Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shameless Plug

Since this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it (heh), I'm going to post a little side project of mine: "This Is Not An Anime Podcast!" Every week-ish, what winter left behind and the last hope for mankind will be presenting a podcast show about whatever the heck we feel like. Please take a listen, and we promise/hope/don't promise that you won't be disappointed!

Download Episode 01 here.

Thanks, and hopefully soon, I'll be back with something RKS-related.


  1. Vic Viper? he isn't WOMI, a staff of [erka:es], right???

  2. I do respect his excellent choise in names tho:) Him and my old buddy who went by the online name R-Type should hook up.

  3. Wow. I was hoping that my Schwer re-design would get mentioned here. Oh well.

  4. Wow, you guys are seriously hardcore. I had no idea what you were talking about half the time. It's like you were inadvertently trying to out-geek each other (for the record: no, there's nothing wrong with being a geek). Of course, I've pretty much been living under a rock for the past six months, and I'm sure you all know why.

    The artist for the Galaxy Express 999 and its sidestories is Leiji Matsumoto.

    Vic, unless you've already seen Haruhi, I'd advise against watching the episodes in chronological order - the broadcast order makes much more logical sense.

    Haruka Nogizaka's Secret was a pretty good show, if you ask me. I wouldn't call it generic; stuff like Sister Princess and Angel Tails are far worse, if you ask me. Haruka had likable characters that you could actually care for, unlike, say, To Heart 2, which only had two characters I could tolerate (raises flame shield).

    In the beginning, Zero's Familiar wasn't bad, but it's obvious that the show started to drag on. If you haven't seen it, I'd say you're not missing much. Well, at least it was better (and less pretentious) than Shana.

    Duke Nukem Forever anime? Awesome! Now, please excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

    Fate was a nicely-animated show, but had a lot of things that got on my nerves (anticlimactic ending, blatant censorship, etc). I've already imported the original game (man, that wasn't cheap...), so I'll be checking that out once RKS is released to the masses.

    In college, Melty Blood got me interested in doujin games and Tsukihime. However, once I was actually able to understand its story, I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed. I thought it was terrible. Thankfully, the chemistry between Sion and Shiki and the fights themselves were entertaining, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

    Wow, Queen's Blade sounds like crap... It's hentai for people who don't want to admit to themselves that they're perverts... Like Kanokon, only more pretentious...

    Death Note was overrated, yes, but I thought the story and mindgames were pretty decent. Exposition notwithstanding, the live-action films were better, if you ask me (FYI: I never read the manga).

    I honestly can't remember that much about Elfen Lied besides the haunting OP / ED, the gratuitous violence, and the inexplicably endearing cousin (and, yes, she was in love with the main character). Oh, and the fact that I hated most of the characters...

    Strike Witches was... meh. Quite frankly, Colonel Mustang's Ambition would have made a convenient excuse for catering to a fetish (and actually make sense!), but instead they decided to go pantless for whatever sick reason. That, and pretty much every character's development for the entire series was relegated to a single episode each...

    A local friend of mine threatens to end our friendship whenever I criticize Rie Kugimiya. Except for Alphonse Elric, nearly every character she voices in recent memory has been the same. Louise, Shana, Nagi, Taiga, Yuuhi, Nena... Pretty much the exact same personality with a new quirk... Okay, I take that back. Kugimiya's Mizore from Rosario + Vampire was probably the only excuse I could give myself to watch that show (and I still haven't bothered with most of it...). Now, THAT'S a generic show (Tenchi Muyo ver666, with demons instead of aliens).

    All in all, well-done, even if I couldn't follow along with half of it. I'll be looking forward to future episodes.

  5. How I'm surprised that someone got me mixed up for the illustrator of the Rosenkreuzstilette Series. Whoever you are has not seen my deviantArt page... :P

    Wow, you guys are WAY bigger otakus than I am. D: You've must of been good padawans of Konata Izumi...

