Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Official [erka:es] Update!

[erka:es] has released their first update since C75, and it's a good one. "New" characters have been added to the game, including a certain hero of justice. Our resident translator is working on converting the latest blog update into English, and we will post it here when it's done. I can say, however, that we have received permission from [erka:es] to hack RosenkreuzStilette and implement an English translation for both Spiritia and Grolla's Story Modes. If you can help us hack the game, we could use you on our team! Drop us a line, and Let's Gekiga In!

Blog entry translation (some of it was left is Japanese due to obscurity):

Hello, this is Isemiya.
... Well, it's already late January... I really didn't mean to not update... While lamenting the passage of time, I may or may not have secretly updated the character bios page.

Concerning the pilot version that we released at the winter Comiket, we have received numerous bug reports already.
1) Missed a bug where Freudia talks when she jumps
2) A bug where you could fall offstage while standing on the falling rocks during your invincibility time
3) A bug with Freudenzwinger
Thanks to all those who reported the bugs. We're terribly sorry for not catching them. We will fix them for the web trial version.

Below are the responses for the mail we received with the form on our site. Please forgive us for the terribly late responses.

>Mr. Hissatsu
Thank you for the wonderful drawing.
It is very impressive.

>Mr. Z oldriver
Thank you. We will do our best.

Sorry, but it seems some of what you sent got garbled.
And to boot, I can't read Chinese.
>外很期待RKS Freudenstachel,呵呵
I think you're trying to tell me you're looking forward to the new game? I'll do my best. Thank you.

>Mr. Trick Master Mint
>>I and many of my friends are big fans of your game, RosenkreuzStilette. It is personally one of my favorite games ever.
Thank you for enjoying our game.
>>Unfortunately, many people who are playing it here are not fluent in Japanese, so we cannot really enjoy Story Mode. My friends and I would like to start a project to translate RosenkreuzStilette into English to allow the English-speaking community to enjoy the game to its fullest. If it is possible, could you allow us to translate the game?
We don't mind if you do.

Mr. Shinigami Bear
>>Zorne's line "Die! Die! Diiie!!" wouldn't happen to be a reference to the heroine of a certain eroge, would it?

>Mr. kiora17
>>I have attached a replay file of a bug where you can fall through the floor by standing on a falling rock and using your invincibility time.
>Mr. RDK
>>It's rather soon, but I have a bug to report.
Thank you for the bug report. We'll fix it for the web trial version.

>Mr. Uppii
>>First, sometimes Freudia will say "Freudenstachel" when she jumps.
That was a miss on our part... It'll be fixed in the web trial.

>>Second, after struggling to get to the battle with Grolla, I found a bug. The area just suddenly changed, and I could no longer do anything. ;; Right around the part when I was thinking "I can finish her!", I used an E-Tank. Right afterwards I used Liebea Sturm (Freudenzwinger), and about the time I used it I took damage (maybe?), and I got pushed through the right side wall or something. The area moved right about 5 screens, and I flew out into a part of the map with nothing on it. From there, I fell about 3 screens and ended up floating around in a sea of nothingness...
We're terribly sorry for the trouble this has caused. We will fix it for the web trial version. (Thank you for the detailed report. It'll be of great help.)


  1. "Mr. Trick Master Mint" is highly amusing.

  2. RKS English? Ohhhh snap!

  3. Yeah, interesting new characters. To repeat and expand upon what I said elsewhere *cough*MotK*cough*:

    Schirach: Holy crap large hammer. Badass looking large hammer. That gives me dirty images in combination with her... ahem... ample chest.

    Lecht and Rink: So moe~. I think given the last name, their power involves mirrors. Let's see, I'd guess that their names would translate to something having to do with left and right reflections. But I don't speak German, so I could be entirely wrong. Also, I expect them to finish each others sentances, or talk like Zorn and Thorn from FFIX

    Eifer: Something about her just screams... bitch. Yeah, it's probably just her facial expression, but I don't like her. I assume she's the replacement ice boss. Also, she's a naughty nun.

    Pamela: Um. No comment. None at all. Her appearence doesn't really give me a good idea of what kind of attacks she is going to use.

    Dolis: Screw the law of gravity, she has green hair. Seriously, those pigtails defy the laws of physics. Is that supposed to be a shield, or a windmill shuriken? Why does her skirt completely fail to cover her undergarments? How the hell does she have headphones in the technology level this seems to take place in? Will I stop asking these questions? No, probably not. Looks like she's going to be like Gyroman.

    Strudel: Strudel is a tasty, tasty desert.

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  5. Hello there. It's nice to see a fellow member of the Order of the Rose Cross.

    This is TDOMMX, the Project Director / Lead Programmer for Darkside Translations. My German-to-English translator brought your blog to my attention. I can see that he had very good reason to.

    Rather than go into a lengthy rant right now, I may as well point you to the "Help Wanted" ad I posted at Romhacking.net a long while back for the sake of brevity. Most of what I want to say can be found there: http://www.romhacking.net/helpads/238.

    I was hoping to finish our English version of the demo before approaching [erka:es] for their blessing and formally announcing the project. It's encouraging (and a bit of a kick in the nuts) that you beat us to it.

    Anyway, most of the positions mentioned in the ad have already been filled, but having additional translators and graphic artists would help speed things along and ensure the quality of the translation. I had been working on this project solo since last August (between plenty of other projects), and only recently (ie: a few months ago) got the additional help I needed.

    Anyway, if you would like to team up with Darkside on the project, my email is in the Wanted ad. Alternatively, you can reach me at TDOMMX AT Gmail DOT com (actually, I'd prefer this one since my Graffiti inbox is almost full).

    I can't speak for the others without their consultation, but I, at least, am looking forward to working with you.

    PS: Just so you know that I'm not bluffing:

    Live Test of English Font Engine Yes, this screen was taken in-game. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out (note the oversized spacing).

    Zeppelin Stage I
    "I know it's unexpected, but Silverwing has something to say!"

    Zeppelin Stage VI Too bad Spiritia isn't a ninja.

    Final Stage Mission Failed. Game Over. Somebody, go wake up Zero instead.

    Note that these are work-in-progress shots and are by no means final.

  6. I've made mention of this over on JUL that there is progress going on this. This would, at least, give some of that ROM Hacking-based community a heads up as to what's going on in case they're interested.

  7. if only there's a furigana...
    I just can't count on it, can I?

    But I do hope you project works succesfully. I know about some lines, but I couldnt' translate it per se. I wonder what I can do to speed up the Englification project of RKS.