Monday, July 6, 2009

[erka:es] Response to Game Availability

[erka:es] has made a diary update on their website, featuring a brand new (and incredible) picture of the Refraktia twins. I think this is one of WOMI's best works yet, so click that thumbnail down there and check it out. Also, Freudenstachel Web Trial! Just kidding. You knew better.

So I lied. With the help of Zeppy's resident TLer Tanin, I did actually contact [erka:es] about the current state of the English translation patch and the future availability of Rosenkreuzstilette, and Isemiya responded a lot sooner than I was expecting. Turns out they are very happy about the translation and admire the amount of work we've put into the thing, which is pretty awesome. Once it's released, we will be presenting it in its entirety for them. While I do not expect official implementation of it into the game in its current form, the fact that they are happy with what they have seen (I assume they've been exposed to either this blog or KreuzChannel) makes me very excited. I feel like the entire thing has been worth it.

As for availability, [erka:es] has no plans to reissue physical copies of the game any time soon. Part of me knew this was going to happen, so once again, I call the disc requirements into question, because at this point, you're not getting it and you probably never will. However, they are currently considering re-releasing the game through digital distribution by allowing people outside of Japan to purchase what amounts to a "Greatest Hits" version of Rosenkreuzstilette through a download site. While the collector in me is sad to see this, I know that, through this method, people will still be able to technically own a copy of RKS with the profits going straight to Isemiya and WOMI themselves, and honestly, with digital distro being the way of the future, I think this is a huge step for doujin games, and I genuinely hope that it is adopted by other circles. With the overwhelming support for the game that has been displayed, I hope that you all opt to purchase the game in this manner. They're still working on getting it all together, though, so there are no further details and no projected release date at this time. Because of this development, the English patch requirement of the game disc is going to be addressed with full discussions happening between Darkside and Zeppy, because I flat-out refuse to help release it if people can purchase the game legitimately and still have to find or create a disc to play it in English. This may cause the release date to be somewhat postponed, but I think it'll end up being better for everyone.

The issue of pirating the ISO copies of RKS was not directly mentioned in the e-mail response I received from them. I imagine that, because of the aforementioned digital distribution plan, while they showed no negative feelings towards the subject, they probably aren't in full support of it either. That said, I request that there be no further discussion on how or where to get a copy of the game here on Schwer and Schwer Alike. I am in full support of their digital distribution plans, and I would like nothing more than to see that come to fruition.

Because of the RKS Grollschwert C72 Trial video featured on Schwer and Schwer Alike, a number of RKS fans were exposed to the Famicom-style version of "SHINING MAN," the song that eventually became rearranged into Zorne's stage theme. Schirach's creator, Daddy/Dadi, addressed how good it was and was wondering if, because the site it was (possibly) originally from is currently nonexistent, it was actually the work of [erka:es] themselves. This was denied and quickly attributed to the artist "maru's house." However, I can't quite tell, but they may have had something to do with the final version used for Zorne's stage, so I'll have that addressed here as soon as possible.

I'll try and have a full TL of the e-mail sent to me as well as the [erka:es] news post as soon as possible (I'm currently on something of a road trip), so who knows when I'll be back. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, I love that image of the twins. What's sad is that Freudenstachel kicks my ass so hard, when the game is out I'll probably never be able to play to the new characters because the old ones are too much for me!

  2. Nice, that's a great news, getting the original game without having to import a copy from Japan is quite handfull.

    I hope they'll use the same kind of distribution when RKSF will be available, too.

    I love this artwork, for now Lecht/Rink and Eifer are definitely my favorite ^_^

  3. Congratualations Letty, it's great to hear that [erka:es] liked the english translation! Nice to see all the hard work put into it is paying off.

  4. Congratulations Letty!

  5. This is a pleasant turn of events. I wish I'd have been kept in the loop since this is what I was hoping for to begin with, but it's all good.

    I have the perfect solution in mind in light of this news. I'll discuss it with you in detail as soon as you get back from your trip.

    Make sure you have enough fun for the both of us!

  6. Well this is absolutely fantastic news. I'm not a big believer in the power of digital distro for my own use, but it has absolutely fantastic potential for others.

    Just incase anyone has doubts, I'll give some common answers to the common digital distro questions.

    Q) I don't have a credit card. How can I buy it?
    A) Ask friends and relatives. Work out deals where you might pay them a bonus for the use of the card, or throw in a favour for them.

    Q) I don't have the money, no matter how cheap it is
    A) Luckily it's freelance season and odds are you can pick up spare cash easily. Mow lawns, helping people move, cleaning places, etc.

    Q) My connection is too slow to buy games online
    A) But not too slow to download them without buying them? Pfft.

    Q) But I don't want to work.
    A) Then try selling some junk you don't need anymore. Go through your movies/books/manga/etc and find those ones that you thought you'd want in your collection but they ended up being not-so-good.

