Friday, December 12, 2008

Is your copy of RKS up-to-date?

Is your copy of RosenkreuzStilette currently up-to-date? The [erka:es] duo have made a lot of changes since the creation of the game, and you owe it to yourself to make sure that you have the most recent version of RKS to gain the full experience.

How to check:

[Step 01]
Load up your copy of RosenkreuzStilette. The version number will be listed in the Window title.

The picture says it all.

[Step 02]
Not up-to-date? Not to worry. Head on over to the RosenkreuzStilette Product Page and click on the Download button on the sidebar.

[Step 03]
Many of you probably can't read Japanese. That, of course, is why I'm writing this tutorial! Now, the first section in the Download area is where the download links for the patches are. Time to figure out which one is best for you! Refer to the figure below. If your version is 1.00a (the initial release version), then you'll want to use the first download link. If you've been updating but are still running on 1.05b, then you'll want to use the second download link. If your version is neither, then the third download link, which will update the game from any version to the latest, is for you.

So many difficult Japanese words I don't understand!

[Step 04]
Once the .zip is downloaded, extract it. If you're not familiar with extracting .zip files, Windows XP users can just double-click the .zip archive folder and drag the file inside wherever they'd like. The best place for it will be inside your RosenkreuzStilette folder.

This is the patch. For the sake of this tutorial, I've downloaded the 1.05b->1.05c patch.

Toss it in your RosenkreuzStilette folder. (This step isn't necessary, but it will help you keep track of it.)

[Step 05]
Open the patch, and follow these simple instructions:

Click "Yes". Simple enough.

Here, it will ask you to locate the folder that rks.exe, the game executable, is in. Click on the Browse button as indicated.

Select the folder, and click OK. Confirm the selection at the next screen.

The patch will then install itself! Congratulations! Your copy of RKS is now up-to-date.

[Step 06]
Here, you can do one of two things: Play your newly patched RosenkreuzStilette, or step further in and download a voice update patch for Freudia. If you're like me and don't want to leave any rock unturned, continue on. If not, you really should.

[Step 07]
Scroll down the Download page until you find the "Omake Data Download" section, as pictured. Go ahead and download the only file listed there.

The link says "Freudia 'Sound Quality Improvement Edition' Voice Data".

[Step 08]
Extract the folder "ex_voice002" from the .zip, and open it. Inside you'll find two folders and a readme.txt, as pictured. Drag the "extra" folder into the "data" folder in your RosenkreuzStilette folder, and that'll do it! This voice update requires at least v1.05b, but since we patched the game already, that's not even an issue. The other folder "Omake Voice" features two .wav files of Freudia saying "RosenkreuzStilette" and "Freudenstachel". Take a listen!

The readme.txt contains the URL that redirects to Freudia's seiyuu's website.

[Step 09]
And that's it! Everything about your copy of RosenkreuzStilette is up-to-date. Now, have fun, practice, and save your replays! Eventually, I'll have a replay archive set up for everyone to use!


  1. I was wondering...I have a Japanese version, on which I used the english patch (current version: 1.05c) obviously it's in english now. I want to update it to the latest and install the voice patch too.

    Do I need to install the Japanese version, update it and THEN install the english patch? Or I can just apply it as it is?

  2. The picture has been moved or deleted from Photobucket. Please fix it.