Monday, January 9, 2012

Shameless Plug for the VA Club

In response to a tweet by Kira Buckland, a great voice actress who is gracious enough to be a part of the RKS dub project, I’m going to be plugging the Voice Acting Club Forums. It appears to be a pretty active community with some pretty talented people behind it, and hopefully, we can find some more amazing people to help us get the RKS dub project pointed further in the right direction. So yeah, check them out, sign up, give some feedback, and have fun! Also, keep playing Katawa Shoujo. There will be a test at the end of the month on whether or not Lilly is the best character. (Hint: She is.)


  1. I hate to say this, but DragonKnightTara, the person who played the voice of Rarity in the recent "Epic Pie Time" MLP parody vid on Newgrounds and Youtube would be great for Grolla Seyfarth. Not saying she would be your choice; but the first time I herd that voice; the first thing that bumped into my head was "Grolla Seyfarth! :D"

    Either way, glad to see the Eng. dub project is still going. Hopefully the final choice will not disappoint.

  2. I dunno, Mint... I've finished seven endings thus far (I assume there are five or six more), and, while my personal favorite thus far is a tie between Hanako and Lilly, I have to admit that Emi steals the spotlight. Her route just felt so right (and Hisao agrees - he says exactly that). The chemistry between the two is undeniable and had me cracking a smile or just plain cracking up on many, many occasions. There's only one word to describe this kind of bond: soulmates.

    This is pretty similar to my reaction to When They Cry: the tomboy Mion may be my personal favorite (as Keiichi puts it himself when she's masquerading as Shion, "I wanna take her home with me!"), but there's no denying that Rena and Keiichi were simply made for each other.

  3. I think I'll pass on Cripple Girl.

  4. Me is a best character!

  5. Curse you for making me play this game !
    I wasted my whole week end playing it and I had other things to do.

    At least, now that I have 100% completion, I can take a break.

    My favorite are Hanako and Rin. For some reason, I really dislike Shizune's path (boring, too long without anything happening) and Emi's (it felt kinda cliché, like a soap. I guess I'm more into depressing stuff)

  6. @Anonymous
    The title of the post I made endorsing Katawa Shoujo was chosen quite deliberately. I mean no disrespect when I say the following, so please don't interpret my words as some kind of roundabout insult:

    It's sad to see that you, like many, many others, are unwilling to overcome your own prejudices when you have the opportunity to experience something truly special. Be it getting to know someone with a disability or reading a touching collection of stories that show how those who live with them are still human beings, you really are doing yourself a disservice by consciously choosing to exclude either (or both) from your life.

    You certainly are a character, but I have my reservations that you are indeed the best. If someone wrote a story about your life, would anyone want to read it? And, would they even like it? Be honest.

    One man's curse is another man's blessing. And you're welcome.

    As of this post, I've completed every route except for Shizune's. My favorites thus far are Hanako and Lilly, yet I have a great deal of empathy for Emi and Rin. You might brush off Emi's route as cliche or melodramatic, but it does not change the fact that her predicament is one that many real-life relationships do not survive. I will admit, though, that I figured out the reveal in her route in Act 1, so any assertions that her route is predictable are entirely justified. As for Rin, the final few lines of her True Ending brought me to tears. I've never known someone with her plight (the closest I can think of might be our own Justin De Lucia). I'm proud to have been able to witness her story unfold, and I'm sure that those who have done the same share my sentiments.

    As I've said before, I love a touching story that makes me think, and Katawa Shoujo easily fits that bill. Those who would dismiss it without just cause really are missing out on something beautiful. I won't get started on those who would flat-out condemn it...

    Anyway, might I suggest checking out Kana, Crescendo, Narcissu, Planetarian, Suika, or Yume Miru Kusuri?

  7. The problem I have with Emi is that it's basically the kind of story you see a lot in movies, series and such, so I couldn't really get into it. Also I didn't feel there was really a reveal, it was more or less obvious since the beginning.

    That still doesn't change the fact that it's amazingly well written.

    I never actually played a visual novel before (not counting things like BlazBlue story mode) and I always thought I would find them boring. I guess I'll try another one if I have the time.

  8. @TDOMMX: I have a disability. I went to a rehabilitation center filled with people with disabilities. I don't need to play a VN with a tasteless name to experience it.

  9. MisunterstoodRobotnikJanuary 12, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    @TDOMMX: I actually meant the "Me" in the game, the guy pimp enough to date every female he wants. ;)

    It's too bad that I just can't find a way to play it,(My speakers died, and I have to share the PC so I can't really "immerse" myself) I already have good experience with Visual Novel style gameplay (atleast Persona 3,4 and BlazBlue, have some heavy Visual Novel elements) and they just seem to have some magical power that makes their storytelling go up to 11.

  10. @TDO: Not sure if this fits in games with Visual Novel elements, but have you tried out Irisu Syndrome! (the exclamation point may be part of the title, I'm willing to be corrected on how puncuation marks in a title works and should they be included)? I've heard about this game from a friend of mine, The Observer (GloriousLight on YouTube) on forums that this is one of the most creepiest freeware puzzle games around. I've played this a few times before, and parts this game's story makes me think while creeping me out. There is an English patch for this if anyone's interested in this game here and the link to download the game from the site here.

    Now then, onto installing Katawa Shoujo...

  11. @TDOMMX: I have a disability. I went to a rehabilitation center filled with people with disabilities. I don't need to play a VN with a tasteless name to experience it.

    This statement intrigues me. Do you find this game insensitive?

  12. I regret to inform you that Lilly is NOT the best character. That honor goes to Hanako because she is clearly the best. That is all.

    On a side note, Katawa Shoujo is a fantastic VN and it made me shed some manly tears.

  13. @ZekeStarr

    Sorry, but

  14. @Letty Whiterock

    Well played, good sir, well played indeed. You have forced me to make a desperate move!

    As such, I shall declare in RED that Hanako is the best character without a doubt. I shall also declare in RED that Cirno is the strongest and can pulverize Letty easily.

    I shall then take both Hanako and Cirno home because they are cute and I take cute things home!

  15. I shall also declare in RED that Cirno is the strongest and can pulverize Letty easily.

    Now you're just asking for trouble, sir.

  16. @Letty

    Trouble you say? Shall I make it double then?

    Not only can Cirno easily beat Letty but even Wriggle could do so as well.

    (I'm sure you are aware but I feel obligated to say that I am merely joking around and am in no way trying to pick a fight. In truth, I prefer Sakuya and Patchouli. They are tied for first place in my favorite Touhou characters list.)

  17. Sorry for the sudden change of subject, but Mhakk Como found the ability Freudia gets from Dolis. You know, the one we've been searching for almost for a whole year?

  18. @Justin

    I only found the data and used it as a Frost Fackel to show up in the game. I also found it's sound, but it seems that it cannot be used in the game, and it sounded like a thin laser version of Eis Lanze.


  19. Fate is nice to me right now, so I can play trough it now.

    Aiming at meganekko!