Saturday, June 6, 2009

Luste Stage Remix

Schwer blog reader zun!bar sent us an awesome remix of Luste's stage theme. (I really should check that e-mail more often.) I encourage everyone to download it and give him some feedback! And if you guys are willing to compose stuff like this, I'll change the music mod to include all RKS theme remixes, which would be a pretty sweet gig.

Download here!


  1. THIS should probably be in Freudenstachel! ^_^

    Hmm... someabout Schirach tells me that she based on Guts Man. I mean her Light Fist gives her the ability to held that huge hammer of hers, this definitely sounds like the Guts Arm from Mega Man 1. =\

  2. ZOMG!

    Honestly, that remix is awesome! Really rocks...please dude, if you read that, remix all level themes, especially Iris 1 :)

  3. Holy Jesus at Mardigras that's awesome! You guys should hand this link to erka:es. And yes if there's some music modding project going in, zun!bar is clearly the right choice. Not just for his overall skill in giving us a pretty clear track, but for his remixing creativity.

    I assume you're checking here for input, zun!bar, so I'd like to ask if you just do remixes or if you have originals too? Because -this is awesome!-

    Personally, I'm enjoying imagining it being played live by the characters.

  4. O_O

    ... ... ...


    Very nice use of the electric guitar. If this guy ends up remixing the entire soundtrack, it'd be my pleasure to make a music mod out of it. He does a nice job with the outro, so looping it just right might be a little difficult (then again, [erka:es] had trouble looping Luste's stage theme, too, if you listen closely...).

  5. @TDOMMX: It was a looping issue that could be fixed by altering the loop point by a few milliseconds. Leave the looping to me.

  6. With this game, I think it should use the original music. This just for fun. :)

  7. Nice song ! If you intent to make more of these, that'd be a great project ;-)

  8. As I wrote on /jp/, I think that the violins are put of place, it sounds weird. I think it should sound better with keyboards/synth.

  9. So how's that project going with mugen zun?

  10. Letty, just to know, did you finally cancel your music mod, the one you previewed on your Youtube channel ?

    I liked it, so I was curious about some news on the subject... ;-)
    That doesn't change my love for the original soundtrack, of course.

  11. Not canceled, no, but if zun!bar and others make what amounts to an RKS remix album, I'll pretty much send the mod in a different direction. We'll see what happens.