Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Womi and Womi Alike

WOMI updates, SaSA... doesn't? A summary of things I missed over the last month:
- Eifer done, screenshot is of Opening Stage Eifer.
- Updated Schirach. Didn't go to C80.
- Skipped Pamela and finished twins.
- Finished Pamela.

And for the current update:
"Been working on the castle bosses, but I don't have a screenshot. Instead, you get the updated versions of the character portraits. Only managed to get one boss's graphics done, but September has quite a few holidays, so I should be able to get something done.

Posted by that-one-guy-that-never-actually-posts-but-does-all-the-tls-anyway.


  1. Simply put: All Dark Magi members are completed, except maybe Schirach. Release date still not conformed.

  2. And yeah, I saw the new profile images. Faces are still weird, though. Grolla looks a bit creepy.

  3. Where's Spiritia in all this?
    Is she going to be a boss or an ally in a 2player split screen co-op?

  4. New blog update featuring a new portrait of Karl. And a shot featuring a mix of an RPG and old RKS portraits of some sort. Cool, huh?

  5. Clearly a game over screen.

  6. Okay. I'm starting to think that the Karl Palesch April Fools' joke wasn't a fool, though I'm not jumping to conclusions.

    Though I feel WOMI has gotten worse with drawing female faces, he's still strong when it comes to males.

  7. Tanin, you don't need to post here often to be indispensable to the RKS community. Remember, without you, the Blades of the Rose Cross localization wouldn't even exist.

    Anonymous, that's a doctored screenshot of Rance Quest, with RKS characters in the party instead of Rance and his entourage. It's not a game over screen (at least, not yet, it isn't). If you're curious, Freu is saying her X4-inspired pre-asskicking one-liner, "Koori no BED de nemurasete ageru wa." ("I'll lay you to rest on a cool bed of ice.")