Sunday, July 31, 2011

WOMI’s Latest Update: Part 6

  • All the black cross stages are done with new enemies, and he's working on Schirach.
  • He’s going to be showing character portraits since he doesn't want to spoil stuff.
  • Hopes he hasn't fallen out of practice drawing.
  • Won't be attending Comiket for obvious reasons.



  1. Schirach? I don't recognize that name.

    Is that the name of a new boss?

  2. Schirach is one of the Black Cross members, the one with the giant mallet that since today it has been shown in full detail.

    The portraits aren't renders, but they'll have to do.

  3. Maybe it will finally be done for real this time in winter.

    I mean it COULD happen.


  4. "Won't be attending Comiket for obvious reasons. "


  5. I have to say, Breast-Man has won my respect.
    He's done so much work, who cares that he won't be at the Summer Comiket?

  6. I'll kill myself if it will be delayed again next year.. But its okay if its in Winter Comiket 2010, for a perfect christmas gift..

  7. @Binary:
    It's the year 2011; Freudenstachel got held up on 2010, too.

  8. @Binary & ViperAcidZX
    And even if it is 2011, I highly doubt Freudenstachel will be released by this Winter, since WOMI stated he would not be attending Comiket, unless he decides to distribute the digital version of RKSF first before the hard copy.

    If you want my word for it, expect it by August next year.

  9. Well at least make a trial this Summer Comiket to put ice on our back enduring the heat of summer.. Luste, Liebea, and Trau will be perfect if its possible.. I was expecting that RKSF would have another trial before the full version. Or instead, more screenshots, to make the waiting worth it..

  10. To me, it looks like, at the rate WOMI is going with RKSF, RKSF might very well be released this Winter Comiket.

  11. New blog update: WOMI just posted Eifer's portrait as well as a sprite (not as much quality as the sprites found in-game).