    In the subject of video game from what I've seen on my Wii from E3 has to be Sin & Punishment 2. This is the long awaited sequel to one of Treasures most legendary titles that have ever came out on the N64 in Japan a long time ago. And if some can remember, they the people who made the Bleach DS fighting game series, Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, and one of my addictions, Alien Soldier. I pray this sequel will kick the ass of the first one. I've played it on Project64 though, the rom/emulator has an issue, but I enjoyed S&P1 nonetheless, though I'm dying to download this on my Wii. But I've got 0 Wii Points since 2 Christmases ago when I first got my Wii... T_T

    Now to anime, I've first read an article of Queen's Blade and I've heard how bad it sucked on ZOMG Anime and on the page it said that they took over 5 minutes just to find a picture of the anime that was PG enough to put up one the site.

    With Death Note, the anime was... eh. :b But the live-action movies I though was good. The guy who played L kicked serious ass. He captured L's personality and his looks so well that I can describe it. I saw the movies on DVD with my older bro.

    I gotta remember to watch Higurashi and some other animes I keep getting sidetracked from playing games like Alien Soldier and Mugen no Frontier on emulators that I end up forgetting to watch them and the fact that I don't own my own computer, I have to use my brother's since its the ONLY use of a computer with any freedom that I'll ever go to use...

    I wonder what the next episode will bring... =\

  6. Frist, sorry for typos. I busted up one of my hands.

    Also, I'm so sorry for the really long post. Seriously, I try to keep all my posts as small as possible but there's just so much to say here. Again, sorry. I promise I won't make a habbit of it.

    So I finally got to listen to your podcast. Actually, it's my first podcast.
    Catchy intro song.
    Spice and Wolf 2 - looking forward to it. Loved the first one.
    Higurashi Rei - Not a huge higurashi fan. It was ok I guess but I like the OAV a lot so far. It's more interresting.
    Umineko - Will likely like it more than Higurashi. The main character's name is funny.
    Sayonara Zetsubo 2 - Didn't watch the first one, so I'll skip it.
    Haruhi 2 - Haruhi is such a great show but such a pain in the ass to watch if you only want to see the new stuff. I actually dated a girl with a personality a lot like Haruhi's once, so it's special to me.
    KnK - I loved all of them so far, except for that one really slow one. So I'll likely love the next ones. People who read the original say the last one was best but my favourite so far was actually the Fujino one.
    Injection comment DRAGONFORCE: Yeah! E.P.M. for life! We're brothers in metal, man! I also suggest Dungeon, Supreme Majesty and Sonata Arctica.
    Toradora - I only saw the first few eps but yeah Taiga is awesome. Such a cool spin on a completely common archetype.
    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - I found it to be a nice change. Haruka is absolute love and every otaku's dream girlfriend.
    More Shana? News to me. I'll pass tho. The first one was interresting but hilariously enough it fell into all the traps that Kyon from Haruhi says makes a bad series.
    ZnK - Liked the first and second season and saw some of the 3rd but my problem is that I hate Louise and her relationship with Saito. It's just so... fake. Poorly written might be a better description.
    Clannad - I love the series but your crutique of it is both hilarious and true.
    DearS - Topped ya. I own the PS2 game! In Japanese! The LE version no less, which came with two cardboard posters that, when rubbed in a certain way, make their boobs get bigger and rounder.
    Duke Nukem Forever Anime - LOL. Hilarious! It's budget is... FIVE HUNDRETY THOUSAND TIMES the total sum of all the world's money!
    end part1

  7. FSN anime - If you're not a typemoon fan and the FSN anime was your first real taste, it was actually damn good.
    sudden perversions - Aye. Sounds like some friends and I at breakfast after work. Often times now involving the K-on girls. LOL. I like that show, btw.
    part 2 end

