Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's Play RKSF Trial 0.07a with JT

Remember JT? Of course you do. Well, he's back with the new Freudenstachel demo. Are you ready to hear frustration at its finest with one of the best voices ever? Watch the video below!



  1. He's true on the fact that the last demos are a lot less challenging.

    Even if I'm average, I miss the difficulty of the old versions. Challenge is what makes doujin games so fun.

  2. @Killing_Doll

    I agree. Grolla's tactics on the c75 and c76 trials may not be too surprising but its almost impossible for me to dodge her attacks.
    Sichte, on the other hand, have moves that can make time slow down and speed up then drop knives in the c76 trial, while on the latest trial, she stops time, then drops a giant block, which is easier to dodge than the knives.

    But that doesn't matter much because they are just trials. The bosses are far more weak there than in the full versions. Let's just wait some challenges that comes in our way when Freudenstachel comes out.


  3. @mhakk:
    If you me, Sichte probably wanted to crush you with steamrollers but they didn't exists around Rosenkreuzstilette's time period (unless Iris invents one), which is why she resorts to using random blocks instead.

  4. WOMI updated the good old devblog. No pics, just text.

  5. I'm with JT, the gameplay is disappointing. The visual polish is there in the environments and the music is decent. It just leaves a lot to be desired in platforming and overall challenge. Hopefully that can be panned out before the final version.