Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pizza Delivery Results

1st Place: Tanin - 2'30"26
2nd Place: Nator - 2'31"14
3rd Place: Kilga - 2'33"04

The winner of the RKS Pizza Delivery challenge is Tanin! He used a fairly ingenious method of literally "taking damage to save time", a common method used by TASers. Second place goes to Nator who apparently liked that idea and tried it himself. If he hadn't tripped on that ladder, he might have just taken the top! Better luck next time, Nator; you still did well. Finally, third place goes to Kilgamayan, who did a full no-damage run and still managed to be a sharp competitor. Honorable mentions go to Otis and GammaShade for giving it their best.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck in the next round! Spread the word, so we can get more entries! And remember to think outside the box!

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