Sunday, December 28, 2008

RKS Challenge 002: Stop and Go

No fancy graphics today. All I have to work with on this computer on the road is MS Paint, so I guess it will have to do! This new challenge is called "Stop and Go", because I couldn't think of a better name. Also, there's no backstory this time, because I'm not feeling creative enough. So grab Spiritia, and get ready for the next challenge!

Enter this password to have Luste and Sichte defeated in Arcade Mode, giving you Lustatem, Die geplante Zukunft, and Silberflugel Zwei, and head over to Grolla's stage. Your objective is to complete the stage. Fastest replay time wins!

- You are only allowed to use Die geplante Zukunft and Silberflugel Zwei.
- You may fire Die geplante Zukunft shots during Time Stop.
- During the level, if Die geplante Zukunft depletes, you may use Lustatem. However, every fired Lustatem will add 2 seconds to your time.
- When Grolla is encounter, she must be buster-dueled. Charged shots are allowed.

Take as much damage as you need, but remember, dying will cost you some major time, so watch that health gauge! Good luck to everyone!

To submit your replays, please use the RosenkreuzStilette Uploader Site. Please follow these easy instructions.

1) Name the .rpy file whatever you want, ZIP it, and upload it here. (Note: Please make sure your replay is in a .zip archive.)
2) Enter the comment "Stop and Go" in the comment box.
3) Click here to upload the file.

Please leave a comment with your name and the number of your upload. Thanks, have fun, and good luck!


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  2. Kilga with #139. I could probably shave a couple of seconds off of this but I'm lazy and the Grolla fight went nicely.

  3. Nator here - #141.
    This took much longer than anticipated, and I messed up my techniques alot. But I tried really hard. ;_;

  4. Mima


    Grolla was such a bitch every time I got a good run, terribly rage inducing.

  5. FallenAngelV with #143. Late entry, I know, but it's a pretty good run. And I suffered enough bullshit at the hands of Grolla to get it.