Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RKS DeviantArt Showcase

It has come to my attention that a few people were not happy that I said RKS fanart on DeviantArt is mostly garbage, so I've decided to showcase various images from DA with honest criticisms about each work. I encourage you Schwer readers to also give your honest criticisms about the work as well. In fact, I am asking you to do so. So without further ado, here we go.


We'll start things off with this image of Liebea by our good friend Superjustinbros. According to the post, this is a remastered version. That's right. This is the second, better version of a Liebea drawing. At least he's getting proportions down a bit better, even if they are still amateur to a fault. Definitely better than most webcomics though. Or something. Am I being too lenient with this one?


Oh dear lord, where do I begin? Aside from the terrible body proportions and somewhat awkward coloring, HOW CAN ANYONE DRAW THAT FACE ON GROLLA AND GO "WELL, THAT'S PERFECT. I'M PROUD OF THIS ONE!"???!??!?!?!?! I had to fight laughter while making that thumbnail. Trumi did apologize for the flaws in the picture, which I guess is okay, but to refer to Grolla as "working for the church as an inquisitor?" Does this person know ANYTHING about Grolla? This is part of my problem with the English DA "fanbase" for RKS. These people aren't fans. Most of the stuff I found was done via art trades for Justin. It's irritating.


"I never played RKS before, but i watched a lot of videos of it on Youtube and there's even some RKS sprite sheets at the Spriter's Resource, too!" I have to hand it to Jigglypuffgirl, though. It takes a special kind of talent to turn Zorne into a Jigglypuff... thing. I really don't want to be a jerk about these things, but I can't figure out how artists can see work like this and think it's suitable. Her face is a ball, and her left forearm is the length of your average spear. At least the outfit is accurate. I think.


Here's some meme brought to us by YukoHanna. To be completely honest, I think the little doodles on the side of the image are pretty cute and have great potential for some things. The image meme itself is a bit sloppy, but I'll grant that, as I think everything else is kinda adorable. Unfortunately, her only other gambit into RKS territory was a mediocre picture of Trauare, but we'll see where it goes in the future.


Excellent contribution, KentakunAI! This is the best RKS fanart I've seen yet. It's so accurate to the source material that it actually looks like a screencap of the game! Super impressive! Why do people think that this is suitable for an art gallery? Just use Imageshack and make a journal post or something. Post in a forum. Whatever. Don't do this.


I like this. I really like this. Schwer reader AmethystViper's little comic makes me laugh when I see it, and I want more of them. I think what really gets me is Freu's last line, because I hear it in my head in a very non-Freu way, and it just makes me giggle. The art style of amateurish, but it conveys the joke and "emotion" of the comic just fine. He has a few other pieces of RKS art, a few "chibi" characters, that are pretty alright.


Check it out! BubblePlash provided us with an image of Richard Refraktia's sisters. Richard Refraktia? Really? This is why we hate you, Justin. Your original characters are enough to me want to stab myself, but that's neither here nor there. The art itself is pretty mediocre, as Lecht is apparently missing both eyes. Maybe Rink took them to make hers look enormous. I don't know! Sucks for Lecht, since she loves books so much.


I was about to give TheGloriesBigJ one thing: this image is from August of last year. I figured that maybe his art had improved some over the past year, and frankly, it has in some ways. However, looking at his latest image, a Kingdom Hearts-style Flandre Scarlet, I have to say that he hasn't improved by much. The image of Grolla and Zero is very odd, as it looks like both Grolla's head and torso have been run over from the side. It also portrays Grolla as a bit... frail, which is quite the opposite of what she should be. I kinda like that Grollschwert has jagged sawblade teeth on it now, though.


This picture is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It's also supposed to be Trauare. DeviantArtist steohen2 has absolutely no idea what Trauare looks like. Justin draws more accurate Trauare pictures. This is not excusable. I'm not going to bother critiquing the NWS parts of the image, but I assure you that there are a few glaring problems. If you don't mind NWS stuff, I encourage you to check out his Sichte picture. I can't even begin to describe it with words. The guy sometimes does release some decent line art, so I can't fault him for everything, but there is plenty I can fault him for, and this "Trauare" imposter thing is definitely one of them.


But you know, all hope is not lost, since there are artists out there like Akira-Hikari. Given, his art isn't perfect, and some of their breasts put WOMI's girls to shame, but this is by far the best image of Grolla on DeviantArt. He's got a few others as well worth looking at, but that's really it. I do like his style for some of the pictures he does, but a few of them seem somewhat off in a way. I can't put my finger on why. Still, this Grolla owns.


And there you have it. That's RKS fanart on DeviantArt in a nutshell. Do you still think I was a bit out of line in my initial comment? Please tell me exactly what you think. Oh, and here's some bonus art from Johnny Truant.


