Sunday, July 24, 2011

WOMI’s Latest Update: Part 5

Meant to update this yesterday.

  • Working on stages first instead.
  • Twins and Schirach stages are pretty much done, so I'll be working on Pamela's and Eifer's for now.
  • Adding in new normal enemies as well.
  • I'd like to keep the stages and bosses a secret for now, so I'll refrain from posting screenshots of them. But now I don't know what I'll post for next week!

Our resident translator says: “Someone mailed in saying he was impressed with WOMI for not giving up, even though it's just a doujin work and really, he doesn't have the obligation to, unlike a certain company. WOMI said Isemiya is probably crying tears of blood right now (though he doesn't know since he hasn't heard from him).”

There you have it. Things are looking good!


  1. So apparently my theory of a secret stage was proven false.

  2. I want to know which company is being hinted at.

  3. Capcom. He's referring to the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3.

  4. I know it's off-topic and not related to the progress on RKSF in any way, but here's something I just recently found anyway - You know the website for Unkolyn, the musicians that did the Iris boss themes "Pray to Muse For..." and "Last Battle ~Requiem for Myself" that were used in the original game? A vocal version of the latter was already done that I found on their Muzie, with vocals by a male singer named Jo'L. Interested?

  5. Greats news again this time, I didn't think Womi would go this fast alone now.

    An> I'm not as fond of them as Closed Garden, my favourite theme for Iris stages, but why not ? Sounds good. ;-)

  6. Legends 3 got cancelled? Dang, I need to catch up on my Megaman news.

  7. News flash! Schirach's Sprite Revealed in New [erka:es] update!