Friday, April 10, 2009

[erka:es] Update and the Golden Bug

WOMI of [erka:es] wrote an update today in the [erka:es] diary. I'll get my resident translator on it shortly, but from what I can tell, either the delay was an April Fool's joke, or it wasn't and they're finally getting stuff done so they can get started on Freudenstachel again (and hopefully will release the downloadable demo soon). I'll amend this post with further updates when I get them.

Edit: Yeah, they're finally getting back to work with Freudenstachel. Also, WOMI loves blogging about music.

Someone on 2ch found this interesting bug in Iris Palace 1. I'm not entirely sure on the triggers, but it would appear that if certain circumstances are met, the water, as seen, remains electricuted, even after the player dies. For convenience, I've uploaded the replay here. If you find any bugs in RKS yourself, then get a screencap or a replay, and send it to us, and we'll showcase it here.

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  1. Hi I'm AmethystViper, or you can call me by my usual name, ViperAcidZX. I'm a devoted (but sane) fan of Rock Man and RosenkreuzStilette, among a fan of other video game series and animes. ^_^

    I was reading your recent on the bugs found in RKS. I wanted to do my part and show the readers of this blog the "floating Sichte" glitch or bug, whatever you call it. I've sent a rar file with a replay and a screen shot of the glitch. :D And I found a similar glitch in RosenkreuzStilette FreudenStachel along with a notepad file with. I hope it helps your site.

    Your devoted fan of RKS and Rock Man, ViperAcidZX. ~_^


    The Wikipedia article deletion of RKS was ENTIRELY my fault. I used the wrong sources. So if anyone wants to laugh (and insult) someone about it, it should be me... -_-+