Monday, January 26, 2009

Misc. Freudenstachel-Related Things

You saw it here first.


  1. I see they decided to make Schwer's new stage even more Metal Man like... I still hope it has it fair shares of mind screws in it, it was my favorite stage in the first.

    Oh and yay, Spiritia is back.

    I'd ask where you got these from, but clearly RKS Ninjas will kill you if you say.

  2. I'll answer that.

    Five stages are programmed into the Freudenstachel demo, but two of them are locked out because the boss programming isn't finished (you'll either be trapped in an empty boss room, or the shutter door won't even open). I just swapped the 001 files with the 008 ones to replace Liebea's Stage with the Opening Stage (that's what you see in the Freu screenshot). The demo reuses most of the resources of the original demos, but a lot of the tilesets aren't in there. That's why my mod doesn't include Schwer's stage (you can't see a damned thing).

    The other shots are thanks to a clever tweak Mint thought up. Back up your RKS stage.dat and replace it with the RKSF one. That's why he's playing as Spiritia - she doesn't appear to be in RKSF (not yet, anyway). The new graphics aren't accessible using this, which is why the background to Zorne's stage looks a bit off.

  3. By the way, the stage.dat should be the f_stage.dat in RKSF\data\extra\ex_freudia\. Rename it to stage.dat when you plop it into the right place (RKS\data\).

  4. Oh, dear Lord. Schwer, you adorable little demon child.

    Schwer-Muta's stage in Freudenstachel is beyond brilliant. It took me roughly 45 minutes to get through the entire stage in one piece. I hope you've lubed your ears, because your mind is going to get seriously f@#$ed.

    I'm proud to say that I didn't fall for a lot of the traps. And, by a lot, I mean three. Pretty much everything else in the level managed to kill me at least once. This is on the same level as I Wanna Be the Guy. The fact that I breezed through the fight with Schwer at the end just made finishing it that much more satisfying.

    I'm tempted to spoil a lot of the traps in here, but I'll just shut up instead. This stage will reveal the true personality of anyone who plays it, I can guarantee.

  5. I second the above.

    I did feel good though that I figured out a short cut in it, and I didn't fall for the stages last effort mind screw.

    But beyond that pretty much everything killed me at least once, and that makes the stage amazing.

  6. Schwer's new stage just makes me laugh so much. I love it.