Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Freudenstachel C76 Demo Gameplay

To any and all curious, here's a video of the C76 demo in action. Thanks to the Anonymous commenter in the last entry for bring this to my attention. There's another video up there, but this one appears to be by Daddy, the one who brought the C76 demo bugs to [erka:es]'s attention, so I'm willing to trust this one over any other.

I really like Freu's new voice.



  1. *Still shocked at the giant in Grolla Stage shooting fireballs from its "danger-zone"* O_o XD D: ~_~ X3 (X_x) :\ >W<
    ^Look at what you did, [erka:es], you made me abuse emoticons! XD:

  2. ...Strange. The video fails to load for me. The comments just play over a blank screen.

  3. Hi there, is the video available on Youtube or something ? ;-)

    It doesn't work for me there with Nicovideo... And your comments already made me excited.
    I sooooooooo want to see Eifer ! X_X

  4. Here's a tutorial on registering on Nico Nico Douga. [link]

  5. I've already registered. The video just doesn't work for me, and it's only this video. (I searched for another one, and found one with Zorne and Grolla's stages, but there were no other videos with the intro stage.)

  6. I'm just throwing out there for those who don't have an account there... :/

  7. Same as Majutsukai, here...
    Maybe it's some forbidden access or something, I'll try at home later if that's the case ?...

    But thanks, Viper ;-)

  8. ...and for some reason, it works now. O_o;

  9. I've uploaded it on youtube:


    enjoy! :)

  10. Nico still doesn't work here, thanks Shinku, I'll look at it ;-)

  11. Wow, the only thing that brought my attention was the Eifer battle in the intro.

    Other than that, nothing too new, except MORE AWESOME.

  12. OMGGROLLA [/fangirl]

    She does have a nice stage.

    Nice battle in the intro, too.

  13. Yoshaaaa, everything they change just feel so great O_o

    Eifer is awesome, as expected. Can't wait to play the thing myself.

  14. Arg, I want to play this new version !
    I do want to see the video but it will spoil me, I want to play the game first.

    By the way, I hope they will be more bugfixes in the engine. Here's another bug I found in RKS and the C75 trial, I think it hasn't been mentionned yet

  15. Thanks for putting the video on YouTube, Shinku!

    The game's looking awesome at the moment, though I'm disappointed that the music is exactly the same as the original... Other than that, I really can't wait for the web trail now!

  16. I meant web TRIAL... Stupid spelling mistakes! >_<

  17. Yea, I'm kinda not amused at the fact RKSF uses the same music as it's predecessor. That and the fact they took out Liebea's stage, and that they are using almost the same exact enemies as the original.

    But I really want to kick Eifer's butt so bad! Can't wait to see the finished project in 2010.

  18. So, this is Rosenkreuzstilette just with an Freudia Themed wallpaper?

    Well, don't fix what isn't broken, right?

    Better level design (Maybe, a little bit to many falling plattforms) and awesome backgrounds.

    Now, I really think that Freudenstachel will rival Scribblenauts for Game of the year.

  19. It probably will have a lot of new stuff once it reaches its final release; the music especially, I imagine, will get a good working over eventually, but for now it looks like getting the game working well and getting everything properly implemented is taking precedence over the soundtrack.

  20. I was about to suggest that would happen.

    As well as wondering about what the third Rosenkreuzstilette game would be.

  21. I also hate to bring us off topic especially at times like this, but Hissatu-kun did another image of his creation, Dolis.


  22. Judging by what Grolla says at the start of the boss fight...she does not like Freudia.

    At all.

  23. Wait, what? Did they completely scrap the levels from the first Freudenstachel demo?

  24. Hiryuu> How come, do you not greet your friends every morning with a sweet... "I'll kill you" ? :-D
    .......... Me neither.

    Grolla sure has her own way to speak with her "partners"... She's so rude, that it's actually fun !

