Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stop and Go Results

1st Place: Nator - 2'35"17
2nd Place: Mima - 2'44"27
3rd Place: Kilga - 3'02"73
Late Entry: FallenAngelV - 2'31"24

The winner of the RKS Stop and Go challenge is Nator! While every replay was impressive in its own right, showing me techniques I never even thought to use, Nator deserves definite praise for his replay. Using Silberflugel Zwei next to the skull on the falling platforms allowed him to bypass the S platform with the 4 skulls, and using Die geplante Zukunft before the mid-boss allowed him to skip the fight entirely. I'm also impressed by the fact that he took no damage until the second half of the stage. Not to be outdone, however, Mima and Kilga also performed some impressive feats in their replays as well. Use of the sub-weapons combined with smooth boss fights made for entertaining and awesome runs. Thanks to you 3 for trying this difficult challenge!

Edit: FallenAngelV submitted a late entry with an impressive time that technically should've put her at the top. However, she just missed the deadline, which is unfortunate. I wish her the best of luck for the next challenge, though! The rest of you have some excellent competition, but don't give up!

The next challenge will change things up a bit, as it will be a Grolla challenge! I'll probably post it up later today, so get ready!

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