Friday, April 17, 2009

Slow News Day

Not much is happening in the world of RKS, so I'm starting to delve in the world of fanworks from the English-speaking community, as shown by the showcasing of Superjustinbros's amazing artwork. Today, we have an anonymous (see: UNBEKANNT) author of a short RKS fanfic called "Catch". I know the author is a Schwer blog reader, so you should give him/her your opinions!

Download/view here. Next post, I'll probably post the story submissions as well.

Oh, and here's something else to watch if you're bored. Schwer and Schwer Alike is proud to present ReisenMell and her glorious retelling of RKS.


  1. I didn't see any place to comment on the site itself, but as far as slice of life writing goes, that's pretty good. More RKS fanfiction would be pretty cool.

  2. Same here, it's some good stuff to have when there is so few informations about the actual RKSF ! With that many fanfics we see about Touhou, why not the same for RKS ?

    I recently heard about a rumor, of another mode for RKSF playing Dolis... Where does that come from, I doubt this could come from the official staff ?! O_o
    Pure speculation, maybe ?

  3. OMFG huge important thing, guys! Do the normal enemies have names? Specifically the white enemies with the shields who fly back and forth that you can only kill from behind or slide under? It's super important!

    I like the "catch" story. It was cute and decently told.

    KD - I think it's just following the game fanbase rule of "the officials are being quiet so let's say you can play as everyone/date everyone/bring back X old character who's gone, etc. We don't even know anything much about Dolis yet.

  4. You mean, official names for the standard badass ? If there is, I'm not aware of them, sorry... I just name things myself actually.

    Like Raymund's falling giant sword attack, I called it Himmel Schwert, that sounds good to my ears, for example. As for your flying things, I just call them Stratospheric-Cowards or something like that ^_^;

    It's quite early to speak about a sequel. But as you say, with the lack of official infos, we just need some new stuff to imagine maybe.
    Even Dolis's fighting style has been thought of, as she hands a "Tornado Hold"-style shuriken, but it's too early to tell.