Sunday, August 7, 2011

WOMI's Latest Update: Part 7

A timely update!?
  • Took a while, but finally finished Schirach. She was too difficult in test-playing her, so I had to mess around with the algorithm a lot..
  • Got most of the graphics done, going to finish up everything after I get some people to test play things.
  • Working on Eifer now. Then Pamela, then the twins. The twin battle should be pretty good.
  • And while I want to go to comiket, I'm going to just ignore it for the time being and concentrate on finishing this up.


  1. Didn't see any difference between the sprite WOMI just posted and the one seen in the current trial, but at least it was nice for him to post a profile pic. Next up he'll probably upload a pic of Pamela since that's whom he is targeting after Eifer.

  2. Wait.. Pamela already have a screenshot!

    Anyhow, I just thought that since after the Dark Mages, next is the Zeppelin Castle? or the Orthodox Church? or Zeppelin Castle before Orthodox Church?? Iris revived? Graf revived? Bosses??

  3. Indeed she does, but I was talking about a higher-resolution Pamela sprite.

  4. I want to fight against Eifer-sama so much T_T

  5. I just wanna get the sprites to make another shitty sprite based animation.

    Next time, it won't be so damn long, I'll be sure of that.

  6. New [erka:es] update. Says something about RKSF possibly being released by either the end of this year or early next year if possible.

  7. Sorry about the double post but they even put up a new screenie of Freu fighting Eifer in the opening stage, with new attacks thrown in!

  8. Eifer's new attack is just spitting out green plant orbs. Sometimes I question why she wasn't colored teal or green. Maybe since Dolis, Sichte and Lilli already took those colors.

  9. I'm aware of the new update. I'm waiting on my translator to tackle the post, so I can actually post it.

  10. Eifer using green blobby attacks makes sense to me.
    She needs heat to survive, and so do plants, which are full of chlorophyl.

  11. New blog update! A portrait and sprites of the Refraktia twins has just been released today.

  12. So that leaves us with just Pamela and the rest of the RKS veterans, plus Dolis.

    Better get to work making this a transparent PNG so it can go on the Wiki...

  13. Oh wait, never mind. KirbyFan103 beat me to it.

  14. Fun that Womi tells his mof-mof site is more convenient to contact him, I didn't even remember about this blog... And about how breats could sound "mof" >_>

    Anyways he's just surprinsingly fast ?! Good thing after such a long wait, but already the Dark Magi seems more or less done...

    If there is quite a lot bosses for a final fortress, having 2-3 monthes plus a debug phase should bring the game around the end or the year ? Nice !

  15. Wow. Just, wow... This is going to sound harsh, so I'll apologize beforehand.

    To our resident Troper (you know who you are): given your understanding of the story and characters of RKS, you're probably not the best person to be updating the RKS TV Tropes articles. I could throw your many mistakes back at you until your ego is black and blue, but it's not my intent to publicly humiliate you; I genuinely want to see you improve. Instead, I'll list just three constructive criticisms and a single relevant example of each so that you know I'm not saying this to pick on you.

    1) Get your facts straight. No less than four times do you claim that Karl is a bonafide spy for the Holy Empire. If you honestly believe this, then you missed a major plot point about Iris making up the whole thing to prod her father into starting a coup d'etat. If a single quote from the game can disprove what you've written, then you shouldn't be writing it in the first place. Please make sure what you're asserting is accurate before publishing it.

    2) Learn what tropes mean before invoking them. A "green-eyed monster" is someone who is violently jealous (a yandere is this to an extreme). Trau doesn't fit this description by any stretch of the imagination; she calmly notes that she admires Grolla's strength and skill. Please don't grab quasi-random tropes, then attach seemingly relevant quotes to try and justify their mention. At best, you'll be leaving people scratching their heads (at worse, you're flat-out lying).

    3) Learn how and when to paraphrase. Ripping quotes from another website without a citation is plagiarism - a criminal offense as far as intellectual property is concerned. As Samuel Palmer notes, only fools repeat expressions without knowing what they mean, and many of the blocks of text (ie: from the Characters page) are clearly copied from the Darkside site, yet somehow manage to miss the point of what was being said (and I should know; I wrote 'em). Furthermore, prefacing a quote with a loose "paraphrase" of that exact same quote is redundant and insulting, both to the original work and to the reader. If you're going to quote, go ahead and quote and say who you're quoting. If you're using your own words, then use your own words. You can't mix-and-match; the lack of flow sticks out like a sore thumb, kinda like a cheesy puff looking a gift horse in the mouth. If this were an academic paper, I couldn't in good conscience give it a passing grade.

    When I have the time, I'll be going over the article and correcting the many mistakes I've noticed (I'd do it now, but I have work in the morning and all week). This is the same kind of problem that Mint was complaining about regarding the RKS Wiki (just to a smaller scale). Given the similarities in writing style, I'm willing to bet that you're the exact same person he was talking about. Personally, I think it's a shame to see someone so ambitious manage to miss the mark so completely (not, unlike, say, the so-called experts regarding Neon Genesis Evangelion). I don't want to discourage you from what you're doing, but I do want to make sure you're doing it right since, as it is, you're making a fool of yourself and misrepresenting our and [erka:es]'s work (to they point that even they complain in the afterwords of their own manga).

    Okay, that's enough verbal diarrhea out of me for one night. I'll clean up the mess when I have time to spare on the weekend.