Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rosen Kraut Skillet Fruity Strudel

A quick update:

[erka:es] Blog Stuff:
- Isemiya appears to have fixed most if not all of the bugs in the Freudenstachel demo. It's safe to assume that the Web Trial is due out soon.
- WOMI has a Zeppy glass.

RKSF News:
- According to Isemiya, Freudenstachel will feature a stage that breaks the normal flow of gameplay. This includes the possibility of an X-style bike stage or an MM8-style jump-jump-slide-slide nightmare.
- With the return of Trauare's stage, some are wondering if Freudia will be able to swim a la Megaman 8.

2ch Stuff:
- Zorne-lover Kiora has been taking art requests in the RKS thread on 2ch. You can find them on the RKS Uploader.

RKS Blog Stuff:
- Schwer reader Sacat has informed us that he is currently working on a Stepmania simfile for Schwer-Muta's stage theme and has shown interest in stepping other songs from the game as well. (As a note, I have stepped Luste's theme. [Download]) Leave a comment for him or for us if you want to be involved.
- English RKS Wiki will be operational soon.
- RKS Challenge 009 is forthcoming.

English TL Patch Info:
- English Demo will be released no later than June 1st.
- Full English game patch will be released before the end of June.


  1. Im totally turned on by that screenshot. Cant wait to see what all those characters actually say ^^

    End of June is a very good dead-line. keep up the work.

  2. Yeah, yeah that totally rocks O_o !

    Maybe the final version of the RKSF net demo will feature some news, too.

    That's good news for the english patch, now we're seeing the light, june's alright :-)

  3. Truth be told, I had planned to have the Trial Version out by the end of April, but my C++ professor decided to give us a term project instead of a final exam (which, incidentally, was due on the last week of April...). What did I do for my project? My teammates and I wrote a graphics program that I'm now using religiously with RKS (^_^). None of the graphics programs I work with support one-to-one palette swap mapping or comparison mask generation, so we made one ourselves. Excuse me for sounding egotistical for a moment, but I think we have a right to be: we got a perfect score for the project (>^_^)>.

    In other news, the installer is now fully-functional. It's not perfect yet, but I'm sure I'll have the remaining issues fixed by the time we're ready to roll. I've just sent the release candidate to the beta team; I'll likely be done with the tweaks before I collect their feedback.

    Oh, and PreddY, if that screenshot makes you randy, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Incidentally, that's my own variant of MS Gothic (the game's original font) you see in the screenshot.

    Some quick numbers for the guys that like this sort of thing:
    - Translation progress: 200% (RKS + RKSG complete)
    - Script localization: 100% (RKS only - RKSG in progress)
    - Graphics: everything complete except the fortress stages and the RKSG stage titles (with applicable cross-referencing)
    - Japanese translators (full-pass): 2
    - German translators (full-pass): 4
    - Graphics editors: 2 (1 mentor, 1 full-pass)
    - Editors (full-pass): 2
    - Hackers / programmers: 1

    If we were to release the current beta as-is, I'd still be damned proud of it. Everything you get from this last round of testing is just gravy. Hopefully, we won't keep you drooling too long :-).

  4. The end of June couldn't of been a better time for the English-language RKS to be out (because I can't read Japanese T_T). :D
    Finally I can play through the Story Mode and I got (hopefully) a summer vacation's worth of time to play it! ^_^/

    You know, it's been a while since I played Mega Man 8 on the PS1 back then when I had a PS2. I miss playing such great PS1 titles like Mega Man X4 (luckily I got Mega Man X Collection, so its cool) and Parasite Eve... T.T

    I just hope the English translation of RKS doesn't suffer slow-down like the Grolla Mod.

  5. now, after the translation get the Nude Patch going and RKS is a perfect game ;)

  6. ...And the installer's done! I just need to hear back from the others and we can bundle this baby.

    Now that I've had a chance to look at it, Kiora's art is pretty good. S/he stays faithful to WOMI's designs while having a style of his/her own. Very nice.