    "Die, diiiie and die again !"
    "I'll cut your tongue and slice it to pieces !"
    "In thy name of the Seyfarth, thou shalt perish here and now" and so on.
    .......... O_o;

    That's how I imagine Grolla's everyday life, yeah.

  25. I can't believe they've changed everything except the zombie rush in Grolla's stage. That's the bit I'm stuck in.

  26. They actually changed something there too. Just after the first slippery blood-soaked platform, in this section, there was a zombee appearing on the small platform, just before the skeleton swordman on the top.

    Most of the time, it appeared when I came, Freu slipped because of the damage, and I had a pitiful death. First thing I noticed: he isn't here anymore !! Thanks erka:es !!!! X_X

    Also, the big jump on the ladder after the 3-level section of this bloody part of Grolla's stage, is now narrower it seems. With some other mods later.

    All of this to say, they modded quite everything...

  27. Eifer uses Razor Leaf.
    Its not very effective...

    Freudia uses Ice Shard
    Its super effective!

  28. "Judging by what Grolla says at the start of the boss fight...she does not like Freudia.

    At all."

    That reminds me. When I saw that other video of Freudenstachel's C76 demo, when Grolla defeated Freu, she was panting as if she was shocked, regained control of herself, or something.

    There's something wrong with Grolla. And it has do to with her grandfather's Grollschwert she's using, I just know it...

  29. There's nothing wrong with Grolla >=/

    *insistent fangirl mode on*

    we can't start killing her off like zero ><

  30. Actually, I think you're right, ZX. Must be something with that Grollschwert. =_=!

    And to Macha, you're right, If they kill off Grolla, the series will be over. She is one of my favorite characters in the series.

    *Goes into fanboy mode*

  31. @Viper: She wields an sword with glowing eyes, that can only mean that she is obssesed! :P

    By the way: "The curtain has risen. Who can say what yet has to unfold."
    Is also used in the Opening Stage from Freudenstachel. (Yay me, for being german! :D)
    I hope, they come up with an new one.

  32. She's obsessed with her grandfather's Grollschwert...? O_o; Someone call a doctor! She needs (mental) help! XD

    LOL don't worry Granatapfel, I know you meant "possessed". ;D

    But still, judging from the fact that she is based on Zero, she could end just like in Mega Man X5. Or worst...

    "Ware wa meshia nari! HAHAHAHA!"

  33. What the- Oo

    Damn you Google translator!
    At first I wanted to say possesed but then I "checked" google translator and it told me that "obsessed" means what I wanted so say. >_<


    Well, I don't think that they let Grolla die just like that. (Maybe, with an bad ending... where Siche kisses Grolla before she dies. Oh, there I go again with my Yuri fantasies..)
    Also, I would hate it when she just has to die "because she is based on Zero". When the creator want her to die, they should atleast give us an good reason.

  34. I hope she never dies. I just adore her (along with Trauare and Sichte) to death.

  35. You know, I find Grolla's voice rather strange, yet very awesome.

  36. okay I will make an update. Those stages look really hard :-b But actually, i don't know why change Freu's voice..

  37. Maybe, with an bad ending... where Siche kisses Grolla before she dies. Oh, there I go again with my Yuri fantasies..)

    And here I thought I was the only Sichte/Grolla fangirl :D


  38. I only that meant that Grolla might end up like Zero because he went Maverick in X5, why is everyone thinking they're gonna kill her off... D:

  39. Yeah, having Grolla being berserk because of her sword, doesn't mean she'll have her soul stolen or something... Grolla foreveeeer ^_^

    Zorne's stage have become even more Heatman's hell than before, it scares me while thinking about Luste's stage... For those who have also finished Rockman no Constancy and Deus Ex Machina, Airman's stage was quite... Annoying. Be gentle, Luste !! T_T

    The contrast between Zorne/Grolla and the seemingly easy Eifer battle is quite shocking: the difficulty gap is clearly huge !

  40. Wow, what an shocker. From easy to hard as heck in a second. It's just like Rocky on Sega Master System. 0_o