Thursday, May 28, 2009

RKS Wiki Problems and Errors

You guys have certainly stepped up to the plate and done quite a bit with the RKS Wiki, and for that, I am very grateful! However, the point of the RKS Wiki is to provide accurate information, gathered in a professional manner, and so, there are a few things I'd like to make light of.

1) We should not be using the information from the deleted Rosenkreuzstilette Wikipedia entry.

I cannot stress enough that Spiritia Rosenberg was not born in 1985. I do believe I made a post about information inaccuracies some time ago and used the entry as a specific example. I'm not sure where that level of information is coming from, as there is not even official information that alludes even mistakenly to the fact. I do know that the front page does say there will be certain inaccuracies to the information posted there for the time being, but come on, guys, we know better than that.

2) Justin, stop uploading your fanart as "official" pictures for articles.

Not only is this article wrong, it looks terrible. There are official pictures of Zeppy, either with Schwer-Muta or on the side of a glass. It is unacceptable to be uploading fanart for any reason unless there is a specific reason for it (such as, say, an article for Kiora, for which there will be one; I will make it, don't even touch it). This doesn't just apply to Justin; it applies to everyone. Don't do it.

3) Every character from the original RKS was designed by [erka:es], no one else.

Just keep that in mind. Credit goes where it's due on the Freudenstachel Dark Magi gang.

4) There is no specified age for any of the RKS characters.

Anyone want to tell me how we know that Grolla Seyfarth is 20 years old? Again, I don't know where some of this info is coming from, but I would prefer that everyone either cross-reference known profiles or just put down placeholders and wait until we have full translations before you start filling in the blanks. I don't want us just making things up.

5) Please label spoilers.

The first line of Iris's article is a huge spoiler to the series, and while it really comes as a surprise to few, I would prefer that we not do that. Things of that nature should be put in the middle of the article and given a spoiler label, like most Wiki-style entries. While I am aware that Megaman games/clones aren't exactly known for their stories, RKS's plot is actually decently constructed and should be marked accordingly. The same applies to any and all story elements for RKS Grollschwert.

Please take this information to heart so we can make the RKS Wiki the most "professional" and comprehensive library of RKS information this side of the Pacific. Thanks.


  1. I'm actually willing to step up to the plate here and field some answers, as well as other inappropriate sports metaphors.

    If you'll remember the blog post about Axelle that mentioned rks_fanon@lj, well. That's actually my community, and that's where a lot of the stuff about ages et cetera comes from. I made all of it up just off the top of my head. It was never intended to be taken as the gospel truth -- in fact, that's where the "fan" part of "fanon" comes in. Fanon is fan-created canon; it's not official, and it's very rarely supported by the actual source.

    So yes, while all that stuff about Zorne being in an accident at a mill or what have you may seem official, I'm just a really good liar. Pretty much every American website out there has taken it as truth, which is, if I may, downright hilarious for me. I never thought it would get that far. But it's still not true. It never was true, and unless [erka:es] is reading over my shoulder, it never will be true.

    Feel free to keep on believing it if you want -- I know I will -- but if Letty doesn't want it in the Wiki, he's got good reason.

  2. i lol'ed at point number 2

  3. Sichte is "becoming to grow up".
    It's mean Sichte is under 20.
    Or Sichte became 20 soon.
    And, I think Grolla is under Sichte's age.

    What can I help you with?

  4. What I'm most curious as to who exactly is "Kiyora" to the point there's gonna be an article written on her?

  5. Only 2 days until the english demo! ^^

  6. 1:Hi Kiora!

    2: allright, I'll stop uploading fan-art. I just let everyone upload offical art to the site. (can't wait)

  7. I think we should call Seppi-san Mr. Zeppy instead.

  8. PreddY: Actually, May has 31 days, not 30. That would mean that there are three days until June 1, not two...

    Whoa, boy... You need a doctor? That's a lot of foam coming out of your mouth...

    Anonymous: Correctamundo! Not only are proponents of "Seppi-san" complete weeaboos, they're katakana-illiterate, too. Schwer calls her Mr. Zeppy, and that is how we localized his name. Incidentally, Zeppy is named after Count Zeppelin, in case you hadn't noticed.

    Anyway, the project site for Darkside Translations is online, now with new RKS screenshots! Wiki-ers, take a cue from us: this is the way character bios should be done. No speculation here - just pure, unadulterated RKS... ummm... [erka:es]. This should tide you over until Monday's release. If things go smoothly in the next 48 hours, I might be able to release this little gem earlier than planned. Enjoy!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I NEED SLEEP! Week-long chest cold + continuous all-nighters = near total exhaustion.


