Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chinese RKS Translation

Interesting news has come my way. There are a group of people in China who are big fans of the RKS series as well, and they're working on translating the game into Chinese. I was actually contacted through KreuzChannel by the same person who uploaded the Chinese fanart to pixiv. Unfortunately, due to political issues involving China, leozx and his fellow RKS fans cannot access Schwer and Schwer Alike or parts of YouTube, so on their behalf, I'm going to share the two example screengrabs they sent me.

In the first screenshot, Grolla is telling Spiritia "It's clear that our battle is over, even though you cheated and used a Cross Tank." They seem really excited about the project, because, like us, we want to expose the glory that is RKS to more people by making it accessible in their native language. As we spread the story through our English patch, they wish to do the same their Chinese patch. When the project is done, they will be making a website showcasing it. Of course, it'll be downloadable there, I assume.

I will inform you all of any developments as I receive them. I'm really happy for these guys, and I hope that they are able to increase the fanbase on their end as well. We'll keep you posted.