Sunday, January 8, 2012

Treasures of the NEW RKSF Web Trial

An icy Lust Atem? An icy Gesiter Wand? An icy... something?

Schwer reader and RKS fan Mhakk Como has been posting some interesting stuff on our SaSA Facebook group. A lot has changed in the newest web trial from the inside, so we can no longer access the other weapons due to exploiting the password system. However, Mhakk came up with a brilliant work-around. Using a replay from a previous demo build, we get to see Freudia try out some new weapons. The first one appears to be an updated version of Eis Lanze, and the second one looks like an icy version of Geister Wand. To be honest, that’s a little disappointing, but maybe there will be some special gimmick and not just a snowflake Schwer shield. The third one is a bit of an enigma. Supposedly, it’s what you get from Trauare, but we’re not really sure what it does. We’ll have to see what happens with that one. Finally, there didn’t seem to be any update on the weapon you get from Dolis. It’s still invisible, so we’re still left guessing. Still exciting, though!

The final release is just around the corner, and all our questions should be answered then!


  1. I will forever adore these discoveries Mhakk Como found.

    So let me ask this, Using the password system from the original RKS to get the unobtainable weapons no longer works?

  2. Either the password system is locked to the trial, or they removed the Mega Man 4 system entirely.

  3. Is it me or does Luste's weapon for Freudia looks like Ice Slasher from Mega Man 1? Here's to hoping for multi-directional attacks and a charge shot a la Lustatem.

  4. There have been two diary entries on erka: es since the last one you guys translated.

    Any idea what the new one talks about?
    Something about Strudel, I think.

  5. Thanks for the credit, Letty.

    I can't find the password system (original RKS).
    And yes, I know they use the same system as MM4 but still stuck on the same problem, *I can't find it*.


  6. If anyone here is kind enough to upload the system in
    m e d i a f i r e . c o m,
    please let me know.



    Each weapon coincides with the RKS girls in order. (Ring Boomerang = Freudia, Dive Missile = Zorne, etc.) Wire is Lilli, and Balloon is Story Mode.

    There is also a specially-made password for the game that allows you to access Iris Palace directly, but I sadly only know the Story Mode version and not the Arcade Mode one.

  8. @Letty

    I'm sorry but that's not what I've been looking for. What I'm trying to say is, the exact .dat file itself.

    Maybe the password system isn't stored in the data folder?


  9. I know it might be off-topic, but WOMI just updated the [erka:es] blog with something that seems to have something to do with the final boss.

    Anyway, those screenies look awesome.

  10. @Letty:
    I got the passwords for Iris Stage on Arcade and Story Modes posted on GameFAQs. ^^

  11. @Viper

    Did it work on RKSF Web Trial? (ver. 0.07a)
    I mean that did something happen?
    (because I won't expect a reply about a map and stage)


  12. @Mint
    Regarding this post's title: I see what you did there. Points for subtlety - I'm sure many people missed it.

    Bravo, Mhakk, for what you've found thus far. I haven't messed around with the newer trials beyond my initial playthrough thanks to other things (like hosting an in-person audition today and playing through Katawa Shoujo for the three days prior), so props for thinking up an exploit that I didn't.

    I don't suppose you have an unpatched copy of the C76 Trial lying around, do you? I think have every version except 0.02a, and I'd like to mess with them all a little (once I've completed KS in its entirety) to see if there are any interesting differences.