Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Got Dramasbombe

I would like to get that ridiculous drama bomb out of the way and move on to more important issues. One thing I will mention is that I will eventually have something to reveal to the lot of you that may make some of you rather happy, depending on the response that I receive.

Anyways, there still isn't much in the way of RKS news, though I encourage you all to check out Kiora's blog (you can find it through his website), as he's been posting new RKS fanart there via his iPhone. I especially like his new Trau. Summer Comiket still seems like years away, so it feels like forever until we'll get zaku6's doujin. Even more forever is the actual release for Freudenstachel this winter, a game we haven't even gotten a working web trial for. I'm almost getting antsy thinking about it.

There hasn't been much to post on KreuzChannel, mostly because I haven't received anything to put up and haven't really found or done anything new that's remotely post-worthy. I imagine that once the English patch is released, we can put our efforts towards working on the Grolla mods I have in mind, which I will probably share with you all in a later post.

I will probably do another Schwer review soon as filler until something happens. I have just the game in mind, so if you like more Megaman clones, you can look forward to it. Meanwhile, the offer still stands that if you have something you want to showcase, I don't mind posting it. Freu knows I need some new material, because I really don't want this place to run dry.

Well, that's all for now! Stay tuned!


  1. Yeah, relaxing with some new stuff should be a good idea ;-)

    Unfortunately, no real news from erka:es themselves... Will te net demo of RKSF with really exist someday ? At this rate, the actual game will be released, so then a demo would be pointless.

    A review of others megaman hacks ? Some really specifics ones like Megamari, or classics like Megaman Ultra, No Constancy, Exhaust ?...

  2. Does the Dramasbombe explode the whole screen save a single very very precise spot where you have to stand to avoid it?

    Anyhow, I know exactly what you mean with Freudenstachel seeming like it's so far away. I've been hyped up on the game, no small thanks to the Dark Magi's designs.

  3. It's totally Mega Mari isn't it?

  4. I instantly thought Mega Mari, but now that I think about it that may be too obvious given we all seem to know and talk about it.

  5. The Drmasbombe doesn't have a safe spot to stand. EVERYONE DIES!!!

    I forget the game, but a long long time ago I played a doujin game that was kind of megaman-ish with four bosses to select from. I didn't know who they were (if anyone( at the time and forget them now. I remember the game having some terrible bugs.

    If it's whatever that game was, I'll be on a nostalgia kick like crazy.

    I always wanted Plantine Dispotif to make a megaman-style game. His Zelda and Metroid-style ones were both excellent.

  6. Another Mega Man clone you say? You've intrigued me...