Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RKS Doujin Update

A new doujin page has been taken straight from the uploader. When our translator wakes up, we'll get on bringing you an English version, unless one of you who can read Japanese comments first. You'll be credited accordingly.

So 2ch discussion has been interesting as of late. Shortly after they posted about Truant's Grolla picture, which one found quite cute, and the RKSF Prologue stage, they began claiming Rosenkreuzstilette waifus. Now, I normally wouldn't ask this, but whatever. I figure the results won't be much different from the poll anyway, but here's our question. Schwer readers, who is your RKS waifu?


  1. I wouldn't kick Grolla out of the bed, if you put it that way. However, I think I'd prefer her being all saving/carrying *me*, not the other way round. Wouldn't that make me the waifu?

    Hm, I probably have the wrong gender for this xD;

  2. Yeah, more RKS doujinshi!

  3. No no, I was saying that was a good response, Macha.

  4. I'm considering only the RKS girls. Not enough is known about the RKSF crew yet. Now, my 4chan-fu is weak. I haven't been there since before it was a cesspool so I'm just assuming the "waifu" bit means who you'd want to be married to. Since this would encompass all the aspects of marriage, I'm dismissing the lolis because I'm 29 years old. That saying, this is not meant to represent my views on the whole loli thing in any way at all. That's an entirely different matter.

  5. Oops. Forgot to post the actual list.

    Since I'm a terrible louse I'm going to have to give the pros and cons of each for me first.

    Overall pros: I'm fond of blonde
    Overall cons: Potential personality conflicts

    Overall pros: I do love icy winters
    Overall cons: hmmmm... *shrugs*

    Overall pros: My favourite RKS girl. Many similar interrests
    Overall cons: I don't handle the heat very well. Anything over +10c nearly kills me

    Overall pros: She could teach me to swim
    Overall cons: I can't swim. I don't even know if I like swimming.

    Overall pros: Life would deffinately be interresting.
    Overall cons: Completely incompatible personalities. Loli = not waifu material for me

    Overall pros: Personality-wise likely the most compatible
    Overall cons: Angry dad at the wedding

    Overall pros: (.) (.)
    Overall cons: This is the one RKS character that I know nothing about.

    Overall pros: I have a weakness for pink hair
    Overall cons: Loli = not waifu material for me. Also, I only like the rain when I'm indoors.

    Overall pros: Absolutely adorable
    Overall cons: Loli? For all we know she could be stacked.

    I figure we'd make a pretty good match, too. Heck, one of my own characters has an oversized metal arm too so that'sd explain how we'd meet. We'd go out for about a year (she'd want to be married sooner but I'd prolong it because I overthink things) and we'd move into her place. I'd tolerate the heat, but I'd build a "cold room" to stay in when she was away. We'd hook up a killer sound system and enjoy metal frequently, often stepping out for concerts. We'd also play a lot of vs. games and enjoy watching sunsets together. And considering what Iris did to Mike, he likely left everything in his will to Zorne, so I'll have money up the wazoo!

    *sigh* Zorne my princess. Wait for me...

  6. The problem with waifu questions is that I have yet to develop any real attachments to any of the characters. I'm sure it will be different when I have some idea of their respective stories, personalities, etc. Until then it's pretty transient. So yeah, Trauere.

  7. To help you guys out with this certifiably geeky question (before you take offense, I'm a geek and proud of it!), here's a digest version of each character's personality. My candidates are marked with asterisks, in case you're curious.

    - Typical Girl Scout. Naive and often takes things at face value. Once she sets her mind to something, nothing can get in her way. A bit of a klutz.

    - Typical Ice Maiden. Can roast an entire village without a second thought (and respond to the subsequent interrogation with "So...?" with a genuinely untroubled smile on her face). Desperately wants a place to belong and is always thinking about the people dear to her despite the fact that she doesn't like getting close to anyone.

    - Tsundere / wannabe daddy's girl. Short-tempered, impulsive and moody, she tends to only listen to reason after she has been physically and mentally humiliated (not either/or, unfortunately)... Fiercely antagonistic to rivals for affection. A pyromaniac and, unsurprisingly, a terrible cook.

    - Usually composed and aloof, she is very pragmatic and focuses on doing what needs to be done. Sharp-tongued and vindictive, her fuse is worse than Zorne's once she goes off. Typically quite reasonable, but you wouldn't like her when she's angry.

    - Typical airhead. Thinks she's a Heroine of Justice (TM), even when she's the one destroying everything in sight. Self-centered and treats everything as a game. Terrible fashion sense.

    - Tomboyish knight. Obedient to those she holds dear; caustic and guarded to everyone else. Like Zorne, she is quite stubborn. Tends to kick ass first and ask questions later (if at all). Does not like sharing her thoughts with anyone - not even her friends.

    - Mature big sister archetype. Cool, level-headed, and philosophical, she is a bit obsessed with the notion of elegance (overcompensation for being born in the slums). Devoted to her friends even when she knows they're in the wrong. Has trouble having faith in those older than her.

    - Lovable little sister (FYI: "liebe" is German for "love"). A crybaby and pacifist, she has trouble controlling her abilities (and subsequently gives "tempest" a new meaning whenever she has a tantrum). Loves her brother dearly and will do anything for his sake.

    - Quiet and antisocial, she prefers to keep to herself and shies away from others. Naturally suspicious of people because of her troubled childhood. Cannot stand those who break their word. Deliberately tests the patience of those who try to get near her.

    - A curious and inquisitive (but childish) minigirl. Pouts whenever she doesn't get her way. A bit of a prankster. She has very few friends, so she is quite attached to those she does open up to.

    Iris (rot13'd to mask spoilers)
    - Gjb-snprq evpu tvey. Chgf ba gur snpnqr bs n ybinoyr xvq fvfgre jura nebhaq bguref. Znavchyngvir naq pbzcyrgryl habccbfrq gb ylvat sbe crefbany tnva. Guvax bs ure nf gur tnzr'f Yrybhpu iv Oevgnaavn / Yvtug Lntnzv: "naq gura, V'yy orpbzr gur Tbq bs n Arj Jbeyq!"