Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Original Story Contest Idea Thing

This is only a contest in name only. There’s no prizes beyond bragging rights, at least for now. I don’t really intend on including anything, but if this gets a decent response, I might compile everything into a printable .pdf or something. So yeah, here’s the deal. There are a lot of talented artists and authors out there, and the universe of Rosenkreuzstilette is pretty interesting with a lot of untold stories. So we, as the fans, should tell a story. Or something. This is just a quick thing to maybe re-spark some RKS interest until the super big awesome thing we’re working on happens.

You will be given three scenarios, and the task is to write a short story or draw a comic based on one of those scenarios. When you’re done, post it somewhere and link us, or submit it directly. That’s it! It doesn’t matter where your level of writing or drawing is. This is purely for fun. I will be participating as well simply as a means to help with my writing and seriously get started on some RKS work. Okay, here we go:

[Scenario 1]
Unlike the events of the original game, Schwer-Muta’s birthday is actually remembered. Everyone decides to throw her a party that she’ll never forget. This story is a comedy where everything goes right or everything goes horribly wrong.

[Scenario 2]
Based on the concept of Kiora’s doujinshi, Zorne, heartbroken at the loss of her adoptive father, severs her ties with her Magi friends in order to confront and defeat Spiritia, who she believes killed him. In a quest for revenge, she stands against everyone she knows for the sake of her fallen father. This story can be told from the perspective of any Magi, including Spiritia or Zorne, and can end with Zorne winning, losing, or neither.

[Scenario 3]
Despite her best efforts, Spiritia fails in her attempt to defeat Iris, who is able to convince the others that Tia’s ideals are simply a sign of weakness in the grand scheme of things. With Spiritia dead, the war against the Empire goes as planned, with the main eight bosses acting as generals on the Magi side. Various magic uses are brought forth in a call-to-arms to stand together as a magical army against the Church. Write a story about the happenings of one of those soldiers. The soldier will be an original character and can be male or female.

What do you think? I think this could be fun, so it’s worth a shot, right?


  1. From the way I see it, the only mages that were sympathetic to the Empire were the RKS.

  2. The hell? That third scenario is almost exactly like my plans for the sequel to my movie length RKS sprite based animation.

    The only real difference is that Iris revives everyone from the dead to start her assault.

    Since I can't write a proper script, I might be better off having someone else write it.

  3. Hmm I will try to write a fanfiction about it if I can get some ideas