Monday, August 17, 2009

Freudenstachel C76 Demo Patch

For those of you who happen to have the C76 demo for whatever reason, a patch has been made available on the RKS Freudenstachel Download Page. It fixes the various bugs that were found by a few of the testers. Only a matter of time before the downloadable trial is released!

Note: Please keep in mind that this only affects the C76 demo, not the C75 demo.


  1. So no more Freudia unnecessarily saying "Freudenstachel" almost everytime she jumps?

  2. Dont know viper. Looks like we have to wait and see

  3. Well, this is good news for those who happen to own the trial already. Not long before I get to finally try this.

    And also, does this version have the same bosses as the C75 demo?

  4. Just watched two new nicovideo videos, and the gameplay for the C76 Trial looked awesome.

    Also, a few facts:

    The boss of the Opening Stage is Eifer. She acts like Freu in the first game.

    Liebea's stage is inaccessible in the C76 Trial.

    Grolla's C76 stage is set in a dungeon with skeletons and stuff, until the latter part of the stage which is the same as in the C75 Trial. The mid-boss of Grolla's stage is cool. It's Astaroth, from Ghosts n' Goblins! XD Plus, Grolla's new sprites look great. ^o^

    Well then, tell me what you think about those facts.

  5. I love Eifer's voice! :D And ZOMG! Grolla's new intro animation looks so zetta epic! :O Freudenstachel is gonna kick ass, that's for sure! >:D

  6. Forgot to mention Zorne actually lunges with her claw in the fight. ^_^;

    Also found this on Nico Nico Douga.

  7. @Anon:
    Did you noticed that the giant in Grolla's stage was shooting fireballs from its crotch? O_o;

  8. Yeah, that's because the giant is based on, and looks very similar to, Astaroth from Ghosts n' Goblins.