Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sexy Grolla

Schwer reader Johnny Truant has provided us with an incredibly sexy picture of Grolla. Enjoy!

Click the preview for a full version! You know you want to!


  1. Oh~ la-la... That's zetta smexy! :3

  2. I'm really big on breasts, and those are top notch, but the hand seems a little bit small. Nicely done otherwise, though.

  3. Not bad at all for a novice. Hopefully, the guy will keep practicing to refine his art style.

    An update for those of you who remember my promise from a while back: the package has been delivered to the beta team. I haven't received any feedback from them just yet. Being the perfectionist that I am, I can't in good conscience release it until I'm confident that all bugs have been squashed. Hell, I uncovered one on my second playthrough that I had zero chance of catching the first time around.

    If you have no idea what that last paragraph was supposed to mean, read over the comments to Letty's older blog posts and you might find a hint or two :-P.

  4. Oh, and if you think you just can't wait for our release, I suggest you tide yourself over with the Breath of Fire II retranslation patch ( I'm pretty sure everything will be smoothed out by the time you're done with it.

  5. Squee!

    Chest too big, but I'll survive ^^

  6. Tdommx> Yup you guessed right: no idea what's all about :-P
    Translation patch maybe ? By the way, some news of the music mod ? ;-)

    There seem to be more RKS arts recently, that's nice !

  7. I guess this is already known but I like Grolla -and- I like a huge variety of breasts. Any self-reflecting seeker of Power Slide doujins knows the joys of a girl with a set of massive heaving melons.

    I approve! And the art isn't terrible, so keep practicing and you may some day even be taking comissions. Good work.

  8. Just a minor nitpick: I always spell my handle in capitals since it's an acronym. It's pronounced Tee-Dee-Oh-Em-Em-Ex, not "Tadomemex" like my brother often muses (much to my chagrin). I just don't use periods because of aesthetics.

    You've got good instincts, Killing_Doll. No, I wasn't talking about the translation patch, but it's something extremely related. If you want a hint, assume that I'm a perfectionist (which I am). What would I logically release before a completed English language localization patch for Rosenkreuzstilette?

    The beta isn't going as smoothly as I had hoped - I keep forgetting that not everyone leaves Japanese support enabled on their machines like I do. I've already uncovered and resolved two issues that I would describe as unacceptable.

    That's as much as you'll hear from me right now; I wouldn't want Letty to accuse me of setting a double-standard by violating my own gag order. The gag order will be lifted shortly, so you're going to be getting up-to-date project details very soon. And a new toy or two to keep you busy with while we finish up the rest.

  9. Now it's only a matter of time until we get some fanservice of Sichte Meister. =3

  10. Of the "Sichte-oneesama!" variety, it would seem. At this rate, WOMI's already taking care of the other kind.