Saturday, July 11, 2009

GamingFringe Article on RKS

Grolla really should check her e-mail more often.

Schwer reader and writer for the website GamingFringe, Iam Canadian, wrote up an interesting article for Rosenkreuzstilette. It's a quite nice review that covers all of the basics and goes over the various characters in the game. I encourage everyone to check it out, if not for the article then for the stellar artwork previewed above.


  1. Is it sad that the guy's username was more of a factor for me reading this article than the cool pic was?

    By the way, the pic needs a VS. added to it. Hmmmmmmm... RKS fighting game... I'll need to put it on my list of things I want to see before I die, right next to a Sonic the Hedgehog clone starring Scwer Muta.

    Cool article. His points are well-made and spoiler-free.

  2. Hey, we earned a mention.

    I'm surprised Dio, Sakuya, and Zephyr weren't mentioned at any part in Sichte's Inspiration section. Well, at least the author tried to avoid spoiling anything. If this article promotes interest in the game, sweet.

  3. next to a Sonic the Hedgehog clone starring Scwer Muta.

    Good one.

  4. Is this enough that we can re-launch the RKS Wikipedia article without the Notability Police shooting it down? D:

  5. I don't think we're that influential. :P

    Glad you liked the article and the artwork, everyone.

  6. Wikipedia would probably say that mention isn't notable enough. I was once doing a Cthulhutech article on Wikipedia and an Io9 article, nearly winning an Origins award, as well as mass blogosphere and podcast coverage, was not enough for notability.

    The only reason the article exists today (aside from, in part, my efforts) is that the notability debate had ended in No Consensus.

  7. Well, the big day is tomorrow.

  8. Yeah, for these REALLY lucky people that has a copy of Rosenkreuzstilette...

  9. Or the people spending 2 minutes with google.

    Fair article, by the way.

  10. Great article, if I do say so myself.

    Anyway, where's the full English patch? Today's the big day, so it should've been up by now... And I'm still looking forward to the decompression tool as well...

  11. Sorry for keeping you all waiting.

    I'm in the middle of fixing some issues with the Grollschwert script. At the current rate, the patch should be released before the day is out, but, if worse comes to worse, the patch will be released tomorrow instead of today.

    I was expecting Letty to make a post about this in the morning, but it seems he's as burned-out as I am. Since much of the development on Grollschwert was concentrated in the past few days with he and I tackling almost the entirety of the work (testing included), this is understandable. I dare you to try playing Grolla's game over and over and not get tired.

    Hopefully, we won't keep you waiting too long.

  12. I'd venture a guess that it'll be up when they're ready to release it.

  13. Well, then the date shall be August 1st, the day when the non-CD version comes out.

  14. Spiritia RosenbergJuly 16, 2009 at 5:51 AM

    Thanks for all your hard work. Thank you!
    I started a new game with the English version and it took me 99 minutes to complete the whole game.
    I have a better understanding now of what the story is about. Now I can look forward to the sequel, Freudenstachel!
    Thanks again:)