  1. Check the comments of the screenshot.
    This is what the next RKS game should be!"

    This really says everything of this so called "fan" of RKS.

  2. Akira-Hikari is massive pawnage.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Letty.

  4. LMAO! Crayon Spritia-chan?! XD

  5. I would like to laugh too but they are way to f*cking embarrising

    Sorry if there are some errors in my spelling I am from germany and still at school...

  6. Dammit no Edit function?

    Sorry Viper, it's sounds like I mean your comment but I actually meant:

    "I would like to laugh at some like the Grolla one but are way too embarrising"

    Sorry, thats it what I meant..

  7. Don't worry Proto Wily, even I screw up sometimes with typos... D:

    Glad you like my 4Koma. ^_^

  8. I have to say, my favorites are ViperAcid ZX's and Akira-Hikari's. I also find Kentakunai's pretty intresting.

    The worst is Steohen2's. >_<

  9. Proto Wily (aka Granatapfel)July 28, 2009 at 4:13 PM

    Thanks! ^_^

    No, problem.

    Well, I don't know if this is the right place to mention it but there are some things I don't get:

    Like Grollas Stage for example: It says Todesstadt (Yes, one word.)unter den Mond.
    Which would mean: City of death under the Moon (Yes, not Moonlight)

    But in the Music Mod Video it says: Ghost Town in the moonlight and the german one says also Geisterstadt(Ghost Town)

    Was this on purpose?

  10. @Proto Wily:
    Grolla's Stage title, "Ghost Town in the Moonlight," is a reference to Castlevania: Symphonia of the Night's Japanese title, 悪魔城ドラキュラX 月下の夜想曲 (Akumajō Dorakyura Ekkusu: Gekka no Yasōkyoku, lit. "Devil's Castle Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight").

  11. I visit your blog, it's look really different.. the top and the bottom...

  12. The Akira-Hikari grolla and the comic are deffinately my favs. That comic is hilarious.

  13. Dragnfly, True.

    I still have a long way to go.

  14. I'm glad you gave my boyfriend Akira a fair comment, but don't blame him too much on the breast sizes on his other drawings. I pitched in a bit on that part. o.o;

    My own character is supposed to be a beautiful girl, maybe a bit too sexy for some to handle, and my personality reflects a part of the beauty too. ^^

    And again, I think it's part of a personal taste too. Some things might be a little off, but be glad that the drawings aren't digital artwork at all. They were drawn with color pencils on paper. That kind of quality takes more than 4 days to finish, and the Grolla drawing is the most amazing accomplishment. :3

    Love and kindness~
    - Rebecca

  15. I really enjoy the colored pencil use. It looks really nice. The one criticism that I finally was able to figure out is the eyes. In some of the images, the eyes just seem weird to me. No matter, though. It's pretty good work, I say. Maybe you guys can do some art for this blog. Or something.

  16. Akira is very sensitive with criticism, especially how some forum members at RockmanPM complained about breast sizes, so nowadays he draws only for me or for people at DeviantArt, because we care about his personal feelings. If he has any new sparking interest in RKS, I'll pitch in some of your ideas to him. ^^

  17. Granatapfel (aka Proto Wily)July 29, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    @Viper: Ah, okay, thanks. ^_^

    @Vixy: (Oh, man if you speak german it sounds totally wrong..)
    Well, I can understand them because they are sometimes so big that it seems like somone put two footballs on the body. O_o

    Don't take that as critism, though. :/

    Even if I wanted to criticize the Grolla one, I can't find anything wrong with it. Okay, it's not at the same level as Reiq ones are but to hell with that it's handdrawn..

  18. Hi Vixy! X3 Glad to see you over here.

    Letty, did you get my e-mail from my g-mail account? Because I'm not sure if the grollschwert g-mail account will not work my bro's computer for some strange reason. If not, mind if I pitch my ideas via your dA account or the KreuzChannel?

  19. Akira is very sensitive with criticism

    As a fellow artist, I must say that simply will not do. One should take actual constructive criticism to heart, else you'll either not improve or will become arrogant. There is a difference in saying "I personally think this would work better" and "Holy mother of god, you are the worst artist and I could do a better job and kill yourself!"; my criticism is the former. There's nothing inherently wrong with his work. I personally really like it, which is honestly why I saved "the best for last" in my article, but in a world of artistic venture, you have to be prepared to address criticism, harsh or otherwise, and either brush it off or use it to improve. You have to learn how to handle "personal feelings" and how to not take artistic critique, positive or negative, as a personal attack.

  20. It's like any job or hobby, really. If you aren't going to try and do it properly the first time, or improve so you can do it properly later then you're just... well... a lazy screw-up at life. Life is for living but living is much deeper than just staying alive from day to day.