    The Grolla mod had slowdown? All I did was swap out two spritesheets and recompress them into the same format as the original .dats... If that lagged, my Freudenstachel mod and all of the RKS English betas should have lag too...

    I'm tempted to say it might have been a hiccup on your system since my alpha and beta tests went quite smoothly (and my machine is four years old), but I'd need more information to be sure. Are you certain your anti-virus wasn't running at the time? My game slows to a crawl when AVG runs its scheduled scan...

    PreddY: sorry, but I'm not going to help you on that one. Pester WOMI the futanari fan if you want to see that happen. Truth be told, I'm a bit surprised that H-doujins of RKS haven't already been released considering the artist's tastes... There're Gainax-made Evangelion porn games and official Excel Saga hentai, so... Maybe it's because Touhou is getting all the attention.

  7. And when you finally release the translation, do you still intend to release the graphics decompression tool as well?

  8. I don't see any reason not to. It was sitting on the RKS Uploader before the thing was wiped the first time around, so anyone who realized what it was likely snatched it right away.

    As it is, the decompression tool isn't very user-friendly. I'm able to tolerate it because I created a bunch of MS-DOS batch files ahead of time (and because I'm a programmer by trade). I imagine the typical user would likely delete the thing without a second thought.

    When I do release the decompressor, it'll be with my own customized frontend to make sure that no one is left scratching their heads figuring out how to use it. I finished the main interface a month ago, but I left that on the back burner for obvious reasons.

  9. ROFL at TDOMMX! ;) That was actually just a joke, but bringing up RKS hentai was a point that really got my fantasies working ;)

    nevertheless, hope to see something downloadable soon and again a thank you for your works!

  10. I hope it takes ages for RKS Hentai, honestly...

    that one Sichte/Grolla spanking pic was more than enough Oo;


    I've been working on something you guys might want to check out.

  12. reads nicely Justin!

    so, will this be playable? do you have coders at your service or you just making images? post some links to your images, too :)

  13. Heheheh. I'm amused that my post appears to have been taken seriously when I wrote it with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek... Then again, quite a few people tell me that I can't take a joke and yet are completely oblivious to the fact that my reply was a joke, too.

    Anyway, I've never come across any RKS hentai, and I would rather that I never do. I was just poking fun at the fact that we seem to have found an exception to Rule 34 of the internet (and lampooning the fact that so many artists like drawing their own characters in sexual situations). You may not know since we only exchange comments here, but I have a sardonic sense of humor and end up sounding serious even when I think it's obvious I'm joking. I've lost track of how many times I've annoyed Letty with that...

    Interesting idea, Justin. Concept art aside, I'm a little hesitant to peruse fanworks that feature self-insertion; I doubt anyone would be pleased to see me as a character in RKS (or any other game, for that matter). Other than that, though, I'd enjoy seeing what you manage to come up with - assuming that you plan on taking this any further than the drawing board (pardon the pun).

  14. I noticed a minor FPS drop when I used the Grolla Mod (on a different file folder with the RosenkreuzStilette game in it), it dropped by 10 FPS.
    Kinda of dumb question, but does anyone know what "RosenkreuzStilette" is suppose to translate to? I tried using Babelfish and it only translated "Rosen" and "Kreuz," which I think is German for "Roses" and "Cross," receptively. =/

  15. Literally "Rose Cross Knife". We're translating it to "Blades of the Rose Cross".

  16. why even translate the german? it seems to be an important part of the game's atmosphere set by Erka:es. There is such a thing as "too much translation".

    if the creators wanted their audience to understand 100% of the game's text, then they wouldn't even have bothered with any German in the first place.

    if you're leaving the German in, then disregard this post!

  17. Don't you worry. I nearly pitched a fit at the thought of getting rid of the in-game German, so rest assured, it'll stay there. Everything in German will simply be subtitled in English.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. More specifically, it's "Stilettos of the Rose Cross" (a stiletto is a type of daggar). Because we wanted to avoid the association with stiletto heels, Letty and I decided to use "Blades" instead. I hate this example, but it's kind of like referring to flowers of the mustard plant as "rape blossoms". It's technically correct, but not at all the image you'd want an edible to be associated it with. Also, the name has another meaning that is only revealed in the final stage, making "Blades" the ideal translation.

