Sunday, July 17, 2011

WOMI’s Latest Update: Part 4

I actually had the TL for this yesterday. Whoops!

  • Schwer's stuff is a secret.
  • Also, according to the test players Liebea's attack is way too easy and anyone should feel ashamed if they get hit by it. So I changed that around.
  • Finally finished Schwer, taking a small break right now.
  • Finally, pretty much done with the OP stage and the first 8 stages and bosses. I still have some graphics to make and some voices to ask around for, but it's in a playable state. Hooray.
  • I had hoped for this all to be done last month, but with all the new moves and changes, it took quite a while. I didn't really like how Zorne jumped around and made everything impossible to dodge in the trial, so I tried to tone that down as much as possible. We'll see in the next test play.
  • What's left is finishing the other half of the levels and programming the story stuff in. I hope to keep going strong until the end. I can finally start working on the black cross people now. Exciting.

Straight from WOMI’s mouth to you.


  1. Will the next trial 3 bosses or 8??

  2. I'm going to be honest here; I'm not a fan of WOMI's sudden art change. I mean, with the exclusion of (maybe) Zorne, this new art style, actually makes the characters look a tad bit weirder.

    Thankfully he didn't seem to screw around with the other aspects of the characters much, so if WOMI does create a fankit, I can always paste the heads of the existing characters onto the new bodies.

  3. A little bit of a heads-up: WOMI also updated his own personal blog.

  4. With Justin around, I don't need to constantly check WOMI's and the official RKS' blog/sites for updates.

    I just need to wait for him to do so. He's helpful that way.

  5. I agree with Justin that WOMI's art seems to be going downhill, but probably not for the same reason he does. Personally, I kinda like the new way he draws eyes and faces. It's not better or worse - just different.

    On the other hand, I'm really not fond of the way he exaggerates the female form. It's not a good sign when the first thing that pops into my mind when I see a character is "there's no way those are real". The designs for the Rosenkreuzstilette were fairly decent, but in Freudenstachel nearly everyone seems to have gotten implants.

    Granted, he is a porn artist, but so are Tony Taka, Enomoto Heights, Fuuga, and Takashi Takeuchi, and their characters still have plausible yet attractive physiques. I should give props to the artist for the later Fire Emblem series' entries (I forget the name at the moment): nearly all of the character designs in that series are sexy, but not slutty (and that applies to both genders). I could say the same for Suikoden, but Jeane's design kinda throws that last part out of the water...

  6. We have another update from WOMI, one of which involves ColonelRVH's thoughts on the screenshot of Pamela WOMI released earlier.

  7. @Hugh Man

    Thanks bud. Glad to see some members of the RKS fanbase still have faith in me. Though apparently Viper beat me this time. I'll continue to check WOMI's blog often for updates. I would do the [erka:es] blog as well, but you guys already have that part covered.

    Moving on, I tried translating the initial message w/ Google, and it seems as if WOMI is going to make some edits to the first Eifer boss in the opening stage, and he is nearing completion of the other Black Cross members. He's also noting of tuning down an enemy (believing it to be the skeleton in the image) because it was too fierce, and at the end, he mentions a "secret late stage".

    The rest is just fanmail, mainly what appears to be from the game's testers. In the reply from chinese RKS fan BEI, WOMI says his main desire is to complete the game sometime next year.

    So if the game gets delayed again for this year's Winter Comiket for the infinit-ith time, then expect ~Freudenstachel~ to finally hit the shelves (at least in the doujin world) by New Year's Eve 2012 the latest.