Friday, April 10, 2009

Schwer Blog Decor and Stuff

I've decided to combine the last two posts into this latest one. As you can see, I've been messing around with the decor of the place. Tell me what you think. Or not. It doesn't really matter.

As I reported early this morning, I found a deleted Wikipedia entry on RKS. It no longer exists, but Google, being the great search engine that it is, has a cached version of the entry available for viewing. I'm impressed. It appears to be the workings of an incredibly elaborate April Fool's Joke that fell short due to Wikipedia moderation. Much of the information is wrong (such as the game taking place in the year 2007), and a collection of fantastic profiles have been created for the RKS cast, which is a little more focused here. Interestingly enough, Axelle Blitzdonner is included amongst the Freudenstachel cast, something that makes me laugh a little on the inside. Give those pages a look. It's hilarious how much work went into the thing.

And then... there's this. I really can't figure out where half of this information comes from, and I hope that the release of the English patch and the opening of the upcoming Wiki will alleviate some of these errors.

In other news, Schwer blog reader PreddY has posted a speed run of Rosenkreuzstilette over at Speed Demos Archive. The link provided gives a full set of videos complete with audio commentary and a page chock full of information on the run. If speed runs are your thing, then give it a look. You may learn something, and it might just help you in future challenges. According to the page, Cremator, the winner of the Double-Cross RKS Challenge, is working on a Grolla run as well. Hopefully we'll see that soon. If any of you RKS players out there think you can do better, drop by the Speed Demos Archive forum and challenge PreddY with your own runs. I'm sure he'd love the competition. ;)

If you guys have any questions, comments, or news/info you'd like to submit to the blog, then e-mail us with the link over on the right. The account gets checked every day, so it won't be missed! We promise!

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  1. I just thought you might also find this interesting and funny (although there is also stuff in this page that isn't even RKS-related: