yourself, be my guest. Superjustinbros has already contributed a few entries, so please help yourself. I will eventually be going in and making corrections and what-not, and eventually, I'll be hiring Wiki Janitors into the Schwer team. Special thanks to anyone who wants to contribute!


  1. I have helped you. I filled in most of the information. now I need your help submitting information, images and artwork to the wiki.

    Anyways you're welcome.

  2. Would you kindly provide images for me to upload?

  3. So far doing good, but I do have some criticisms on how its handed.

    1. The lack of spoiler warnings for those who haven heard of RosenkreuzStilette. This could ruin some key story elements before people even get a hold of the English patch for the game.

    2. Where or how do you guys get your info from? Suck bad enough that I don't understand Japanese yet you guys are able to figure this stuff out... D:

    3. For the main characters, we could use a table of sorts listing their designer, voice actor, age, etc.

    4. Some of the info is wrong (even though that is already stated), for example, Grolla is NOT based on Zero from the X series, but for the Zero series on the GBA. And I can tell the difference because I played a little bit of Mega Man Zero on emulator and I watch my friends videos of it on YouTube. I mean only Zero from the Zero series had the ability to charge his Saber. Adding to that, Zero's Saber isn't over-sized (unless you're thinking of Sigma's Sword from X8), an over-sized sword is like Cloud Strife's (FFVII) Buster Sword or Nightmare (Soul Calibur) Soul Edge.

    But all and all, decent work...

  4. Fuss at Justin for that. I haven't gotten around to doing anything yet. I'm still writing up extensive articles, which I have been procrastinating on. Soon, I'll provide links to what I have and allow you guys to edit in whatever you need.

  5. Letty, You do know how to upload images, Do you?