Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Schwer's RKS Freudenstachel Stage

If you want to learn all of the tricks for yourself, I would not suggest watching this video. If you want to play it, TDOMMX (the guy who has been doing this hacking for me, god bless him) explained what I did in the comments of the previous entry that allowed me access to the area. Note that the boss battle with Schwer will be exactly the same.

Also, if you use the .dat swap method, you will have access to the three RKSF demo stages, as well as the RKSF Prologue stage, as Spiritia. The game may crash if you do this, but just keep trying, and it should work. However, please note the following problems that will arise:

- The Prologue stage will have no background, the falling platforms over the spikes will be invisible, and the snow textures will be missing from the latter half. However, the ground will still act like snow.
- The boss room will be empty and has no right wall.
- Some platforms in Zorne's stage will be invisible/mostly invisible, including the disappearing blocks. You will need Eins and Zwei to navigate the stage. You cannot complete the stage with Grolla.
- The backgrounds in Zorne's stage will be messed up, and a few platforms will have the wrong templates.
- The rain and blood textures will be missing from Grolla's stage, but the slippery floor will still be there.
- The fog will not appear when you get to Grolla, so she will teleport out of nowhere; however, the scarlet haze from the RKSF battle does appear when she reaches her desperate.
- As Grolla, the boss room will be empty. You will not encounter Spiritia.
- The rising platforms in Liebea's stage will be invisible, but as long as you know their locations, you can still use them.
- There will be no wind.
- Liebea's boss door will not open, thereby not allowing you to complete the stage.
- Schwer's stage is, assumedly, intact. There is probably a trick to the first room with the E-Tank, since Freu doesn't have Eins to help her. We'll get back to you on the differences there.

As explained by TDOMMX, I have an edited RKSF .dat file that replaced one of the stages (in my case, Liebea) with a "Freudia stage", which is simply the Prologue stage in its icy RKSF form (with a locked boss door). We may or may not make this available. If I had to guess, the large open area in the middle of the stage will be a story cutscene, probably with Dolis. Only time will tell.

In addition, I am wondering if anyone out there has the screenshots from the original Freudenstachel April Fool's Day site. Featured were two screens in particular: one featuring Zorne and Trauare teaming up against Freudia, and one featuring Luste in her Hero of Justice outfit that was recently announced in an area full of trees. If anyone can get these, send them my way. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thanks to a wonderful Anonymous contributor, here are the images from the original RKSF announcement.

Amazing Game Over screen. Oh, and one more thing.


  1. Oh, that's easy! The images are right over at this site!


    I stumbled upon this site while I was searching "RosenkreuzStilette Fraudenstachel" before, so I just figured that I could show this to you. Thanks for asking about those images!

  2. Playable Grolla in Freudenstachel?

    Do want.

  3. Sorry, but that's not a Freudenstachel stage. Do the flames in the background look familiar to you? It's the Opening Stage of Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert.

    The reason Letty posted the pic was because Grolla's carrying something she shouldn't in RKSG. A cookie if you can figure out what it is and how I pulled it off.