Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Freudenstachel Talk

[erka:es] made a slight error in their release of the Freudenstachel demo. According to their latest blog entry, they forgot to include the config.exe file. It is my understanding, though, that it is pretty much the same as the original, so I believe they can be interchanged. Also, new mail responses will be posted after the New Year.

Now, on to the good stuff. 2ch has been talking a bit about Freudenstachel, and a source is feeding me some of the info. Rather than saying a whole bunch of random facts, just watch this video. To those of you without Nico accounts, there are a few tutorials around on how to sign up. I'm sure a quick Google search will send you in the right direction.

I can't wait to get this game.


  1. [15:50] [Kilgamyon] I REALLY hope the final version of this game doesn't retain the "Freudenstachel" voice clip attached to her JUMP.

    [15:51] [Kilgamyon] Wow, Zorne's stage is actually a challenge!

    [15:52] [Kilgamyon] WHOA WHAT THE SHIT
    [15:52] [Kilgamyon] ZORNE DID A DASH KICK
    [15:53] [Kilgamyon] WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS AWESOME

    [15:55] [Kilgamyon] Third room in Liebea's stage is totally pulled from Cave Story

    [15:59] [Kilgamyon] Wow, Liebea's not useless anymore
    [15:59] [Kilgamyon] Still piss easy sure
    [15:59] [Kilgamyon] But she actually does things now

    [16:01] [Kilgamyon] Clever way to change up the Grolla midboss fight.

    No IRC comments on the actual Grolla fun but it was crazy to watch and I really want to fight her myself. :V