Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're heading up in the world.

Schwer and Schwer Alike is now on the second page of results for "Rosenkreuzstilette" on Google, being beaten by some download pages, reviews, and forum posts about the game. As the center of the English RKS fan community, we'd like to be a little higher up in the rankings, especially beyond the places that offer the game for download, as we encourage the purchase of this fantastic doujin game.

So I encourage all of you to link to this place wherever RKS discussion is being held. In return, we will do our best to keep you all up-to-date with the latest news on Rosenkreuzstilette patches, mods, discussion, fanworks, and Freudenstachel updates. Without you guys, no one would be reading this thing, and we'd be some lonely magi.

Don't forget, the latest RKS Challenge ends next Monday, and we've already gotten two great entries! Keep them coming, and let's make this the best challenge yet!


  1. Alright, I'll do my best within my community ;-)

  2. That's ok, but I was redirected here for a translation project and haven't seen anything like that. Although I enjoy the challenges.

  3. The reason you see little about the English translation project is because I'm not allowed to really disclose much. But it is in the works and will be available soon.

  4. If you want to blame someone for the lack of news on the translation front, that would be entirely my fault. I know Letty has a tendency to get really excited whenever he has something interesting he wants to share (see: pretty much every modification that I've made for him). However, I've learned from experience that sharing info on translation projects before they are ready (that's not to say, "complete") has generally been a bad idea). I won't go into detail, but let's just say that the antics of a group of individuals were enough to sabotage the beta phase of several projects, and I hold a grudge for it to this day.

    For this reason, I now have Letty under a strict gag order. My current policy is along the lines of that used by Moelicious (ie: make an announcement when a release is almost ready and I am positive that nothing will prevent a timely final release). In any case, we have made tremendous progress on the project (read: the translation itself is done), and I can promise you that you will have something to look forward to within the next month or two. I'm quite the perfectionist, so please don't blame Letty for the silence.

    Anonymous, if I may ask, where did you learn of the translation project? I suspect we may have a mutual friend...

  5. I'm the same anonymous from up there, and I learned about it from a thread on /jp/.
    I really liked this game, and it was a great news for me to know there was a translation project.

  6. I'm glad you like the game, especially considering how obsure it is.

    Sometime in early 2008, a friend of mine pointed me to Doujin-Style. I was quite a fan of amateur games before then (I had previously imported every PC incarnation of Melty Blood) and had some time to kill, so I decided to check out whichever games looked interesting. Not surprisingly, RKS happened to be among them.

    After I had completely finished RKS (and, just for the hell of it, cracked the password scheme - to give you an idea of how much I enjoyed it), I decided to see if I could decipher any of the game's data files. Lo and behold, my initial attempts were successful. I checked if I could reinsert modified graphics into the game, and that worked too. After getting in touch with an Asian friend of mine, the translation project came into being.

    There's much more to the story, but I'll save that for the game's readme :-P. You can find a digest version of it in previous comments on this blog and at

    In any case, check back from time to time - I can guarantee Letty will have a field day once I give him permission to post screenshots and videos of the English version. As it stands, though, there is much work to be done. I'm sure, when the final version is released, you'll understand exactly why it took so long. Here's hoping [erka:es] will be impressed enough that they decide to add an official language-select option ^_^.

  7. I just found out about RKS from my usual rampant comiket downloading spree. It's one of the best games I've ever seen come out of comiket, so I shelled up bucks for it. I was initially attracted to the characters. And of course being a Nanoha fan I'm partial to the Hair Wave:)

  8. As for me, I just found infos about the game in HF, when searching a thread about Megamari.
    It's what you call a complete coincidence !

    We're not so much to talk about it thought, except with Dragnfly with which I correspond sometime with another alias... But it's always interesting to follow news about this game, one if not my favorite doujin game for a while...

    As for the translation, I totally respect your work so blaming someone about that would be soooo out of the point... Even if I speak and write japanese sometime, especially for my work, I don't really have time to complete all the challenges yet, so about a translation... It'd be an impossible task I fear.

    All of this to tell again my total support to this project: take your time, being a perfectionnist is the best way of doing things ;-)

  9. I have Letty to blame for introducing me to RKS. He's lucky he's cool or I'd be pissed.