    Don't worry, Anonymous - this isn't a De-German project. I made a point of preserving every instance of German in the game. Even better, with four German translators on our staff, we fixed a few typos that [erka:es] let slip in. If I was able to seamlessly fit an English translation into the graphic, I did exactly that. Don't take my word for it, though. Have a look for yourself:

    You know you've done something right when even the anti-aliasing is pixel-perfect (^_^).

    Edit: Looks like Letty beat me to the punch while I was uploading the screenshots...

  20. Dagger is a better translation if you ask me.

  21. TDOMMX, you haven't found any RKS porn because there is hardly any RKS fan art at all.

  22. ZOMG!

    I just jacked off to those screens...RELEASE THAT DAMN SHIT :)

  23. Wow, that looks great!

  24. Dude, you did *not* just get jizz all over my new suit, did you? You're paying my dry-cleaning bill, man. And I fail to see how our handiwork is "damn shit". Do you even know what a turd looks like? Might want to start by looking in the mirror...

    Hahahaha. Kidding, man, kidding.

    Seriously, I'm glad you like it. But be patient for a little while longer - we want to translate the original documentation as well, including the little Configuration utility. Letty has already announced that the English Trials will be ready within the next two weeks. No need to rush us - as I'm sure you can tell from the screens, I'm quite the perfectionist. Better to handle this stuff now than to keep needing to update the release...

  25. Minor correction on my previous post - we will not be translating the configuration utility. While I would like to, the fact that the executable uses Unicode instead of Shift-JIS (coupled with the file having no decipherable pointer tables) means that I would be forced to use Breath-of-Fire-style descriptions with plenty of abbreviations. By my standards, this is unacceptable.

    Don't worry, though. Once the demo is out and we prove to [erka:es] that we're serious, we can either provide them with the translations and ask them to compile an English version for us, or ask for the utility's source code and do it ourselves.

  26. To anyone that is wondering, no. RockJustin is not going to be made. Plus I have probably done the most RKS Fanart ever than anyone else.

    Also Preddy, Yes, I HAVE made images.

    Box Artwork:

    Tittle Screen:

    Stage Select:

    My Sprites:

    Game Over Screen:

  27. Isn't Rosenkreuz a name? Or did I misunderstand its usage in the game's dialogue? I admit that my Japanese isn't as polished as it could be (understatement), but I thought I gathered from the banter between Tia and Iris that Rosenkreuz was a person.

  28. Rosenkreuz is the magi that sacrifices himself in the opening demo prologue stuff. He started the organization that the girls of RKS are in.

  29. Yes, Majutsukai, Rosenkreuz is name - both a character in the game and a real-life person. Christian Rosenkreuz was the founder of the Order of the Rose Cross. Some people are unsure whether Rosenkreuz was his real name or merely an alias. If you don't think seventeenth century religions are boring, it's an interesting topic to look into.

    "Rosenkreuzstilette" has three purposes in the game:
    1) The name of the game and the final stage.
    2) The name of an Imperial military unit.
    3) A special name tied to Rosenkreuz himself (I will not say any more on that note since it constitutes a spoiler).

    Since this is relevant:

    I get the feeling PreddY is going to call me a cocktease any minute now...

    Letty, I don't think it's 100% accurate to say that Rosenkreuz started RKS. It was created by the Empire, likely after they had taken Rosenkreuz's life. I get the impression that he was bargaining for coexistence, but the Empire tricked him into agreeing to what essentially boils down to slavery. I don't think the group that Rosenkreuz was the leader of initially was RKS.

  30. I knew there was something deep about RosenkreuzStilette that it reminds me of The World Ends with You, it just that I don't know Japanese or German. Let alone about the Rosenkreuz...

  31. Bah, those screens left me absolutely cold ;))