    I've dealt with countless artists on a professional level and the oversensative ones lost not only my money, but the potential money of every other person I spoke to. And it's a shame because they were absolutely astounding artists. So as a girlfriend do help him with his sensativity. It'll only shackle his future. I don't mean to help turn him stone-cold, of course.

    As for the huge breasts, I have no problem with it so long as they work with the rest of the piece.

  21. I agree with Dragnfly.

    Also, hello to VixyNyan :), and some of you will be pleased with this more detailed review of the trial version of Rosenkreuzstilette.


  22. Granatapfel (aka Proto Wily)July 29, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    Sorry, Justin, I can't shake the feeling that you just try to make friends here.

    I mean, what the f*ck? You didn't knew that that you could slide? And after figuring that out you immediately like the game?

    Sorry, if I sound like an asshole but I just can't shake the feeling..

    Oh, and @:Vixy Sorry, forgot to say Hello x.X

  23. I'm sorry I didn't get to say hello to everyone, so I have to say a quick: Hi hi, everyone! ^^

    Letty, you really are a very collected, knowledgeable and nice guy, and your blog has always been a good place for proper RKS information. I'll be more active on the comments. And I didn't forget about fixing the soundtrack, it's still on the to-do list. :3

    - Becky

  24. I'd personality would like to see the characters of RKS drawn in the style Casshern Sins' OP, if not have a MAD with Grolla and Sichte in it. Here's a MAD of Casshern Sins' OP I found on YouTube with Zero and Iris from Mega Man X. Hope you guys like it.

  25. @Viper: Reminds me a little bit on Masakichi's style.

    I don't know if this sounds weird but I would like to see an Street Fighter IV like Picture (You know the black effect forgot the name if it has one..) of Freudia being hit by an fully loaded Seelegewehr shot and Spiritia dodging the Eislanzen.

  26. Alright, no point in hold it any longer. My ideas for RKS MADs.

  27. Man, after watching the last one my yuri fantasies rised sky high..

    I especially like the first and last idea even though I can think of Sichte and Grolla more being an couple than Freudia and Spiritia..

    Yeah, I know that they are only friends..

  28. The only true pairing is Schwer x Mr. Zeppy.

  29. http://steohen2.deviantart.com/art/Lockon-X-Feldt-LineArt-128157927



    90% of the shit in this guy's gallery is plainly stolen. I'm surprised you didn't notice.

  30. There needs to be more quality RKS artwork on dA.


  31. I find some of these works
    quite amusing.
    But no artist should be laughed at,
    beacuse of their weak work..

    As many people say high standards in art are necesary.

    But not everyone can attain them...

    As for guys and girls drawing
    that were mentioned:

    constantly making progress.
    Good fortune to him.


    Well,I always drawn just for
    pure fun and to relieve daily stress,so my arts were
    lacking details and stuff..
    my apologies for the lack
    of both knowledge and skills,when it comes to this Grolla Seyfarth pic......
    true and sad,but true.

    I dunno .....

    very cute,good concept.

    thumbs up !

    6.BubblePlash-quite cute

    7.TheGloriesBigJ Not bad.

    Most importantly:


    A true hard working atist with passion,self developement and creative ideas to support the case and passion.
    Respect and praise =)

    Thanks for the mention and the important topic...
    I should think twice and learn more before
    I draw anything Rosenkreuzstilette related again... :-(
    I guess.

    And Proto Wily,why are you laughing at me,because of my poor skills, ?

    Will laughing at my Grolla make you feel better ?
    if so....not a problem at all.
    There are poor artisits like
    me and skilled like:

    So,Proto Wily-I respect your opinion- and good luck to
    all rosenkreuzstilette artists.

  32. Trumi, don't stop doing what you're doing. As long as you can take criticism, no matter how scathing it may be, and take it to heart to better yourself as a whole, you can do no wrong.

    That said, how'd you get banned from DA?

  33. To Letty whiterock:
    You ask how did I get banned-
    from Da:
    for a misunderstanding between me and user
    (check his Da page for details)
    I wasn't able to solve it with a creative and a talented guy he is,
    but my negative approach towards myself proved my downfall.
    Thanks for the encouragement also.
    i was,am and will always draw
    for my self pleasure-nothig else...
    to not harrass anyone,anymore...

  34. @Sword of Lore:
    Tsk. Good luck with that. Thanks to Superjustinbros lying to everyone about Rosenkreuzstilette and the SuperJustin bullsh*t that still reminds on dA, that task would be (as Mint would put it): "nigh possible".

  35. I often thought that the Zorne from JigglyPuffGirl was less-than-subpar. Kind of ironic considering we used to be friends and now i feel like she hates my guts.
    And LOL at the sprite comic. Why do people think sprite images are art again? I'd like someone to enlighten me on that.