Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Video Replay: Grolla Mode - 1-Life Clear

RosenkreuzStilette player Kilgamayan has posted a 6-part YouTube video set of himself clearing Grolla Mode without dying. Considering the difficulties of a few of the fortress bosses (Cross Wall and Yellow Devil come to mind), this is quite an accomplishment. Be sure to check it out, and leave comments!

Here's the first video. I'm sure you can use links from there.

Also, the Pizza Delivery Challenge is still in play, and as of this posting, we've got 3 entries! The competition is fierce, so try it out, and submit your replays (even if they aren't so good). While you're at it, spread the word!

Here's a link to the replay file, in case your connection isn't so YouTube-friendly. In case you're not sure how to download the files from the uploader, here's Luste.

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