Sunday, July 10, 2011

WOMI’s Latest Update: Part 3

Part, the third!

  • Finished Zorne and Sichte, working on Schwer now.
  • They've changed quite a bit since the trial. Schite all around, and Zorne has some new moves.
  • When in desperation mode, the HURRY blocks will appear, mecha zorne will appear, and she'll be jumping all around the place. It's kind of pretty busy!
  • Couldn't work on it as much as I wanted the week before, but I think I can finish Schwer this week.
  • With that, the first 8 stages and bosses should be done, and then it can be test played (although I still need to work on some graphics).
  • Someone reported a bug where they get stuck hopping instead of jumping no matter what they do. Can't reproduce it, so I doesn't know how to fix it.

There you go.


  1. Nice!! So the new trial will be out soon, then??

  2. I'm not an expert gamer, but the 8 boss were about an half of the total RKS game, right ?
    So if Womi adds 4 dark magi stages, it would mean a third of the game is done or so ?...

  3. Holy cow NEW update. We got a new screen of Liebea, and it looks like the official art for RKSF just got redesigned a little.