  9. I tried to put a spoiler warning on some of the most important stuff, but the spoiler template isn't working. >_<
    I thought Grolla and Sichte would be somewhere about 20-26 years old. I wish there was some sties in English that has good info on the characters... >_>

  10. O

    I want IMMEDIATE sex with you for those screenshots and the things that are yet to come! Immediate!

    BTW: Is it really meant to be Sepperin -> Zeppelin? Or did you assume that? Graf Zeppelin is a famous historical fact in Germany, so it would make sense :)

  11. PreddY, I would take you up on that if you were a girl. On the other hand, if I someday find out that I'm bi, I might just hold you to your word...

    Count Michael Zeppelin is undeniably a reference to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The katakana is 「ッペリン」, not 「ッペリン」. Notice the symbol that looks like a quotation mark on the first character? That's a voiced sound mark, making the "SE" into a "ZE". Factor in the fact that every boss is named after a German historical figure, with "Sepperin" being the only exception, as well as [erka:es]'s habit of misromanizing names ("Sichite", "Sayfalth", "Trauere", "Ichiduki", "Rai Souka", etc...), I am certain that this is merely a misromanization of "Zeppelin".

    Trust me, I do not want to change names if I don't have to (both in principle and because of the unfortunate side effect that I have to update every image that contains the name, even if the graphic would have ordinarily remained untouched). In this case, I am sure that I know what [erka:es] intended and have corrected the mistake to more closely match their intentions. This is the same rationale behind our revising the German flavor text.

  12. Oh, and ViperAcidZX, one does exist: look here. I'm slightly annoyed that you said that within an hour of my announcing the site had gone online; it's proper blog etiquette to read other people's comments before adding your own.

    On a related note, I'm not fond of the fact that some Wiki-ers have plagiarized my earlier "waifu" personality bios. Not only did they not leave credit (ie: "According to the scriptwriter of the English localization [...]", they butchered my grammar. This hasn't happened since... well... since people started plagiarizing my Phantom of Inferno game guide on Wikipedia. C'mon, guys, is a reference too much to ask? That's the whole point of Wikis - to catalog verifiable information and note where it came from (so that, if it's proven to be false, everyone knows who to blame).

  13. @TDOMMX:
    Damn dude, this is info I would use in my Freewebs account. :O Its still in the works (mainly because I don't own my own computer and I'm always distracted by my usually routines, namely playing games like Alien Solier and Sin & Punishment), it looks pretty ugly though since I hardly know what do with CSS codes. Here's the site, go ahead and laugh if you guys want... -_-

  14. Don't mind the misspelling of Alien Soldier in my last comment, I'm always a victim of typos... >_>

  15. Heheheh. The best part, Viper, is that I didn't make up any of it. All of the information (including the quotes) is taken from either [erka:es]'s website or from the game itself (mostly the former, but there's a lot of overlap). I just rewrote it into fluent English (though I'm not too pleased with how ham-fisted the Japanese Story segment was, and I think it shows in my localization). The additional graphics, however, were done by yours truly (ie: the Spiritia / Lilli / Zeppelin character select portraits and every single English screenshot).

    I know I'm not that great of a graphics designer (aside from the logo and the layout, I'm not really satisfied with the look of the site), but I'm one hell of an image editor. Just give me something that looks good and I can make it even better (case in point: RKS itself). That said, I like the overall presentation of your site. Just tweak your banner to use a gradient and change a few of the fonts (use "font-face: Fontname;" to tweak it in the CSS) and it'll probably look better than ours in no time. CSS isn't actually hard to learn, it just takes a bit of figuring out (like trying to work a cassette recorder with a lot of buttons).

    By the way, use Firefox when you're typing your comments if you're concerned about typos - it'll underline anything it thinks is misspelled.

  16. That's the thing though, stupid site editor on Webs doesn't give me much to do with the banner with the template I used... I need to find a good template. >_>

  17. Aww man, did you have to stress out your maximum deadline? Why didnt you call it THE deadline then if you werent planning on releasing it before that...anyway, soon is the 1st and I wanna PLAY :)

  18. Don't worry, PreddY - the release is currently being uploaded. The server was being stubborn for a bit, so I had to split the executable into two chunks. You'll be getting a midnight release. If we were stretching it out until the very last second, you'd be seeing it at 01/06/2009 11:59:59 PM.

    Everything will be ready in about two hours. Just be patient a little longer.

    And zip up your fly. I need sleep, and that thing's bound to give me nightmares.

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  20. ...And it's out. Something seems to be up with Letty's blog since the update hasn't been displayed yet, so I thought I'd mention it here.