    Q) But I'm too young to work!
    A) No you're not. I come from a poor family and was making $100cad a week when I was 12, back in 1992. If there's a will, there's a way.

    Q) I don't know anyone with a credit card and my credit rating is poor.
    A) Your country may have things like a Titaniumplus Mastercard (I know for fact that canada and the usa have this). These types of card (undoubtably in other brands and countries too) don't go in debt. You put money on them and use them as though they were a Gift Card for the entire internet. I have one and have never had a problem buying from anywhere in the world. Their fees aren't bad either.

    Q) Shipping to my country is too expensive!

    If anyone has any other questions, I have a vast vast experience answering stuff like this so I'd be pleased to help find legal ways to get RKS to you.

  7. Oh, crap. Forgot to also comment that the twins look ultra cool in that pic! Very dark looking nuns are always cool.

  8. Well, nice picture :D. I wonder when Pamela have a new picture. I've been waiting so long... :(

  9. Damn that's an awesome artwork of the Refraktia siblings. Kudos WOMI. m^_^m

    Well being able to get a legitimate copy via download does sound awesome, and like Wyatt says, I hope they do this with Freudenstachel as well, though I still can't buy the game 'cuz I'm poor. T_T
    At least buying the frickin' disc is no longer an issue now, especially for those outside of Japan.

  10. You know, I'm going out on a limb here and ask this:

    Has anyone noticed that some of the Dark Magi characters could be based on characters from Japanese eroge visual novel series? Like the Refraktia siblings being based on Kei and Chihiro Shindo from Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. O.o

    Not that I've played it or anything or any eroge for that matter (because my parents will kick my a-s-s if I download hentai in my bro's computer), but when I look at the Shindo and Refraktia siblings, I'm thinking: Holy crap! They look alike!

    I'm still trying to look if Schirach is based on someone from another eroge visual novel series... ¬_¬

  11. I did take notice of that (it's been on the wiki for a while now), but there's something else. Look at the original design for Lecht from the profile image. She's wearing an actual eyepatch, much like Chihiro. However, in the updated artwork, she's gone from an eyepatch to a full over-eye bandage. I'm curious as to whether they're making changes in the artwork that will appear in the final version or if this was just a one-time thing.

  12. Viper: I was thinking more along the lines of the Refraktia pair being a hybrid between the Shindo twins and Yuuko Amamiya. I hope they don't have the same kind of tragic past, but Sichte and Schwer have already set a precedent in that department... At the very least, we need to figure out how the timid one lost her eye (do we know which one is which yet...?).

  13. I remember having seen something telling about that eyepatch, I think it was Lecht wearing it.

    But no more info about the two sisters, except they are Dark Magi... What is actually their power ??

  14. Killing_Doll, the Wiki says what their power is. Go check it out.

  15. according to the wiki, their power seems to be similar to schwer-muta, correct? creating shields to block attacks

  16. Niiiiiiice observation on the eyepatch change. I totally didn't notice.

    From my experience, such changes are often

    a) completely accidental. I have several artworks of my own characters where there's slight changes in them, such as a higher collar or slightly different shoes.
    b) to avoid similarities with existing characters.
    c) to edge away from overused design ideas.

    I don't see much of a similarity, but I'm extremely forgiving of stuff like this. In the case of the eyepatch, I'd half think it was C. I just took a quick browse through my Character Reference Archive (over 3000 character profile images saved from Getchu) and in a quick glance found several eyepatches like the old one. This new bandage idea is pretty fresh tho, and adds to the dark feel.

  17. If by a "fresh idea" you mean "something we've seen on Rei Ayanami since the release of Evangelion," then yes.

  18. so, can anyone think of any idea why Lecht has to wear that eyepatch/bandage?

  19. eyepatch = moelicious and lolilicious

  20. Schirach = Meganekko-moe! XD XD XD

    Oh guys, you should play THIS! |||_|||++

  21. Dear lord... It's the 2ch incarnation of IWBTG. Screw Tyson! Time to meet your match... PEDOBEAR!!

  22. ... wow. I mean, I couldn't get past the right, so I tried the kuma area. Couldn't pass that so on a whim I tried down. and I'm still laughing. Great find.

    As for the eyepatch/bandages thing, I think the banages are a heck of a lot less common than the eyepatch. Doesn't matter if it's been done before. EVERYTHING'S been done before. I have a character with three squirrel tails and two sets of ears and apparently THAT'S been done before too.

    So you just kind of have to accept stuff from a "most common" stance.

  23. Doesn't really matters if it's common or not ! Kawaiii, and that's all ^_^

    Ho yes, I checked the Wiki zs Letty told me. Reflecting barrier eh, that reminds of Mirror Buster from the classic Megaman series... And Deflect Shield in a recent act, I think it was Megaman Forever.

    It has a lot of potential for the boss fight. I already see the two sisters sending Freudia's shoot to each other, and making the screen a big mess :-D