Friday, August 26, 2011

Where’s the latest WOMI update?

I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I’m working out some issues right now, but everything should be back on track soon. When I get stuff settled, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled updates concerning the game that isn’t coming out. Just as a little filler thing, I’ll go ahead and say this about RKS:F.

The game’s current release date is “when it’s done.” If it is completed close to a Comiket, it will be sold at a Comiket. If not, it’s probably going straight to stores.

There you have it. I’ll be back soon with further details. Thanks! *punches crappy internet card*


  1. I'd say the same thing about the release date.

  2. Killer Pamela is on the way. Lovely ! Things are looking good !

  3. I think what Killing_Doll means, is that WOMI updated the [erka:es] blog with a sprite of Pamela.

  4. Of course I meant that, I check the diary too sometimes...

    Release date is a bit soon to be commented, in my opinion, but I'm surprised to see how Womi manages to build the project on his own so fast.

    The monthes of delays seemed to be caused by Isemiya's work being late, but that's just what we read from Womi. Quite sad Isemiya isn't coming to send news or give his own version of the story.
    As they did a pretty good game with the first RKS.

  5. The release date comment is straight from WOMI himself. Also, Isemiya probably isn't coming back, and WOMI's not a programmer at heart. He just has a really good base to work with. If he hits a snag, he'll probably have to grab someone else, which may delay things further.

  6. New [erka:es] blog update. And a short one at that.