Monday, July 27, 2009

RKS Video Showcase

I've been working on a few things, mostly revolving around the music mod, so here's a few videos for you.


  1. Oh my, taking a page out of Nanoha's book of lines, Freudia? "Let me cool your head." Then again I guess Freudia's one to fit the White Devil attire.

    I like the new theme for showing which boss is up. The new Luste stage music seems a bit... it's good, but it lacks the energy and rhythm of the original. The Grolla music is amazing, as is the Sepperin one.

    Thanks for sharing the previews for English Grollschwert, either ways!

  2. What the... Stage Start theme... it must be.. MegaMan X4 O.o

    About "Music Mod - Grolla Stage" I prefer the original soundtrack, I mean.. "Dark Purple Moonlight"
    Grolla Battle seems good, can I take a listen to full ver?

    About "Music Mod - Zeppelin Stage 01", actually.. wow O.o Rockman 2 Dr.WILY STAGE 1 Remix XD I like it.
    But, it's "inconvincible" for a stage like that, really. ^^!

  3. I think I've stated this in the past, but I'll go ahead and say this:

    Unless I can get a bunch of people (or one person or whatever) to submit remixes of the entire soundtrack for me to implement into the game, the music mod is literally going to consist of various things that I enjoy listening to that I want to hear in-game. It's not going to necessarily fit perfectly, and I'm not aiming for it.

    Now, if you guys have any ideas about alternate stage themes, then by all means post them, because I would love suggestions, or if you want to criticize a few of the tracks chosen (like the Luste theme), then awesome, because I am all for feedback. However, if you're just popping in to say "the original is better, why change it?", then don't bother commenting, because you already have the original and this is a music mod that I am making for my own amusement.

  4. I hardly meant to harp at you over your choices, I just thought the new remix for Luste's stage is sub-par. Still an amazing piece in its own right, but it doesn't blend as well with the stage and the boss' personality. I unfortunately can't think of anything better to use in its stead though, at least not off the top of my head.

    It -could- be an idea to design a music mod that replaces stage musics with the Megaman equivalents like you did with the Sepperin stage. So Luste would have Air Man's music for the stage and as her personal theme, Metal Man's? I guess Grolla would have Shade Man's stage music and Zero's as her own? Well, so and so forth.

  5. I hardly meant to harp at you over your choices, I just thought the new remix for Luste's stage is sub-par. Still an amazing piece in its own right, but it doesn't blend as well with the stage and the boss' personality. I unfortunately can't think of anything better to use in its stead though, at least not off the top of my head.

    Oh, don't get me wrong, Dri. My comment wasn't directed at you. You just reminded me that I wanted to throw it out there.

  6. I agree with Dri that the remix of Luste's theme is a bit lacking. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it didn't really get me into the mood like the original track did..... I loved the Grolla music mod, it sounded a bit like Castlevania- until I realised that it WAS a remix of a Castlevania track. First stage from Bloodlines, if I'm not mistaken.... I thought it was a perfect fit for Grolla's stage.

    Thanks for putting those videos up!

  7. I find Luste's theme to be very ear-piercing.

  8. Fun fact: Letty and I proposed the exact same alternative for Zeppelin I at the exact same time. It's uncanny how many times we made the same suggestions simultaneously during the project (well over a dozen, and I didn't count simple coincidences)...

    ColonelRVH, the original track for the boss intros is indeed a nod to X4's. That's precisely why I changed the fonts to match (that, and I wanted to work in the characters' last names). If not for the fact that every intro uses the same track, we could have recorded our own overdone boss calls - or horribly mangled ones if we were following suit from Rockman X4 (ie "Sprit Mushram...!"). Considering how difficult some of the names are to pronounce Trauare and Schwer, anyone?), I wouldn't be surprised if that ended up being the case.

    I'm surprised no one pointed out the obvious Castlevania nod in the Grolla's stage title: "Ghost Town in the Moonlight" (from "Nocturne in the Moonlight"). Personally, I would have picked a track from Symphony instead. But, eh, this is Letty's pet project. I can always make my own music mod whenever I feel like it.

    Also, I resisted the urge use the phrasing "reincarnated soul" in-game, even though it would have worked quite well in the final stage. No need to shoehorn extra references when there are plenty already there.

    Now that I've had a chance to cool off and look at it objectively, Letty's right; the Grollschwert intro does sound more forced than it should be. It doesn't help that Grolla and Sichte are very formal in their speech (Sichte never uses contractions) and Iris's rich-girl character heavily influences her choice of words (a proper translator should never include "desuwa" in a professional-grade localization - I had her use lofty turns of phrase instead to convey her arrogance).

    Yes, Dri, that is indeed a Nanoha reference, rephrased slightly to match Freudia's character. Letty and I have both seen the entirety of Nanoha, though I have to say that Letty has a much better memory than I do. In any case, Freudia's too cool to ever become a yandere like Nanoha did in StrikerS. Schwer might end up becoming a yangire somewhere down the line, but that's about it (remember: yandere act out of love, not out of misanthropy).

  9. OK guys, I'm planning to buy the full version of Rosenkreuzstilette soon, JUST so I can get the files.

  10. You're really starting to irritate me.

  11. Have you though of trying OC ReMix for some Castlevania-ques music? A good friend of mine got me into this site.

    If there's a good remix of this or other Castlevania-ques/Mega Man-ques music, it might work for the mod.

    If you ask me, the animation (note that I said animation, not the music) for the intro alludes more to Mega Man 2. =\

  12. "Something's tailing us!" -Lilli
    "We've gotta take it out!" -Tia

    Priceless. Of course, saying it's tailing you two even if it's stopped chasing you by the time you get to four block platforms at the end is pointless.

    Anyway, I think a good alternate stage theme for Trauare's stage could be "Blue Water Blue Sky" from Guilty Gear XX, don't ya think? And a good alternate Opening Stage theme could be "Lust Sin" from Blazblue.

    And nice choice of music for Grolla's stage.

  13. Sorry, It's just my opinion..
    Okay, I suggest using this soundtrack for Iris Stage 1.
    This for Sepperin Stage 2
    This for Zorne Stage (I Think this soundtrack is a remix or original of Liebea Stage :)) )
    This for Staff. (I hope this soundtrack appear to be Staff soundtrack of RKS FS :-?)

    This for Freudia Stage. This for Talk with Freudia. This for Freudia's theme.

    Um.. I think I should stop here. That is enough. ^^!

  14. I absolely adore the Luste remix, and I didn't know the origin of the Grolla one but it sounded excellent.

    *sigh* if only I'd kept up with making music from back in the .mod/.s3m/.it days I'd likely be able to make something awesome in Fruity Loops for you.

    As for existing music, I'm not serious but I suggest using this
    for the Irismachen battle

  15. Heh. I'm sorry, but Zeppelin stage 2 absolutely HAS to be some rendition of Bloody Tears. I'd pick the version from Castlevania Judgment, personally.

    And Iris stage 1 could be "Tragic Prince"/"Pitiful Scion" from Symphony of the Night... and the fight with Zeppelin himself would have to be Dance of Illusions, of course, though I'd use the version from Dracula X Chronicles.

    ...Lord, I have FAR too much fun with stuff like this. XD I am a massive VG music geek.

    Sidenote: I second ColonelRVH's interest in the boss battle theme. What's it called?

  16. I listed the title in the original music mod video as "Kikai Gensou Shoujo" by Yousei Teikoku.

  17. Vocal? Oh, that why you have to finish grolla as fast like that. :-?