Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Truth About Axelle Blitzdonner

I noticed an article on the wiki for Axelle, which was kind of surprising, but the information was wrong, so I updated it, and I'm here to set the record straight. I wanted the information on Axelle to be somewhat mysterious, making her prime for rumors, but I figure I might as well say something.

When the boss submission contest was announced, I decided I had to get in on that action, so I requested the help of my girlfriend at the time, DeviantArt user Rintycakes, to help me with the drawing. She had lost the pen for her tablet, so we had to resort to a colorless drawing that was later scanned.

The original image we had for the idea of Axelle, now lost to us, looks much different from the one you see submitted on her DeviantArt. The reason for that is we were both big Lucky Star fans at the time (the picture above is something she did for one of her classes in high school), and I'll be the first to tell you that aside from the glorious Misao Kusakabe, one of the best characters in the show is Nanako Kuroi, the blond school teacher. Her love of the series especially tended to be reflected in her art, and so the second draft of the image came out looking a lot more like Kuroi-sensei than I was hoping, but I love her, so I was fine with it. I even gave Axelle a Kansai accent to go with it. The outfit that you see Axelle wearing in Rint's drawing is based on an outfit she actually owned.

I don't exactly remember all of the details that we submitted to [erka:es] concerning Axelle Blitzdonner, but the main thing I wanted to focus on was that Rosenkreuzstilette had no electricity-based boss nor did it have an attack based on an electric move from an existing Megaman game, at least none that were very apparent. I wanted to change that with Axelle, so I made everything about her lightning-based. Her hair was put in a super-long jagged ponytail, a direct copy of the Pikachu tail's design. She wielded a giant hammer that was actually based on a 100-pound linoleum roller I used often during my job as a flooring installer. I had dubbed the thing Mjöllnir, which is the name of Thor's hammer, and this carried over to Axelle as well. It wasn't Thor's actual hammer, but Axelle liked to pretend it was. Her "action gloves" also had electric power and could release Spark Mandrill-style spark attacks that ran along the floor and through the air. I had everything planned out; it was all very exciting. We were disappointed that we couldn't have it in color, and wouldn't you know it, we found her tablet pen shortly after the submission deadline. Them's the breaks.

Somewhere down the road, a LiveJournal user and fellow RKS fan Deltashade/Gammashade posted this entry in his RKS Fanon LJ Community talking about the new characters that had been announced/revealed for Freudenstachel by [erka:es]. Sadly, Axelle Blitzdonner was not one of them, but as Deltashade knew me from a forum we both posted on, he was aware of her existence. Interestingly enough, he said that Axelle Blitzdonner had been designed by Mint Mania IIDX, one of the internet handles I've used, and not Trick Master Mint, the name under which Axelle was submitted to [erka:es]. Not long after, someone from Rockman Perfect Memories picked up on the information and included it in the synopsis for Freudenstachel. Before long, Axelle was coming up all over the place: her name had been mentioned at least once on Hongfire, someone mistook Hero of Justice Luste for Axelle Blitzdonner on a danbooru-style image gallery, etc. Axelle was quite the mysterious character, and next to nothing was known about her. Strangely enough, my name was tacked on to her everywhere, and I'm not exactly hard to find, but no one thought to really ask me.

Somewhere during that time frame, 2ch found Axelle Blitzdonner through a Google search for RKS fanart, and it was their first real exposure to the English RKS fanbase. Quite a few of them were very surprised that someone from outside of Japan had made a submission, and at least one person said something to the effect of "It might not be fair if there are foreign submissions and the only ones that win are Japanese," or so I'm told.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing that says Axelle Blitzdonner is or is not in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel. I would be incredibly excited to see her in any form (even a Gutsman tank), but I certainly won't get my hopes up. I would be very grateful to [erka:es] for including her, though. As it stands, however, Axelle has no canon existence in the RKS universe and lives only in a dream I have. We'll see what happens.


  1. I think it was something about bears.

    Having another giant-hammer wielder in the game might be expecting too much, but Axelle will always live on in our hearts. Or some cliched shit like that.

  2. Wait a sec....

    YOU GOT IN CONTACT WITH [erka:es]?!?

  3. They have a feedback form on their site, it's not that hard to get in contact with them.

  4. I sent them several e-mails, but they never responded.

  5. I've actually had several arguments with a friend of mine regarding Axelle. Thanks for giving me something solid to throw in his face.

  6. It's a good thing I watch Lucky Star (and read the mangas), or I'd never be able to piece the resemblance together...

  7. The genesis of the idea from which Axelle was born is quite interresting. The basis of an electric boss is pragmatic, as well as using actual character-design from Lucky Star...

    Maybe if erka:es is aware of her existence, it would be quite easy to add her to the game even in last minute, inspired by existing sprites...

    Thanks for the tip, Mint ^_^

  8. If there's no electric-theme in Freudenstachel, then its gonna be like Mega Man X3... >.>

  9. Correction, I meant to say: "If there's no electric-theme boss, its gonna be like Mega Man X3."

  10. Huh? Didn't Megaman X3 have Volt Catfish / Electro Namazuros?

  11. In Mega Man X3, there was no fire-element boss, so a similar thing could happen in Freudenstachel.

  12. Maybe Neon Tiger, with its light element, was kind of a fire boss.

    But you've got a point, Axelle would definitely have a place to fit in the game !