  8. Project Diva - I run custom firmware and I'm STILL buying it. Tho I'd moreso like a BlackRock Shooter action game. Playing like the Metroidvania games. The Rock Cannon would take MP, and the Black Blade would be the primary weapon.
    Eroge thingy - I do play them. never heard of that one. As for panties, it largely depends on the character. Usually lowleg side tie are good.
    Melty Blood AA - Had loads of fun with the various other incarnations. Likely will love this one too. My Len shall turn the streets red with blood.
    Wangan - Not a big racing game fan. 29 years old and don't have my liscense. Vaguely aware that cars have things called engines in them. Tho I loved the SNES F-Zero and the SSX games, which lack cars but still have racing:)
    DJMax - I suck at all rythm games but love them anyway and Beatmania has some awesome character designs. Ameto and Celica are so hawt.
    Miku needs more hard music.
    And damn you for mentioning animal crackers. Now I need some and need to go play Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.
    Top Gear - Never heard of it. Except for the game. LOL. Tho I can garuntee I'd watch it if it ended up like School Days.
    Queen's Blade - That show had so much potential but they went for the smut and ruined it:( It's very strange that I say that.
    Sankaku Complex - A friend of mine keeps linking me to there. They gave me inaccurate expectations of Toradora:(
    The eroge content ban - I really don't understand it. I play Black Cyc games and they still have their release calendar up. I dunno what'd be more offensive than those.
    Galaxy Angel 2 - Loved the games, hated the anime. GA1 stuff is awesome tho. And it kinda had a movie but not really. "cinimatic episode" I'd say would describe it better. That Rebecca one or whatever. It was really cool and got a special airing.

  9. So in summary (jesus I'm so sorry for making this so long)

    Good show. By far the best part was the ending stretch, defending what you like in the craziest ways. For the record, I like KnJ, EL, Sky Girls and Strike Witches. So it was extra hilarious to me.

  10. Dragnfly, contact me through the Grollschwert e-mail account. We have some business to discuss.

  11. You know, I've yet to see an RKS MAD AT ALL at Nico Nico Douga. Someone out there should get off their ass and do an animation or SOMETHING that will jump start RKS's popularity! >.< I mean, I've some ideas for RKS MADs, but I don't want to reveal them 'cuz people will steal my ideas. D; All I will say is this:

    Trauare Wrede deserves to be in a "Trauare Wrede ga Taosenai (Trauare Wrede Will Not Die!)" video.

    Also I think a MAD from from Kannazuki no Miko (I've never heard of it, just watched a MAD of it) would do good too if they used Spiritia and Freudia or whatever good yuri pairings of RKS. :3

  12. Actually, that "secret" thing I was working on was a Luste fit for Nearme, a 3D doll. But turns out I'm not skilled enough yet to make the edits and get them into Poser. I did manage to get her hair and facial expression down tho. So until I get better or somebody more skilled follows my lead, we'll need another resource for our RKS 3D Dollhouse.

    Regarding one of the things mentioned in the pod cast, I was playing some Project Diva today because I'm a drooling obsessed fanboy. Good game. I suggest it to anyone who likes rythem games. It's only problem is some minor slowdown, but that may be the rip I got.

    Justin - You're not invisible. You just need to talk about something the fanbase cares about. I can't speak for everyone but I highly doubt you're up to Nekomamire's level when it comes to cool redesigns.

  13. And typos STILL plagues me...! T_T

    You know what else sucks about anime: 4Kids. Seriously. These racist s.o.b. are trying to "Americanize" anime.
    *my reaction to that* ... D:<
    Who the hell do they think they are to Americanize something that originated in Japan?! They ruined perfectly good animes like One Piece and turn them into utter sh*t! |||_|||+ If its not familiar to an American audience, then hey, that's their problem, not the anime fans who at least know something about Japan culture.

    Here's a good rant about 4Kids:
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Should 4Kids be a part of the next episode...?

  14. I attended a conference once in a previous job and one of the questions was in regard to if it's right or not to cut and change games made in other countries to suit our own. The person was all for it, saying that foreign media drives away the audience. Luckily, they left themselves wide open to attack by specifying just moments before that we should all try to make games have educational value.

    The arguement lasted well over an hour and a half, and it was basically an angry room (20 people or so) vs. one guy. I stressed the importance of learning from other cultures and it's educational value. He (an american) retorted that "Americans will just absorb the culture anyway".

    Considering he was the only american there, he did a fine job of pissing EVERYBODY off.

    So yeah, 4kids should focus on changing what they bring over (as my brother once said, Disney's Hellraiser is still Hellraiser) or how they bring it. If I had a kid I'd give them fansubs rather than 4kids versions.

    BTW, Letty, if that mail didn't arrive, let me know. I sent it but the universe is funky.