Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well, what do we have here...?

Hi, guys. TDOMMX here.

Things have been pretty interesting these past few weeks. How interesting? Well, I'd better not say just yet since four people have nearly gone into cardiac arrest (myself included) as a result of this series of developments...

In any event, I'll just leave this here. Curious to know what it means? If you live in the New York area, you'll find the answer with one of the vocal guests at Anime Syracuse Festival 2011 this weekend. The rest of you... well, we'll try and fill you in next week.

Update: As I mentioned in the comments 2 days ago, some very welcome surprises have come up that I'd like to work into our announcement. This will not be my usual wall-of-text deal, so please bear with us while we get things ready.

For those of you who can't stand the suspense: I apologize, I apologize again. As a token of forgiveness, please, take this psycho.

See you later.


  1. Let me guess: Rosenkreuzstilette is going to get a big screening at the Anime Syracuse Festival 2011, and one of you guys is going to make a live appearance.

  2. You know, what Justin said makes more sense, since what TDOMMX posted is so cryptic.

    He's pretty good at saying something without saying anything at all.

    That's some good suspense writing right there.

  3. Wish i could go to Anime Syracuse Festival 2011 but the only bad thing is I got exam and I live in Malaysia. Good luck to u guys in the Anime Syracuse Festival 2011

  4. Off-topic but new [erka:es] blog update, with a new Schirach sprite. From what I could translate, it appears that WOMI's been working on the final boss.

  5. Well, thank you kindly, Hugh. It's an immense compliment to a writer to show them that they've achieved the exact reaction they were looking for (TGOHyperGeek's Let's Play left me grinning ear-to-ear since his favorite lines were the ones I had the most fun writing).

    Justin only gets part marks for his guess. Sorry, but something like that isn't enough to give me a heart attack, far less induce four cardiac arrests on top of that (my local friend Alex has suffered one more of them since that post).

    Anyway, I've been stuck in bed with a cold these past few days, so I haven't been able to prepare my next "post" for you guys just yet. This will not be my usual text-only deal, so it requires some prep work on my end. Sorry to keep you waiting, but this is a big enough deal (for us, at least - your mileage may vary) to be worth the wait.

  6. It's okay TDOMMX. We're fine waiting.

    As for my second public answer, It's an English-language press conference with NGE voice actor Tristan MacAvery.

  7. English dub track for one or more RKS games?

    It's worth a guess.

  8. Another new [erka:es] blog update.

    From what I could translate, it appears WOMI is taking time to work on the final boss.

  9. A few things have happened on my end to postpone my big announcement, but know that they're welcome delays, not troublesome ones. Short version: a crapshot I made a few weeks ago has paid off, and I'd like to work this into my next post if I can. I'd rather not just mention it in passing since it deserves a "straight-from-the-horse's mouth"-style treatment.

    Abster, to quote Sir Thanatos: "YOU ARE INDEED WORTHY...!" I'll say no more than that for the time being since I'll start to gush if I do.


    Man I'm tired of being right.

  11. So RKS is coming out in English now?

    If that's the case, I love it!

    I still haven't played RKS yet.

    Might be the reason why I know so little about it.

  12. RKS already has an English translation done by DarkSide Translations. However, the localization looks to be taken to the next step with an English dub to go along with the text translation.

  13. Yeah, I realize that there was already an English sub of it.

    That's what I used to make my RKS movie thing. (Thing is, I only found out it was translated after getting through most of the original script)

    Now that I think about it, why haven't I played through it yet?

    It might be because I only now got a new computer and the other one I had was crap enough that it crashed if I had more than two tabs open.

    There was no way it could of played RKS.

    Is the English Dub gonna be on the PC, or something else?

  14. Well, right now I only spotted RKS as a PC product. Perhaps the incoming announcement has more than what we already figured out.

  15. I just discovered Xboxlive Arcade "Indies" games with my brother, I'm a huge fan of Chtulhu Saves the World right now...

    RKS on XLBA would be just fine, a good mean to widely acknoledge the game.

  16. Is something like that even possible?? About the 1st RKS being on xbox arcade (or indie or whatever), for people to buy or download ?? Or is there some type of legal issues preventing that ?? :(

    I would seriously instantly be interested in being able to play RKS on TV...instead of computer.

    There's no intrest in someone doing it huh ?? :(

  17. Mother of God... IRIS?! Whoever you got to voice her well enough to make my spine chill from her laughter, my hat goes off to you, TDOMMX

    @Killing_Doll: It's a good thing the Xbox Live Indie Games service isn't cluttered with "games" made by some two-bit programmer (Maids with Ballons and "games" on how to pick up women.. Really, Microsoft..? *facepalms*). But like looking digging through the rough of deviantART's RKS fanart, there are some worthwhile stuff to be found.

    Since you're already a fan of Chtulhu Saves the World, might I suggest Breath of Death VII (this is from the same team behind Chtulhu Saves the World). Other worthwhile games from the indie games section I can think of are: Protect Me Knight, it's a tower defense game mixed with arcade-style hack-and-slash from video game composer, Yuzo Koshiro (you might know his work on games like the Streets of Rage series, Shenmue, Otomedius, and some of the Ys titles) and his company, Ancient; Blocks That Matter, this a puzzle-platformer game wher you control a tiny Tetrobot to recycle blocks and solve puzzles to advance; I MADE A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!, it's a twin-stick shooter where you blast away at hordes of zombies to a very cool song and this comes from James "Jamezilla" Silva and Ska Studios, the team behind the hyper-violent Dishwasher series on XBLA; and Beat Hazard, a raving twin-stick shooter that plays to your music from an old dog of video games, Steve Hunt (be warned, the constant raving and flashing of this game my not be suitable for the epiliptic or seizure-prone).

    A few of these XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Games) titles have actually migrated into Steam and turned into something even bigger than the originals. Some of these games include: Chtulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, Beat Hazard (the DLC expansion, Beat Hazard Ultra makes it all the worth while since it includes online play and a sleu of new enemies, weapons, and game features), and Blocks That Matter.

  18. @kuja killer: I highly doubt Rosenkreuzstillte will get released on XBLIG since the independant games on that service are made from Microsoft's XNA engine, but I'd hope for an XBLA or even a PSN release if there's a company that has caught wind of this game and be able to publish it without Capcom throwing a fit. Though I'd question they'd have any complaints about a fan-made Mega Man game getting released under their noses with the cancelation of Mega Man Universe and -- dear God, why -- Mega Man Legends 3 and generally slowly killing off Mega Man, but it's their IP and if they managed to give Capricorn a cease-and-desist for Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack, they'll likely do the same to [erka:es].

  19. Has capcom ever said why they're trying to kill off the blue bomber?

  20. I want a strip version of RKS

  21. Welcome back Viper. I hope you enjoyed your month off of Schwer and Schwer Alike.

    But now onto the real topic.

    RKS will not, and never see a release outside of computers. I've already said in excessive detail on other sites that if RKS was to get released on another system other than a computer, even via a doujin video game retailer/publisher, Capcom, Nintendo, Konami, Hudson Soft, and all the other companies whom had their work(s) spoofed would give it the good old ban-hammer. Sure it's considered by many to be a simple tribute, but it's too much of a tribute that it goes to copy many, many commercial video games, with the biggest offender being the great Blue Bomber's series.